Proof Marijuana CURES Cancer

Proof Marijuana CURES Cancer

or or or intriguing in search started
appearing in the early nineties when researchers came to me receptors in the
brain and the body dine with the commanding a links receptors can be described as locks on
the surface of a self and when the correct keen times with the correct
model receptor it opens the door and delivers messages sometimes the message is that the body’s
healing pain other times the message may be that
there is an invader and the immune system must attack scientists located two receptors canaveral receptors one called the cd
one receptor mainly in the brain and the other is the
cv two receptor which is mainly in cells of the immune system cd one receptors are extremely abundant
in the brain but they’re also found all over the body
in the major organs the heart deliver kidneys and pain creates has the cd two
receptor can act like a target for the cabin waves once they dined at the
receptor they can tell the cancer cells to die so basically telling the cells basically to commit suicide and that’s
what they do hand home we demonstrated that that would be
the mechanism managed to find out my stand kill the cancer and therefore it can be
used effectively has an anti cassidy doctor nagar kadhi in his researchers
were able to eradicate almost one hundred percent of the cancer in test
tubes but they were skeptical a_b_c_ similar
results when they moved on to tumors in mice to a surprise we found that almost
uh… pretty far to thirty percent of the mines completely rejected that you are a
number of countries we care and fair in addition we found that these remaining mice top also there was
one significant reduction hindi won him on the size of the tomb of says well the
lab results have been so promising the doctrine agar cody’s beginning clinical
trials with leukemia patients


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  • James Thatcher says:

    Thank you Jessica for pointing out the video which purported to show cancel cells dying was actually a time lapse video of diatoms dying. Jessica, have you seen the YouTube videos about Dennis Hill who is also a biochemist? Do you agree with his description of cannabinoids effect on cancer cells?
    Jim Thatcher [email protected]

  • Seriously, cut the bullshit. Marijuana has NOT been proven to "both prevents and cures cancer, and about 30+ more common diseases and ailments." You're pulling that out of your ass to justify your love of weed. Don't get me wrong, I love weed too, but I don't try to hide behind half-baked science (pun intended) and bullshit to justify it. IF marijuana is proven to cure cancer in actual patients, then sure, make that statement. But before then, anything you say is biased, wishful thinking.

  • Those diseases that you listed are not "cured" by marijuana though, which you stated in your comment… "Marijuana is known cure and/or help with the following examples…" There's a HUGE difference between a "cure" and something that just treats the symptoms. There are 0 accounts of diseases like diabetes, alzheimer's, MS, etc ever being cured by weed. The symptoms may be treated, but the disease does not go away…

  • PM me a SINGLE documented case (from an academic, peer-reviewed source) of someone being cured of any of the following by using marijuana: "alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, gilomas, fibromyalga, diabetes, tourettes syndrome, dystonia, hypertension, hepatitis C, sleep apnea, GI disorders, Crohn's disease, pruritis, incontinence, osteoporosis, rhumatoid arthritis."

  • You are being Biased. How many research studies have to be done, in a hypothetical situation in which the only difference between it and reality (YOUR reality) is that marijuana does cure cancer, in order for you to be convinced.
    They could do thousands more, for the next thirty years, and cure and treat thousands more in that time frame.
    You would still not believe. You are as ignorant as the blind faith, because you are the atheist.


    So sorry that you were this greatly affected by the decades of lies about cannabis. I and many people I know are not wasted losers from its use, I think these are the rules of a game you are playing alone here.

  • Scott L. Hollis says:

    Marijuana and other plants certainly have their place in cancer care.
    At, Clegg is supplementing plant medicine with energy medicine.
    Her energy-medicine methods are researched-and-experience based, rather than faith based…unusual, common sense, and effective.
    She can intuitively connect with the "spirit" of the plant and enhance its efficacy.
    Then she trains you how to do it.
    Power to the people!

  • Doctors and scientists that have been researching the subject for longer than you have, that are more educated in the medical field than you are, and that have had more extensive experience with people who smoke pot and studied the hell out of them would beg to differ.

  • Marijuana does not cure ANYTHING. There is NO medical literature that supports marijuana CURING anything. So DO NOT even use the word "cure," because you're just talking out of your ass. I like weed but I am a man of science and will not believe anything until it's PROVEN in medical literature.

  • Who noted that? In what scientific or medical journal? If you can't produce that information, then why are you saying it can "cure" anything? I know it can treat SYMPTOMS of many diseases, but it does not rid the body of any diseases; there have been no documented cases of diseases being CURED by weed. That is all.

  • Why are you so straight edge and against this? This is an EMERGING discovery obviously lots more research is needed but this is great!! They are finding some amazing discoveries about cannibis and cancer sure its not concluded but their trying

    I think you have too much time replying to everyone elses comments saying their idiots and have addictions LOL youve probly never even smoked in your life. Maybe you shouod so you can chill out and focus on your own life instead of calling people names

  • Steve Malstrom says:

    the key points are ingestion method and apoptosis. hey, I've chuffed plenty, and to some extent the small amount of cannabinoids that enter my system via smoking may have helped me to some degree, but to really get the apoptosis and turning off of inflammation going, smoking won't do it. The compounds in marijuana can be repairative and curing/system balancing, but smoking it ain't gonna really cure much. Gots ta it eat it Maahhhn 🙂

  • Steve Malstrom says:

    the key points are ingestion method and apoptosis. hey, I've chuffed plenty, and to some extent the small amount of cannabinoids that enter my system via smoking may have helped me to some degree, but to really get the apoptosis and turning off of inflammation going, smoking won't do it. The compounds in marijuana can be repairative and curing/system balancing, but smoking it ain't gonna really cure much. Gots ta it eat it Maahhhn 🙂

  • Celene Mohammed says:

    Olivia? do you occasionally enjoy a glass of wine at dinner? do you drink when you go out to parties with your family and friends? Well you have a right to choose which poison you want to indulge in, just because some people smoke weed does not make them a junkie, or a drug addict. If you did your research before you spoke so ignorantly you would know that marijuana is not nearly as highly addictive as alcohol. So please, SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  • To all the anti-cannabis "Christians" out there; "The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth and he that is wise shall not reject them"–Ecclesiastes 38:14–CANNABIS OIL CURES CANCER!! Every unbiased research study (done outside the US) confirms that not only does cannabis oil treat the symptons and alleviate pain, IT CURES CANCER!! Spread the word–THERE IS A CURE FOR CANCER!!!

  • To all the anti-cannabis "Christians" out there–"The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth and he that is wise shall not reject them"–Ecclesiastes 38:14–CANNABIS OIL CURES CANCER!! Every unbiased research study (done outside the US) confirms that not only does cannabis oil treat the symptons and alleviate pain, IT CURES CANCER!!–Spread the word-THERE IS A CURE FOR CANCER!!

  • lol you know nothing. Opiates and opioids aren't a "medicide" yet poppy pods are used to create everything from vicodin and oxycodone to morphine and fentanyl. Marijuana isn't a simple pain killer, it helps prevent cancer and helps cause it go into remission. It is not a cure, but it is a benefit. Getting addicted to weed is possible, but only if you smoke it like a smoker smokes cigarettes. So in summation: Who cares? In my state it's legal anyway, so I could care less what you think.

  • I know two people who were long-time weed tokers and they both died of cancer. One smoked cigarettes in addition to weed. She died of brain cancer. The one died of a cancer that was located in his mouth and lost part of his jaw.

  • silentiumestaureum93 says:

    Yeah.. That's GREAT!! Meanwhile Rockefeller and Rothschild have the cure for cancer already… Their just not giving it to us!!!!!

  • Karlene Hoani says:

    Y isnt it available now they have the evidence if there is the slightest chance for quality of life y cnt it start to be distributed now while research continues we dnt want to c anymore of our loved ones die oh stuff it most of us will do it illegaly if the government delays it further not fair my sister has been diagnosed with tumour on the front lobe of her brain and i have been searching this since

  • Karlene Hoani says:

    Olivia get a life theres families out there who have lost loved ones children with cancer and it has nothing to do with being healthy mayhap u will find this out in yrs to come the point is if there is a cure for this disease in the form of cannabis oil that could create quality of life in our children and loved ones with cancer y not not every ones a junkie u stupid girl

  • United Global Mankind says:

    The reason for cannabis is to expand in consciousness and communicate with your higher essence. Seek ye first the Kingdom within your own being and all else will be granted unto you.

  • (BIG PHARMA) will do everything to prevent this since the U.S. government owns the patent on it.

    Medical Marijuana

    In a follow-up to his CNN documentary, WEED, Dr. Sanjay Gupta spoke on Anderson Cooper 360 about the patent that the US Government holds on cannabidiol: U.S. Patent 6,630,507, “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants.” This patent, commonly known as “the ’507 Patent,” defines the benefits of CBD as recognized by the US Government. KannaLife Sciences, one of our investment holdings, has been awarded an exclusive license agreement with the National Institutes of Health – Office of Technology Transfer (“NIH-OTT”) for the commercialization of this patent. From Raw Story: “The U.S. holds a patent [on marijuana] on one hand, and on the other hand, same government says it has no medical applications,” Gupta told Cooper. “Journalists are trained to hate hypocrisy. This is hypocrisy. I’ve never seen it quite like this.”

  • The ancient Egyptians used cannabis to treat tumors—and they were onto something big.

    An ancient Egyptian text called the 2nd-century Fayyum Medical Papyrus, contains the earliest known record of cannabis use as a cancer medicine.

  • Legalize Marijuana says:

  • I'm surprised no one has passed this amazing information on to people actually researching cures for cancer. Strange. Probably too many people trying cannabis oil still dying from fucking cancer.

  • Just finished a Month trail on Medical oil for My Cancer
    The Very good pain relief my estimation is its 5 times stronger than 2 ten milligram endone Tablets
    Anti nausea and intergestion as well as bile pain is remarkable
    Anti inflammation so good.
    The Bad
    Judging Tolerance so as to avoid the waves of euphoria and some hallucination very hard.
    Tapping or rubbing on gums a pain in the arse/forget that just ingest it in small amounts
    It makes you very lazy-I don't want to be Lazy.
    The KIcker
    Peer reviews from Top Cancer clinics say it does not work at the cell level at killing cancer/oh dear.
    The danger is growing cancer pain could be masked by the above effects-the pain suppression is so good you don't know any more if the cancer is spreading.
    Don't Take this if you are a person of Faith-it blights prayer-bible reading-and trust in God.
    That's my Critic of Medical cannabis oil.-Much more Proof needed.

  • I know cannibis can cure or even help with Cancer but wht about Arthritis and pain we need to do a little more research on that.

  • Distant Healer says:

    Contact me personally for more information @ : [email protected]

  • Vitamin B17 – hemp contains it – many seeds, nuts and berries also- So imagine if you added the others to fight cancer – a no brainer. – – – B17 is a dedicated vitamin nature provides to defend us from cancer, For negative information research cancer council – or any government dept meaning .org or .gov – all ignore the simple FACT it's a vitamin….
    The FDA has made the purchase of laetrile supplements almost impossible to obtain, even though it is a perfectly natural and safe supplement. In order for a doctor to use laetrile supplements, they or their patient must “confess” to the FDA that the doctor is using laetrile in their practice. In other words, laetrile supplements are effectively illegal because no doctor wants to admit they are using laetrile.

    Read More

  • Nation Of Truth says:

    We would like to invite everyone here to visit our youtube channel and view our new 2 part film about Cannabis! Just Search: The Untold Truth On Cannabis! God Bless you all and hope to see you all there! 😀

  • 0001. People wait to get sick with cancer – and only then wonder how to get cured. Why should you wait for disease to attack and harm you – and only then in panic wonder how to get cured? – Prevention is much – easier than treatment!
    They behave so unreasonably because everyone thinks, "This happens to others – not to me!" This is very naive hope – all who have died from cancer have relied precisely on this hope! – and how much easier it was to take preventive measures – and be alive!!!
    The bitter truth is this – official statistics of the USA:
    – In 1970 – every 10th inhabitant of the planet had cancer
    – In 2008 – every third
    – 2020 – prognosis: every second inhabitant of the planet will have cancer!
    Visit my personal site in the system «Cancer Cure Clinic Online» and learn which are the simplest and most effective methods for preventing cancer!
    Be prudent NOW – to avoid torture, sickness and death – and stay alive! 0001_BG. Хората чакат да се разболеят от рак – и чак след това се чудят как да се излекуват. Защо е нужно да чакаш болестта да те атакува и да ти нанесе вреда – и едва след това в паника да се чудиш как да се лекуваш? – Профилактиката е много – по-лесна от лечението!
    Те постъпват така неразумно защото всеки си мисли „Това се случва на другите – не на мен!” Това е много наивна надежда – всички които са умряли от рак, са разчитали точно на това! – а колко по-лесно е било да предприемат профилактични мерки – и да са живи!!!
    Горчивата истина е тази – официална статистика на USA:
    – през 1970 г. – всеки 10-ти жител на планетата е имал рак
    – през 2008 г. – всеки 3-ти
    – за 2020 г. – прогноза: всеки втори жител на планетата ще има рак!
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    The effective cancer cure already exists!
    – that means:
    people are dying NOT FROM CANCER any more!
    People are dying now:
    – from lack of INFORMATION
    So – go to my personal web site «Cancer Cure Clinic Online» and fill in the contact form «Contact Us» – and you will get enough information for FREE. Then once you know what the reality is, you'll be able to freely consider by yourself and make free your own conclusions.
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     Recent discovery shows that natural resources like cannabis oil and lots more  can be used to cure cancer. With further examinations and evaluations, it has also been proven that cannabis oil can be used to cure cancer. RIck Simpson came up with these  amazing special formula for curing cancer which is the cannabis helm oil. Cannabis oil has further undergone several test  and it is certified for medical usage. So you can help save lives by the use of cannabis oil and other natural resources for curing cancer or you could write to Rick Simpson for medical consultations and guidelines via:[email protected]

    Try to live a healthy live today with these simple steps:

    Get regular exercise and control your weight.

    Avoid smoking.

    Do not drink a lot of alcohol or avoid alcohol completely if you have a history of alcoholism.

    Use the medicines your health care provider gives you as directed.

    Eat a balanced and healthy diet.

    Take care of your teeth.

    Manage high blood pressure.

     Follow good safety practice.

     Dr Grey.

    I used cannabis oil to cure my father's brain
    cancer. On April 10th 2014 I brought my father to
    the emergency room with a splitting headache
    and projectile vomiting. i thought it was a bad
    migraine but later found out that it was a brain
    tumor. On February 12th he had surgery and the
    surgeon told me and the lab work later confirmed
    that he had a Glioblastoma. It is the most deadly
    and fast moving brain tumor someone can have.
    The doctor told our family that my father had
    about some weeks to live if he didn’t take any
    radiation and if he did take radiation it might give
    him a year. My father was in the hospital for
    eight days. We were not sure what to do so we
    took the doctor’s referral and went to radiation,
    about a week after he got out of the hospital. My
    father only took five days of radiation and it
    made him feel terrible, and sapped all of his
    energy. The surgeon removed all of the tumor he
    could see. After some months there was a
    regrowth of the brain cancer. Some friends came
    forward and told us alternative ways people were
    fighting and winning the battle against cancer
    with cannabis oil. Since the doctors did not hold
    out any hope we decided to throw our hope on
    the cannabis oil treatment and he did not take
    any more radiation. We bought the cannabis oil
    from Rick Simpson's email ([email protected]) and started the
    cannabis oil in February 2015. After 2 months
    cannabis oil treatment, MRI scan showed
    dramatic improvement and father third month
    cannabis oil treatment looked good, his brain was
    clean and the hole where they removed the tumor
    was empty except for a tiny line around a portion
    of the inside of the hole. The doctor said that it
    could be scar tissue.
    After the 3 month cannabis oil, MRI shows his
    brain was completely clean. There was no cancer
    at all. The doctor said that it was a miracle and
    that was how my father was cured of his brain
    cancer with cannabis oil.

  • Lethal_Nick1996 says:

    I'm waiting on an approval for a biopsy. cancer runs in the family. my mother has uterine cancer and I may have lymphoma. I told my mother about Rick Simpson oil. she said we'll look into it for us both. I'm scared guys.

  • Aletta CorneniaAletta says:

    “I am so grateful to Dr.Rick Simpson for providing me with Hemp oil here in the United State of America. I was diagnose with cancer of the lungs 8 months ago, and ever since then i have done a lot of Chemo and Radiation that have not helped issues, but only damaged my immune system and frustrated me. I came across the Phoenix Tears and i have read about the Hemp oil a lot and saw the Post that Dr. Rick Simpson could provide me with Hemp Oil i contact him on: [email protected] for the procurement of this medication,the medication was procured and delivered within 2 days and i have been on treatment for the past 3 months.I am here to let every one know that am no longer a cancer patient, I have experience a total change in my health, with Dr. Rick Simpson Hemp oil service. for all cancer patient that live in the America region and Europe at large, get your Hemp oil from Dr. Rick Simpson at: [email protected]

  • XxFirespherexX says:

    Cigarettes/Alcohol kills thousands of people every year and it is 100% legal. Marijuana- 0 ever recorded deaths, kills cancer cells, has hundreds of benefits remains 100% ILLEGAL. People who smoke cigarettes say "marijuana is dangerous" yet tobacco kills 400,000+ people EVERY SINGLE YEAR. How the fuck can our own government not BAN this shit. Our nation is a fucking joke our government is a POS.

  • Melinda Jacqueline says:

    I have stage lV breast cancer with metastases in my liver and spine. With all the aggressive chemo, the surgeries, and the all-out stress of having end-stage cancer, I don't know what I'd do without it. They'll prescribe piles of morphine, but no THC for those who suffer. Plus, I'm in a RED state, no medical marijuana for us anytime soon. I'm seriously considering moving to Colorado or California, even though it'll possibly mess with my treatment, I just want some quality of life without risking jail. It's ridiculous at this point.

  • I had an idea but, I guess it won't work. Here's my idea.
    I decided that it would be good if doctors took bad blood out of people with cancer. If people donate enough healthy blood we put that in the cancer patients. And maybe give them marijuana because in this video they said it helps. I understand if this idea was bad, rub it in my face all you want to. I just had a idea that I thought would work someday. Maybe it will happen once we have more advanced technology than we do now. (This was an idea I had while thinking about what I wanted to be when I become in my 20's and/or 30's. Thank you for reading this comment.

  • Good news, Bad news. Good news is cannabis and hemp can help people sickened by
    and suffering with cancer, MS, and other disabling illnesses. Bad news
    is so many people suffered and/or died without this promising treatment
    option. I am thankful the truth is out but for any individuals involved
    in suppressing such critical information in decades past, may you face
    the same fate as those who never got the choice.

  • The TPP (or agreements like the TPP) will allow for corporations to sue for loss of profits. I say this because cannabis will cause the healthcare industry to lose massive profits.

  • Yeah everbody should embrace Cannabis man I had diarhea and had a joint, within 5 minutes it was gone! #legallizeweedworldwide #Noplanehitthepentagon #flatearth2016.

  • This can be a stupid question but, can cannabis be derived from marijuana plant, and how different / similar it is to medical marijuana..? Is the cannabis mentioned here is medical marijuana or the cannabis drug…?

  • Don't be ignorant people, to those asking why it's not legal, why the government doesn't spread the word about this.. don't you get it? There's no money for them with weed ..

  • weed is good its gods cure for us he maybe gived this amazing plant to heal ourselfs from that sickness called cancer



  • Owl the Commentator says:

    Marijuana can't cure cancer. After someone goes through chemotherapy, they take use the drug to decrease their stomach pain. People get confused with this and think that the weed cured their cancer when it was just the treatment.


    I am flora rufer,i am from San Francisco,in USA,my Facebook Username is flora rufer you can also add me. i want to use this medium to testify of how i got cured from cancer, cancer is known not to have a cure, i have this virus since 2012, i have done all my best to get cured from this disease but all to no avail until a friend of mine told me about doctor oosa herbal home on the internet who helps people cure any kind of diseases including stroke cancer, Herpes etc, at first i doubted if it was real but decided to give it a try, when i contacted this herbal doctor he helped me with his herbal medicine and i was cured within (21 days) and i went for a medical checkup and my doctor confirm it that i am free from cancer.Contact this grate herbal doctor for any kind of disease or ailment via this email [email protected]

  • Alto's Music Lab says:

    Marijuana CURES cancer; and regular use prevents cancer… now they'll say that's ANECDOTAL and you should argue no it's not, there's been no test otherwise; IT IS FACT. UNDISPUTED FACT. MARIJUANA CURES CANCER, UNDISPUTED FACT. go ahead and test it assholes.

  • I suspect that i have lymphoma, If i have i will refuse to use chemotherapy or radio therapy and make a research about cannabis to figure out if it is a real cure for cancer, if not well at least i will die leaving a truth about these false cancer cures

  • So many people smoke weed and so many people probably smoke weed that have cancer. I mean I hope it’s the cure for cancer but it’s hot. Because that stupid lol

  • It seems that it’s only people who smoke pot recreationally to believe this. It’s light because they enjoy doing it for fun it has to be the key to a ternal life. I don’t smoke it I don’t care if you want to smoke it I don’t care of states legalize it but it doesn’t cure cancer. It’s because there’s too many retards that say cause that would put the medical community out of business. Then why the hell do we have any chairs for any diseases and any operations if we have a vested interest and not curing any diseases? And something just as simple as marijuana that so many people smoke all the time.

  • So easy to prove just have somebody with a brain tumor and give them these oil‘s and don’t give them any other treatments that agreed to it and document everything. Doctors aren’t going to lie and say this is it true to the drug doesn’t become legal. Like that’s why if this is true no one will believe you because there’s too many stupid people who believe in insane conspiracy theories and none of them work in the medical field because they don’t know anything about it

  • I’m just not convinced from YouTube comments or YouTube videos. Like if there’s not a better reason then pharmaceutical companies won’t make money and it’s corporate greed man and everyone knows in the pharmaceutical business the THC cures cancer completely and almost all the time. There’s just got to be a good reason they’re not turning it into a drug in selling it.

  • I hope it’s true and I wish I could be more naïve and believe everything I hear on YouTube. But it’s only people that believe this that smoke weed recreationally. And it’s funny it’s only people that watch pornography for Tim to say it doesn’t have negative consequences or snotty more all. It’s like you can watch pornography and no you shouldn’t watch it. I can eat unhealthy food and I have to say it’s healthy just because I do it. It’s something about cognitive dissonance the people have to believe everything they do is so good. You know maybe drinking is not good for you if you like drink and go drink..

  • They're just figured out ways to capitalize on it so nobody else can have anything I was given came from the earth it belongs to us

  • The rich lords, the real owner of the world and the new world order dont want us to use it. They want to use it for them selfes. We are the sheeples that are still sleeping. Thats why its illegal. Ssssshhhhh dont wake up..

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