Prices of Medication For Fibromyalgia

hey you it’s Evy okay so come to find
out the kids get out early but from last last video I’m feeling better so thank
you guys very much I really appreciate all that love
remember the little scare about meds and stuff pew trance my beauty on ska stting
almost a grand every month it was like 850 to be exact
well I was able to save hundreds of dollars from that and I wanted to show
you how I did it because a lot of people don’t know about few trance the
alternative share that and then I’m gonna share a couple other things that I
have that I have looked at and I’ve got oh I can’t find my blue trance pox but I
will share a picture with you I’m gonna hurry up and get this edited and share
with you because this weekend we are going to lake well oh my god battle of
the bago it’s like a really huge ice fishing tournament I guess someone had
their truck fell through the ice so I’m real nervous on going but it’ll be our
first time going we’ve already bought tickets we kinda have to it’s a long
ways away but I know it’ll be a lot of fun I hope well guys we got a couple
snowstorms and so much snow so we did a lot of snow blowing it Nate just had the
tweaked his back blow it out as you know if you’ve been following he’s had a bad
back for a long time now and he’s finally coming around but the boss said
not to come in till he’s 100% cuz his kind of work he needs to be he needs to
be completely good so first thing I wanted to tell you guys was of you
trance now if you don’t believe me on how much the Butte rands cost here I I
live in Wisconsin I share the receipt in that old video maybe you trans video now
my chubby fingers has got to hide my label here but guys this looks identical
to the Butte Rance here’s the be trans here’s the new generic they never had
generic before this is such an eric name if you look at you trance it’ll say
beYOU treants parentheses you’re proof for me
something like that but this is what I’ve told you guys has has made it so I
can manage my pain so much better the cons about this one it makes me itch so
much and then I remember you trans made me itch in the beginning too in that
video I share that but I got used to it so I’m hoping this one I get used to to
the other thing is it tends to like dry out faster I know I can’t really see but
see like it’s really hanging on and I don’t like to do the tape thing so like
dries out faster today I’m switching my my patch anyways but it’s like barely
hanging on there now when I view trans it would stick so much better so in the
medicine itself inside if you’re used to wearing patches you’d understand I’m
saying so other than that no difference sometimes it seems like I can notice
when the medicine is wearing out especially the day before patch and it
seems to it’s like hell like the last couple of days of using it because this
patch is on for seven days this cost 400 about $450
right around there now I know that’s still expensive for a month’s worth but
opposed to 850 900 dollars a month it cut in half it really helped we have a
deductible so one treat once we reach that deductible luckily it covers our
mitts and everything but the problem was getting there to pay for the whole
medicine at once you know what I mean that hurt it hurts but we’ll be alright
so that is a very good alternative in case you didn’t know if you can’t afford
be trans okay another thing I want you guys to look up is good Rx it looks like
this I’ll share it somewhere here it’s free and it gives you a big discount on
your meds the downfall is it can’t be combined with your insurance so this is
I wanted to share this with Danny really bad sure some of you remember Danny for
people they have super high high interest not premiums and what’s the
other word deductible you’ve got a high monthly premium anyways and you know
it’s just too much all the way around can’t afford it either way
then then just use good Rx for it and there is a gold membership where you end
up paying 10 bucks a month but it’s even better and there’s certain pharmacies
but there’s pharmacies around me and you guys know I live in the sticks that
actually qualified there’s like three of them we’re in a our radius which isn’t
too bad because it’s like an hour just to get anywhere from here but I would
really look those up just to save you the money go for it I seen those patches
go down to around $260 for a month’s worth and you know patreon is expensive
so it doesn’t hurt to go check it out it’s just like good rx calm and you can
type in your meds and the amount you need in bla bla bla
it really helps another one I was told when I was actually calling different
insurances it is a canadian pharmacy so when you’re ordering from the states now
this won’t count for like pain medication but for diabetes it’s very
expensive check out that one cuz this person I
talked to was actually diabetic could get all the stuff he needed very cheap
through Canada so I don’t remember I’m sorry I don’t remember the name of it if
I do I’ll make sure to post it somewhere here for you
alright you guys I’m just gonna wrap it out right here and I hope you found this
helpful anything that you can think of please
share down below okay and remember always check out the drug interactions
but there’s this website I’ve shared them before I hope you guys are doing
alright if you’re new here look for you to subscribe join your Spoony fan aren’t
you guys thanks so much for watching I love yes I hope you’re doing alright if
not hang in there and I hope to see you real soon friends even though we got no money you
shot yourself finding everything’s better with them we just start


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