25 thoughts on “Past the Age of Miracles: Facing a Post-Antibiotic Age”

  • We are in a world of hurt! I don't have much hope for the future. At 64 I probably won't see the worst that's yet to come but our children and theirs are facing a bleak future if corporatism has anything to say about it. 🙁

  • Is there anything that hasn't been negatively affected by the meat industry? If they were selling any other product, they would have been shut down decades ago, so why do we continue to put up with their mess? Our soil, our air, our water, or fossil fuels, our grains and now our microorganisms have all been tainted because of meat.

  • Confining meat consumption to local, pastured meats may cost more, but its worth it to avoid supporting the evils of big agra.

  • I wonder what percentage say of chicken in thw us is raised without antibiotics. Where i shop, a big sign says there are no antibiotica in their meat, ever. It says the same on most of the eggs.

  • good old oil of oregano…garlic, onions and parsley…haven't used antibiotics for over 25 years…free range or bust

  • Antibiotics have been known to increase growth (and meat yield) since 1946, and have been routinely added to the feed at large animal feeding operations since the late 50s.

    On a search for research papers with the words "antibiotic resistance concentrated animal feeding operation" yields 23,400 papers.

    This isn't a vegan zealot issue. American Medical Association, the World Health Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention all agree it has to stop.

  • In the U.S., unless meat, eggs or dairy are labeled as "certified organic", it is overwhelmingly likely that antibiotics were used as growth promoters in their feed, selecting for antibiotic resistant bacteria.

    Due to federally mandated withdrawal periods, active antibiotics are negligible in meat, but residues from their metabolism can be detected.

    Whether the meat contains active antibiotic remains irrelevant to the problem of selecting for antibiotic resistant pathogens on the farm.

  • our moral code has grown profoundly and empathy for animals is more discernable now than ever. that along with a steady diet of eating the rich, i truly believe the equilibrium will prevail

  • Dr Greger, while I very much appreciate your information, I wonder why you never ever talk about animal ethics. I'm sure you would agree that the whole reason we should stop using animals for food, clothing, entertainment or other reasons is because using sentient beings as property is morally unjustifiable, and is great violence. When we talk about this issue in terms of health and environment, we deny this very important truth.

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