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  • I actually got to play the prototype with the designer at last years BGG con and I agree with you on most accounts.  I personally like The Cure better because of my own personal style and that it felt more 'virusy', where it was a bit unpredictable, difficult to contain.  Though it did somewhat tone down the dreaded Alpha Gamer during my play because during my play, there was discussion, but there was also a lot of ''if onlys", where "that's good, we can do this… but…" and you, holding the dice could then and there reroll it, causing everyone on the table to gasp in horror or cheer in relief.  It didn't completely eliminate it, but there was a definite choice that only one person could do instead of being puppeteered by others.
    Just my opinion of it though as I haven't played as many games of it.
    I might also just buy one of those big plastic jugs to put my copy of the game in like the prototype, cause I had to admit that was cool packaging.

  • I've got all the Pandemics now (even Contagion), and I still love regular Pandemic the most but a lot of my friends enjoy The Cure a little bit over the regular one.

  • i tried this game once, i rolled 5 biohazards on my first roll (the other players were not quite impressed), and there was one turn where i rolled 4 more biohazards and we had nearly 10 dice in quarentine (we lost on outbreaks after that epidemic, i was dubbed the bio-terrorist, i think i had more biohazards than the other 3 players added up)

  • Great analysis Rahdo, i think you were spot on with the brain vs heart comparison.  Pandemic definitely seems to be the more cerebral choice, but the Cure with the randomness of dice rolls would bring a more suspenseful rollercoaster ride.  
    One complaint i think i have after watching the run-through would be the Cure doesnt seem (to me) to flow quite as nice thematically as the base game. Specifically, the inability to eradicate diseases, I dont quite like the idea that a disease will keep coming back and most likely outbreak even after its cured, its like the cure is meaningless.  I guess technically that can happen in the base game, but in that scenario its cause you havent gotten to an area to eradicate the disease.  The other thing, is that outbreaks dont seem to have much impact.  It seem far less likely to chain than the base game, or it seems like outside of pushing the outbreak marker up, its not really a big deal to outbreak.
    Anyways, thanks for the runthrough, great as always

  • One of the main complaints I hear all the time about Pandemic is the "alpha gamer" syndrome which has one player directing the whole table.  Do you think the dice chucking mitigates or eliminates this issue?

  • Wayne The Lonely Gamer says:

    I love that now I have a Pandemic game that is portable for my work travels. The whole thing fits in its own pouch!

  • I'm probably in the minority but I actually like The Cure better than the boardgame although the boardgame is awesome as well. As a previous poster stated, this style of game suits me better. I also like that there are no expansions for it so I don't feel like I'm missing out on something, lol.

  • I think the board game Pandemic and the dice game Pandemic The Cure can easily exist in the same collection. I think The Cure is great for travel as someone said, and as a solo game it's great as well.

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