Oily skin care tips – Effective Ways to Cure Oily Skin – Beauty Tips in Tamil

Oily skin care tips – Effective Ways to Cure Oily Skin – Tamil Beauty Tips Each and every one of us have different type of skin. People with oily skin will be facing many problems. Due to this it is said that they need more care and maintenance. Especially they will have pimple problem, black marks etc., Don’t worry this video is for the oily skin people on what are the things you should avoid. Hot water as well as cold water is not suitable for oily skin. Take bath in lukewarm water it will remove the dirt from your skin. If you follow this your skin will be beautiful as well as healthy. People with oily skin should avoid mutton and beef in their diet. Because the excess fat in these will increase the oil secretion and pimple problem. So it is best to avoid this type of food. Moisturiser is essential to control oil secretion in our face. Select oil free Moisturiser and use. People with oily skin should use scrub atleast twice in a week. Select a scrub which is suitable for your skin type. It helps to remove the dead skin and controls the oil secretion. As multani matti is rich in antioxidants it is useful for people with oily skin. It removes the oil as well as give you a glowing face. So enhance your beauty by using Multani matti face mask.


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