NEW! Cure Cute Baby Turtles Swollen Closed Eyes

NEW! Cure Cute Baby Turtles Swollen Closed Eyes

Hey guys, welcome to our channel! Today we will talk about our turtles Also today I want to tell you about our smallest turtle Here she is! Look at her now, look at her eyes You can see that now her eyes look like normal. She opened them But you don’t know that she was blind for almost 2,5 months. She couldn’t see Her eyes were closed. So we thin that she got some infection And we tryed to cure her And we used a lot of products Now I’m gonna show you what we used This eye drops for reptiles for turtles. And it didn’t help her This type of eye drops Also didn’t help This cream for eyes Also didn’t work This camomile, that we used for her. Didn’t work And we even tryed to give her antibiotics And it didn’t work as wel. Then we lost our hope We thought that’s it, she was going to stay blind maybe We couldn’t take her to the veterinarian And we tryed to do it ourselves Then we decided to try one experimental medical treatment for pets This is how it looks I don’t want to make advertisement for them but after we used it for 4 days Her eyes got opened You can see it now Before it was ike this Almost for 2,5 moths And now you can see that finally she can see! We are very happy because of this This s c60 It mixed with oil, because only like this you can take it It doesn’t work without oil So here it mixed already. We were using this I think te smallest syringe that we could get Take just one drop of this medicine And try to give it to the turtle No needles here Just to make it easier to give it to the turtle So one drop every day in the evening If you want you can keep using eye drops. You can see that this bottle is empty Almost empty. Just a little left. So after few days we realised that she opened her eyes And now every day it gets better and better You can still see that it is not 100% cured but every day it gets better and better Now she is very active Her appetite is good And she can see It makes us very happy as well Go! We bought this tank like 2 days ago And first time these turtles were swimming in a deep water. Before they didn’t know that they had this skill Now they know! So first time they gonna swim in a deep water One Two… Wooooow so fast!


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