Neuromodulation Therapy – Does It Work Better Than Medication?


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  • Hi doc, I was wondering since BPD and bipolar are somewhat similar if DBT would be effective for someone with bipolar? Thanks for your videos they gave me confidence to go to a psychiatrist and now I’m diagnosed with bipolar II

  • Thank you for this video. I have a question. If someone fails one of those treatments are they more likely to fail another type of treatment? For example, if someone failed medication, TMS, and ketamine are they more likely to fail ECT too? Or is that such a different thing that there is no real way to know?

  • Second Opinion says:

    Why do I old so much in Student Loans???? When I could have watch your videos!!! Thanks always informative.

  • Dr. Mark's are there any studies on ECT for bipolar individuals? That have long term data on the individuals.

  • Doctor you should have a talk with your viewers about circumstances of mental health recovery where the individual's sufferings come to where they are lucid enough that they take on the guise of visual metaphors to their possessor's eyes, when Pain gets to the point where the imagination begins to See Manifestation of the frayed nerves

  • Theresa Rezac says:

    My daughter did Nuerofeedback and it did wonders for her depression and anxiety. It’s expensive but works!!

  • Those with excessive mental health recovery issues likely have their oddities among their traits, impulsive, second nature strange customs had maybe by only them, but these peculiarities are like threads of the greater fabric that makes these individuals all the richer as Signature Selves, Doctor do you believe these folks’ bizarreness make them more robust as Originals ?

  • General Repair says:

    There 70 likes Dr. Marks. So your last video you asked how me and my family were doing. We’re doing well thank you for asking how was you and your family doing? I think that ECT therapy would be the most effective treatment but you talk about maintenance in the weeks to come is that for life ?
    General repair

  • Coralie Dubois says:

    I would love to know more about TMS. I've read some reviews and RCT papers about it but in your practice, how effective is it for treatment-resistant depression?

  • One psychiatrist who evaluated me suggested that I might need "something more drastic" if medication did not work. I'm guessing he was thinking of ECT. Since my only knowledge of ECT is what "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" shows, I'm glad to see it isn't really the horror show portrayed in that movie. Thanks, Dr. Marks!

  • Ivan’s OCD says:

    Thank so much for this video! I had Deep TMS done for my OCD last year but it didn’t help much. Are there other treatment options for OCD?

  • Jacques Pool says:

    Very interesting video! Can ECT be used to treat bipolar disorder after several medications have been tried? My actual question regarding medication (particularly antipsychotics) is why do some cause extreme sedation while others cause unbearable restlessness/agitation?

  • I’m spacey and pleasantly tired in my basic mundane manner, I ever feel myself somehow here in this place, but also somewhere else, Doctor maybe you’ve had clients speaking of feeling trapped, their mind unable to get oxygen, a time and place they find themselves in where there is no physical harm, but plenty in terms of threat to their sensitivities, not a lot of option to leave, you could couch it in these terms that they calmly urge themselves to “Lose Themself”, to talk themselves through the decision to “Forget where they are”, separate their presence between here and some other season, some different emotive curve

  • Something You Said says:

    Thank you for introducing me to and explaining for me a therapy that I'd never heard of before. Thank you Dr. Marks for what you're doing for all of us. And have I ever mentioned to you that I think that you have one of the most aesthetically pleasing faces that I've ever seen? 😁

  • Dr. Marks, could you make a video talking about mood stabilizers, how they work, and their side affects? I recently started taking them for bipolar disorder.

  • Leslylou Miranda says:

    I have a VNS to treat my epilepsy and tbh it’s great. I have depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. Since having my first one implanted in 2015 my epilepsy has gotten a lot better. I went from having seizures a couple times a month to being seizure free for two years next month. Now, with my depression it has made a HUGE improvement because my seizures are triggered by emotional stress. Since I don’t have much emotional stress anymore, I DONT GET SEIZURES!! I love it.

  • Same BS ECT stats. If you look at the studies that follow patients more than a few months, like a Uni. Illinois and UK's NHS, you find 40% said it was worthwhile or would recommend it. 20-30% have some form of permanent memory or cognitive functioning impairment.

  • Susan Sanchez says:

    I have been wanting to know about neurofeedback for a while and this helps. I have bp2 disorder, and I would just love to be cured of it. But it seems like all there is to do is just learn to manage it. Similar to all mental health problems. I don’t understand why there is so much stigma with mental health. the brain is a powerful organ, and it’s more glamorous than cardiac function for sure. With mental health we blame the victim, like it is some form of moral defect. Dr Marks thank you for these videos. I really enjoy them and feel they have helped me tremendously. Many thanks. Susan

  • Laurie valdez says:

    Sorry about that. (Not finishing). Are ECT’s good for someone who has C-PTSD from years of physical and psychological abuse?

  • Lizzie peskir says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you could do a video on the difference between mental health issues, and being a hsp (highly sensitive person)? I’m a hsp with mental health issues, and sometimes I find it hard to tell what is just me, and what is my disorders.

  • Noman Shaikh says:

    Hi Tracey. I took Venlafaxine for only 12 days. And it made my OCD worse. Past thoughts would hammer my head, Brain shakes, and Noise sensitivity, all after Venlafaxine. I am now on Prozac 40mg for 2 months. Will Prozac take away the effects Venlafaxine left on my brain? Also, with Prozac, it will faster metabolize Venlafaxine?

  • Nahid Bahrani says:

    Tms did not work on me, I had 36 sessions for depression and anxiety treatment , I lost my trust and hope for this treatment, if I can afford someday I would try ketamin therapy

  • Jonathon Oldcroft says:

    I really hope the new TMS will be something that will help my OCD. No medication has ever worked neither did ECT (for depression) which was shocking 😕

  • I already have memory loss on the regular. So would it matter? Also is there a possibility of having seizures afterwards with ECT since it's making seizures happen.

  • Steve Williams says:

    My friend had ECT and when i visited him in hospital …! He didnt even remember who i was like i was his childhood best friend definitely memory loss…! Gee teaser someone brain awful

  • I underwent 12 sessions of ECT in late 2017 for major depression (9 unilateral ultra brief & 3 bilateral brief pulse). They stopped administering it when I didn’t know my treating doctor. All it did is leave me with 3 months of memory loss which remains & executive function deficit. It is completely barbaric & I would argue that the neurogenisis & increased blood flow seen post treatment is due to brain damage. Never again!

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