Natural Remedies for UTI: How to Treat a UTI Without Antibiotics

Natural Remedies for UTI: How to Treat a UTI Without Antibiotics

in today’s video I’m going to share with
you my number one home remedy to stop urinary tract infections in its track hey everyone this is Stephanie from fast
track to health wellness center welcome to the channel please consider
subscribing if you’re new here so I can keep you up-to-date on the latest in
natural health wellness and weight loss so in today’s video I’m gonna give you
some strategies to help with urinary tract infections so I have to admit I
personally have never had a urinary tract infection but many and many of my
patients have so I’m very familiar with what it is and how to treat it it can be
very painful painful urination pelvic pain lower back pain burning upon
urination so it can be very uncomfortable before you run off to the
doctor you should try some of these natural strategies to see if you can
stop it without having to resort to any medication so first and foremost first
couple things I’m going to mention you’ve probably already heard of but I’m
gonna get to the number one remedy towards the end ok so stay tuned so
first and foremost you want to make sure that you are well hydrated and
especially if you feel like a urinary tract coming on you want to increase
your water intake by quite a bit and drink it quite fast so you can really
flush out the kidneys and bladder so I’m sure you’ve heard of that one before
another one you’ve probably already heard is cranberry juice if you are
going to use cranberry juice make sure you use unsweetened cranberry juice
nothing like a cranberry juice cocktail because that just has sugar in it which
feeds bacteria okay so cranberry juice is good still not as good as the next
couple ones ok so another thing you’ve probably already heard apple cider
vinegar this is sort of an overall general health tonic it’s great for
balancing your pH in various parts of your body apple cider vinegar is very
commonly used and then another one a natural antimicrobial that we’re all
familiar with is garlic garlic is an amazing amazing plant that helps with so
many things especially when it comes to infections so whether you’re going to
eat garlic or take it in a supplement form garlic is a very strong anti mic
now to help with keeping your bugs balanced within your body especially
within your gut probiotics are also very useful especially if you’ve taken
multiple rounds of antibiotics in the past if you had UTIs before probiotics
are very useful and also prebiotics of foods that feed the good bacteria in
your body and then fermented foods are excellent natural sources of probiotics
and of course you can also take a probiotic supplement so these are great
remedies as well however the number one remedy that I use in my clinic for
urinary tract infections both preventive ly and when someone has one is something
called d-mannose powder this is a naturally occurring sugar don’t worry
it’s not gonna raise your blood sugar it’s safe for diabetics or if you’re
doing a low carb diet it’s a naturally occurring sugar that is in things like
cranberries and and actually other berries and what it does is it helps
prevent bacteria from sticking to the lining of the urinary tract so it’s an
excellent remedy that you can try for urinary tract infections like I said
both preventive ly and when you have an infection so when you feel one coming on
you should use a higher dose of it just follow the amount that it says on the
particular one that you have now if you want to what no the one that we use in
our clinic just put in the comments below d-mannose
and I will let you know the exact one that we use in our clinic I’ll send you
a link to that okay so d-mannose powder is the number one remedy that we use in
our clinic and it works great and for people who get them on a recurrent basis
I tell them to just use it as a prevention tool as well okay so now if
your UTI is not clearing up from some of these remedies that I mentioned on its
own within say three to four days and you’re still really having a lot of
symptoms it may have been too late or for whatever other reason maybe your
immune system isn’t strong enough you may have to resort to go into the doctor
and maybe getting a medication I’m not a big fan of doing that of course as
everyone who knows me knows that however if you’re suffering you may have to do
this now one thing I want you to keep in mind is if you do go to the doctor see
if they can run a test called the PCR test so you can determine
exactly what kind of bacteria that you have and it will also tell you which
antibiotic will work for that particular one because there’s different strains of
bugs and there’s different antibiotics that work for the bugs now as you
probably know we are becoming more and more antibiotic resistant as a culture
because we’re overusing them so it would be good to know exactly if what you’re
going to take it’s going to work for that particular infection so again if
you’re going to go the doctor find out if they can run a PCR test instead of
just a regular culture for the infection antibiotics should be the absolute last
resort for this because we’re using them too much they interfere with our gut and
also if your doctor is gonna recommend an antibiotic in the fluoroquinolone
family such as cipro you may want to ask him to give you something else because
these are the antibiotics that cause the most side effects and can be very
dangerous lifelong I have seen so many patients have problems with this type of
antibiotic so I just letting you know that there are other options and that
should not be the first thing used for a urinary tract infection all right guys
so leave in the comments below if you’d like to know the kind of d-mannose
powder that we are using in my clinic if you have any questions please let me
know and I hope this was helpful please share like and comment and I will see
you in the next video bye


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