My Stepmother Hides Medicines From My Terminally Ill Dad

My Stepmother Hides Medicines From My Terminally Ill Dad

Hi, guys, my name is Phil. I am 19 years old. One year ago I went to college and left home. I left my father with his new wife, Nancy. But everything turned in such a way that I
kind of left my father high and dry… and soon I might lose him. He’s seriously ill, and there is very little
chance that he’ll recover. Nancy is the only one to blame. And I think, guys, we’re not talking about
recklessness here, but more about malice. Well, their marriage was very sudden, but
I can’t blame my father for keeping his decision a secret from me. Let me explain… I was five years old when my mother died,
but I didn’t find out about it until I was already 12. I mean, for SEVEN YEARS my father told me
that my mother had left us, and that one day she might come back. And he decided to tell me the truth only when
he was going to get married again and came to tell me the good news. How was I supposed to perceive that? I went berserk. I yelled and cried and made a mess at home
and finally gave my dad an ultimatum: he had to choose between me and that woman. My father tried to make me change my mind,
his fiancée tried to find some way to makeup with me. But I perceived the whole thing as one huge,
dirty trick. I had been waiting for my mother for seven
years and I just couldn’t accept any new life without her. Naturally, my father’s relationship with
that woman ended. I ruined it. Situations like that repeated over the following
years. My father tried to meet different women, and
I did my best to ruin those relationships. I fought with him, I insulted his girlfriends,
I told him that he’d better not dare to desecrate the memory of my mother. Well … I was a kid and I despised all these
strange women. My father was already afraid of my reaction,
so he would hide any relationship he might have had. And because of that he could not promise much
to these women. At home, this topic seemed to be closed forever. My father did not speak, I did not ask. So… years have passed. And a couple of years ago, my father began
to change. He became more cheerful and self-confident. I noticed that he had started to take better
care of his appearance. Sometimes, he came home from work later than
usual and he was in a good mood. I realized that my father had met somebody,
but I pretended that I didn’t notice. I was already 17, and I had nothing against
my father having a good time and being happy. But anyway, the news of my father’s imminent
marriage took me by surprise. I guess I just didn’t know how to react. So I protested again, but all my pathetic
words about, “In memoriam of my dear Mom” just sounded stupid from such an adult guy
like me… On top of that, this time my father firmly
defended his right to have his own life. To put it simply, he ignored me. I had no arguments, and I stepped back. And soon, after the wedding, Nancy moved into
our house. I could not seem to shake my biased and wary
attitude toward her… while she didn’t deserve it at all! Nancy was 10 years younger than my father
and seemed very nice, positive, and full of energy… she seemed a very good person. Before the wedding, she worked for about six
months as my father’s personal assistant. After the wedding, she quit and literally
devoted all her time caring for my father and making our house a better place. She cooked delicious food. She made our bachelor pad look like a picture
from a house decorating magazine. In the evenings, my father and her spent time
together, and they both seemed very pleased with their lives… Despite all this, there was something in Nancy
that I still didn’t trust, even though my father accepted her with enthusiasm. She was really into all these theories of
positive energy and the forces of nature. No, she was not fanatical and she didn’t try
to impose her beliefs on us … Everything looked really nice on the surface. There was just one thing that she took way
too seriously: she loathed traditional medicine. When she learned that my mother had passed
away in a hospital, she immediately accused traditional medicine — saying it was cruel,
helpless, and full of lies. I saw that my father was deeply touched by
her opinion and accepted it. A few days later, together they collected
all the pills and medicine that we had in the house, took the box out into the garden,
and burned it. Later, they arranged something like a gala
dinner – to honor their new life without chemicals and medical quacks. I don’t know… At first glance, there was nothing really
wrong with this, don’t you agree? But I just couldn’t get rid of this feeling
that something was wrong. I didn’t like Nancy, no matter how nice,
positive, and energetic she was. I disliked her more and more. I felt like she was insincere. Like she was playing a role, you know? And when she didn’t know that I was looking
at her, her face became cold and unkind. I tried to talk about her with my father…
but that was a mistake. He became furious – for the first time in
my life, he gave himself free rein on his words… about me. He shouted that because of me, he had not
lived a normal life for many years. That I just can’t imagine what a hell his
life was because of me and my absurd childish requests and protests against any of his relationships. And that now was the time to leave him alone
– he advised me, in a very sharp manner, to “finally grow up” and take care of my
own life. Well … I followed my father’s advice. By this time I had finished school, several
colleges were ready to accept me, and I chose the one that was in another city. I never improved my relationship with Nancy,
and my attitude really poisoned the atmosphere in the house and made life for everyone, including
myself, unbearable, so I just left. My new life fascinated me. I loved studying, I liked my new friends,
and of course, there were plenty of girls … The year just flew by. At first, I called home every now and then
to talk to my father, but I didn’t want to hear about his life with Nancy. And I didn’t feel like talking about my new
life, either. So, gradually, we stopped communicating. But before Christmas, I had a huge fight with
a girl I was dating at the time. After that, I suddenly experienced some kind
of a sentimental feeling and decided to go home without warning. You know, like movie characters do. I arrived late in the evening but found my
father alone and … I was shocked by what I saw. My father had lost a lot of weight and had
noticeably aged. He could not say anything to all my questions
about the reasons for this change, except that he had not been feeling well for the
last six months, and that Nancy was making every effort to cure him. He meant that she was making complex herbal
teas. That they together performed special cleansing
meditations. And that Nancy was looking everywhere for
various minerals and crystals, that were charged in a special way… And even now, she wasn’t at home, because
she went to another city to pick up a rare artifact, brought straight from Tibet. Nancy had to do it personally so that this…
well, this thing would go all the way in human hands, to preserve its healing energy. My father explained all of this nonsense to
me until I interrupted him, asking if he had seen any doctors. He almost screamed that he would never go
to those scammers and that he hadn’t spent a dime on medical insurance for a long time
and wouldn’t allow anyone to experiment on him and poison him with chemicals. We started to argue, but … I suddenly realized
that, as a result of this argument, my father got visibly weaker. I saw that he was almost suffocating, just
from a loud conversation. I felt shivers and fury at the same time. I don’t remember what I told him — something
about the fact that Nancy had turned him into a zombie and was literally killing him. My father objected, but he could barely stand
on his own two feet … I stopped listening to him. At that moment, I realized that this fight
was more likely to kill him than being able to convince him of anything … unless I had
EVIDENCE. And that was my step into despair – I had
nothing but a deep confidence that Nancy was a liar and a villain, but I HAD to try to
find evidence immediately, right now. So I ran upstairs to Nancy’s room and began
to search her bedside table and other things … And – voila! – I found various pills and medication – from
birth control pills and aspirin to sleeping pills and even prescription painkillers. I brought it all down, literally threw it
at my father’s feet and screamed that Nancy was a dirty liar and that I had always felt
it. And … my god, my father started to cry. He admitted to me that a while ago he began
to think that his life had become very strange and that he began to be afraid of Nancy, who
was now controlling his every move. But he felt too bad to try to figure out what
was happening… and he was also too ashamed and scared to do so. Well, let me tell you right away that the
examination showed that my father had rectal cancer. He could’ve been successfully cured if the
disease was diagnosed earlier, but now, after all these months of drinking Nancy’s stinking
tisanes, his chances of recovery were slim. And so far, my father is getting worse. As for Nancy … When she returned home with
her Tibetan artifact and found out that my father was going to undergo a normal medical
examination, she didn’t even try to argue with him and convince him of the healing power
of all her crystals and daisies. Oh, she didn’t. This enthusiast of good energy just filed
for divorce, accusing my father of numerous adulteries and domestic violence. Of course, it was all a lie. She was just trying to sue to get a significant
portion of my father’s fortune. I couldn’t leave my father in this vulnerable
state, so I had to put college on hold in order to be with him at this time… and I
am hoping for the best. That he will live, and that together we will
put this… Nancy behind the bars. Thank you for listening to me to the end. Subscribe to the channel and like this video
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