My Rabbits Emergency Kit!

hey guys is Haley from
and in today’s video I’m gonna be showing you guys what’s in my rabbit
emergency kit so before I get started I want to make sure that I mentioned I am
NOT a vet I’ve never gone to veterinary school I am just a rabbit owner who has
done research on rabbits and have looked up what to put in emergency kits for
those emergency situations however nothing in this emergency kit
supplements actually going to the vet this is just stuff that you might need
until you get to the vet to keep your rabbit safe or for those very mild
random things that happen that aren’t medically dangerous and just need a
little bit of help so I actually have three different containers for my
emergency kit just because I haven’t found a container that holds it all so
the first container I’m gonna be showing you is this blue one this just has a lot
of random things that I don’t use very often but that I’d like to have in case
of those emergency situations occur so this is just a EZY storage container
it’s called ezy storage I think you can find them on Amazon but I think it’s
super helpful because it has like all these dividers in it so you can like
organize things better so I’m just gonna go ahead and show you what I have inside
so the first things that I have here are called sterile gauze pads and they’re
just these little square sterile gauze pads that you can use for a variety of
things and at times I’ve used these that I’m thinking of is like when my rabbits
got like a cut or something and it was like barely bleeding but you needed
something sterile to kind of just have water on it or use it dry and just hold
it on the wound the next thing I have here is this thing I don’t know what
it’s called but it’s like this like little sticky tape thing it’s kind of
used like like if you have an injury and you like put a gauze pad on it and then
you needed something to keep that in place so you’d like wrap it around
I believe that’s what this is I don’t know the name of it someone leave in the
comments below because you guys know the name of everything but yeah I just have
this I’ve never had to use this I don’t think in the next little slot
here I have two sixty millimeter syringes these are really great for giving
critical care sometimes I’d like to use smaller syringes for critical care
other times I like to use large syringes it really depends on how the rabbit
likes to take it you can just order these off of Amazon I’ll try my best to
like link stuff in the description on Amazon but yeah I bought my from Amazon
they weren’t that expensive the next thing I have is a thermometer I don’t
know how accurate this is I’ve never had to use this on my bunnies I don’t
believe I think we’ve used it on the cats before but basically it’s just a
normal thermometer that can be used in the rectum um that’s how you give that’s
how you take the temperature of a rabbit and this can be good especially if your
rabbit goes into gi stasis rabbits who go into gi stasis their temperature can
drop very quickly which is very deadly obviously if your rabbits and Gi stasis
you want to take them to the vet like immediately but I do have this just in
case but honestly my vets normally just take their temperature but just in case
I like to have one on hand the next thing I have are needles these are used
for sub-q fluids which is basically just fluids that are under the skin that get
absorbed slowly by the body this are really helpful when your rabbits and Gi
stasis and not able to drink properly so I just have a couple of those here and
then underneath that I’ve just got a couple of things I’ve got some Rescue
Remedy I haven’t used this recently I used to use it with ebony a lot to help
with her anxiety I might try doing it again but she’s been a lot better since
she’s been bonded with sterling but this can be an option if your rabbit gets
really really stressed out on the way to the vet or something like that some
rabbits it doesn’t work for them some rabbits it does I don’t know but yeah
you can just give them like a drop on a treat and so the next
thing I have on the bottom here is this which I think it’s a called an otoscope
ow I just pinched my finger and basically you can look in their ears
with it however this was a cheap one from Amazon and I believe it’s broken or
maybe the batteries are just dead but yeah it doesn’t work currently I’ve never
I’ve never really used it I tried using it once I didn’t find it very helpful I
don’t know if someone has ever found a use for this with their bunnies let me
know but honestly if you think something is really going wrong
you’re gonna take them to the vet anyways so the next thing I have is
revolution this is a medication that must be prescribed through a vet it
basically helps with fleas other things like that I’m sure it says on the box
somewhere but I have it for fur mites Lulu has always struggled a little bit
with fur mites it’s something that rabbits can be carriers of and sometimes
they can have symptoms of it so this helps treat the mites and helps them go
away that’s all that is in this container as you can see not a ton fits
in it which is why I have two other containers so the next thing that I’m
gonna be showing you is this little container it’s by the same brand it’s
EZY storage and this is what I call Lulu’s injection kit so for those of you
who don’t know my rabbit Lulu is over ten years old and has a lot of really
bad arthritis so a medication that pick can be used for rabbits with arthritis
is called adequan so it’s actually a medication that can be given to cats
dogs horses as well it’s just a medication that’s basically like
glucosamine which is a natural supplement however this is a different
type of glucosamine that works like better and stronger when injected under
the skin so I hope that makes sense but yeah that’s what I use this kit for so
what I need is these one millimeter syringes with needles on the end so you
use the needle to draw back the medication and then you take the needle
off and then you put a clean needle on when you inject it under the skin
but yeah that’s just what I have in there I also have a supply of more
syringes and needles and more needles so next I have this pink container that I
got when I was like seven years old to like store my toys in and the handle is
even broken on it on the front but I still use it and I’ve been using it for
rabbit supplies like for years but yeah it’s like pink and glittery so this is
just like all the stuff that’s big and can’t fit in the other containers so the
first thing I have here is a cone for rabbits yeah I just have a cone
obviously if anything if a rabbit ever needed a cone I probably could just pick
one up from the vet but since I already have it I just decided to keep it for
emergencies and then I just have some syringes which I’m actually gonna be
replacing soon because a lot of these are used and old which you can reuse
syringes but they get sticky after a while and don’t glide really smoothly so
these are just my three millimeter syringes I don’t really use these that
often but they can be used to give critical care water or medications this
is my 6 millimeter I believe syringes these I used to use for critical care a
lot actually they’re twelve millimeter syringes sorry about that
twelve millimeter honestly you haven’t used these in years probably won’t I use
the 1 millimeter or the 60 millimeter syringes those are basically what I use
mainly these are the rest of my syringes with needles and needle heads for Lulu’s
injections so that’s that next I have a stethoscope so this is just one I got
on Amazon for super cheap this can be used during gi stasis to place on the
belly and listen for any gut movement because obviously if your rabbits gut
isn’t moving that is very very serious and it can also be used just to see if
the gut is healthy or whatever honestly you can normally hear if you put your
ear to the rabbit stomach if you guys can all try this at home
placing your ear to your rabbits side or their rabbit stomach
and every couple of seconds you should hear a normal Rumble like a quiet rumble
of their gut and that just means their gut is moving properly but when your
rabbit is in GI stasis this noise is either gonna be silent which is not good that
means nothing is moving or in cases with severe gas it’s gonna be very loud so a
lot of the times this can be heard several feet away from the rabbit and
it’s a large gurgle and a lot of the times the rabbits like moving
uncomfortably when it happens and then I just have some saline solution
definitely recommend everyone have some of this it’s so cheap so why not just
keep it around it’s basically just saline solution that you can put in your
eye to rinse it out this can help if your rabbit has like a little piece of
hay in its eye or something’s irritated in its eye you can just go like this and
squirt it in you just kind of hold the eye open and squirt it in don’t hit the
tip of your rabbit’s eye to the tip of the thing but yeah that’s all you do and
this has been very helpful over the years if my rabbit got something in its
eye the next thing I have is meloxicam the name brand of it is
metacam it’s basically the average pain medication that vets use with rabbits
and I use this to manage Lulu’s arthritis pain so this is kind of what
it looks like I also forgot to tell you guys I also have sub-q fluids in this
bag right here it’s just a liter of fluids that I can put underneath the
skin in case of GI stasis however obviously
most people aren’t able to have these on hand my vet just trust me and she knows
that sometimes my rabbits need them so she does let me keep them on hand and that is it for my emergency kit
supplies so as you can see I don’t have like a ton of stuff but I have what I
feel like I need some people do keep like neosporin in their emergency kit
and I used to use the non pain reliever neosporin however I did have a vet
recommend to me not to use it because she didn’t feel it was safe if the
rabbit licked it or anything like that so another thing that’s a good idea to
have is antiseptic like rinse sometimes I use chlorhexidine solution which is
like an antiseptic and I dilute it in water this can be used to clean wounds
out I believe I have chlorhexidine around here somewhere but I just moved
so if I can’t find it I’m gonna have to order something like that because yeah
sometimes you lose things and moves if you guys have any recommendations don’t
forget to leave them down in the comments below
definitely don’t use this video as a guide to treat your rabbit for any
medical condition like I said I’m not of vet this is just supplies that I have
on hand in case of an emergency or just stuff that I have on hand to treat my
rabbits for their current medical conditions that I am treating under
veterinary supervision so that’s basically it for today’s video I hope
you guys enjoyed and found it useful don’t forget to like this video and
subscribe for more rabbit content and I will see you very
soon on a new video bye chlorhexidine around here hello hello Milo are you okay come here but I
think it’s super helpful because it has all of these the next thing I have here
is what is this called next I have a shoot what’s this is called


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