My Mom Thought Medicines Were Evil

My Mom Thought Medicines Were Evil

Hey, I’m Chris, I’m 16 and my mom thought
I was a rebellious teenager. You know why I was “rebelling”? Because she wouldn’t let me use any traditional
medicine or get vaccinated. Wow, I’m such a rebel! But she doesn’t think that anymore, because
I proved her wrong. Okay, so here’s the deal. When I was 13 or 14 my mom believed in “natural”
medicine, like oils, plants, and HEALING CRYSTALS. She was also against vaccines, so yeah, I
was unvaccinated for a long time. My mom was so outspoken about all of this
that every time any of my friends would come over, she would start telling them about the
healing powers of crystals and how vaccines are all big conspiracy of greedy doctors. My friends would nod and say, “Yeah, mhm,
yeah,” and I would be SO EMBARRASSED I would just cover my face with my hands and silently
cringe. And of course, she would always post stuff
on the internet about how dangerous vaccines are and how healthy I was. She could literally spend HOURS doing that. But it wasn’t true. The worst things would happen when I would
get sick. She would try to “heal” me with crystals
and make me drink some weird tea and stuff like that. And I would get sick a lot, because, you know,
WORK. It’s all a scam! I would spend way too long trying to heal
from the simplest sicknesses, like the flu. And it got to the point that I was afraid
to even go outside during winter. My Mom would constantly hang out with other
women who were into this stuff. So after a while, she even started to talk
about these kin- of lizard people who want to take over the world. It was becoming truly unbearable, because
I felt like she was going crazy and every time I tried to talk to her about it she would
just say that I was brainwashed. But all of that changed in just one week. Well, not all of it, but most of it. One day, my Mom got seriously sick. You see, she didn’t get sick very often. She had a strong immune system (because HER
parents treated her like a normal person when she was younger and got her things like medicine
and vaccines). But this time, she was coughing constantly,
so of course she was trying to use her oils, plants, and CRYSTALS to “heal” herself. And surprise, it didn’t help! She was getting worse every day. At first she was just coughing, but then she
developed a fever, she was sweating, and she had chest pains. I was saying to her “Mom, PLEASE, let’s
go to the doctor,” and she would answer in her loopy state “no, no, it’s all a
big conspiracy, it’s just all the bad stuff coming out of my body, you know, the toxins.” I was FURIOUS and PANICKING at the same time,
because my Mom was acting stupid and I couldn’t do anything about it. Or could I? Yes, it wasn’t possible for me to just buy
her medicine, and we didn’t have anything at home, but at least I could ask my friends
to bring me some from their homes. They did, and I was hiding some of it in my
Mom’s food. Yeah, this may sound unethical or whatever
but I don’t care, it was like she was dying! I had hoped that the medicine would help,
but she actually found out about it, maybe she could taste it. In her confused state, she actually got up
from her bed and came to my room, all pale and sweaty, and said in a very rough and sickly
voice… “CHRISTOPHER…did you try to POISON ME?” It would be funny, if it wasn’t so scary. She was like a zombie. For a second I really thought that this was
the end, the zombie apocalypse had begun, and it was all caused by those stupid CRYSTALS. And then she suddenly lost consciousness and
fell down. It wasn’t funny anymore. I was panicking, I tried to wake her up and
was screaming, “Mom! Mom!” but she wouldn’t wake up. I immediately called an ambulance and tried
to explain the situation as best as I could, but I was still panicking until an operator
calmed me down and I was able to explain everything. An ambulance came and took my Mom to the hospital,
and I was panicking all the way there, thinking that my Mom might die. It turns out that she had pneumonia and they
began her treatment immediately. The doctor said that it was a MIRACLE that
I didn’t get infected myself, but it wasn’t a miracle. In fact, I was very careful around Mom, always
wearing a mask and disinfecting myself in every way I could. After some time, when she was feeling a little
better and in a normal mental state, I finally got to talk to her in her room. She looked at me, smiled, and I almost wanted
to cry because my Mom was fine. But then I wanted to cry because she immediately
disappointed me. “Chris… bring me… my crystals…” I couldn’t believe what I’d heard, so I
stood up and started shouting at my mom: “You had PNEUMONIA, mom, you would be DEAD if doctors
didn’t help you!” I stormed out of her room, went home, took
all of her crystals and balms and oils and everything else she had, put it all in a box,
SMASHED it all, and threw it into the trash. When my Mom finally got back from the hospital
and found out what I did, she was really angry at me, but I said, “I’m always sick because
you don’t give me a choice and now I’M not giving you a choice!” After that, she finally let me get vaccinated
and even bought some medicine for the house. She didn’t stop using all her stuff, in
fact she bought a bunch more of it, but at least I can be safe now. What’s the moral of this story? Is it something about trust or parenting? No! It’s DON’T USE CRYSTALS TO HEAL PNEUMONIA! I know that people have different opinions
on many aspects of life, but it’s tough being a teenager sometimes because you don’t have
control over choosing what’s right for yourself. Is there anything weird that your parents
do? Share your stories in the comments. And subscribe to this channel to get more
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