My Honest Thoughts on Xanax, Valium and Other Benzodiazepines (Anti Anxiety Medications Explained)

My Honest Thoughts on Xanax, Valium and Other Benzodiazepines (Anti Anxiety Medications Explained)

I’m about to give you my honest thoughts
on benzodiazepines these are medications like Xanax and Valium and this might
upset a few people what is up everybody this is Chris from the rewired soul
where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and welcome back
to another video where we are diving deep into the topic of anxiety and today
I am focusing on some of the most commonly prescribed medications for
anxiety now do me a favor and please please please share this video I’m gonna
be talking about some very very important information regarding these
medications that people often take to help with their anxiety or their panic
disorders alright so first let’s talk about how these medications actually
work before I dive into that let’s actually talk about how anxiety works so
anxiety is caused by an overactive amygdala that is the part of your brain
responsible for fight flight or freeze when your anxiety kicks in it is
releasing a lot of stress hormones in your body you get a rush of adrenaline
you can have a beating heart you’d have racing thoughts you could be
sweating dilated pupils all sorts of things okay now the way that these
benzodiazepines work like Xanax and Valium is that they goes straight to the
amygdala and they tranquilize it okay they calm it down one of the reasons why
these are prescribed so so so much is because they are fast-acting but the
issue is that they come with a price these are narcotic medications okay any
medication that is labeled a narcotic means that it has the potential of
becoming addictive and the problem is is that the way that we’re prescribing
these medications has risen insanely insanely over the last couple decades
like I was just reading some articles on this and this was a study from 2015 now
one of the reasons why people develop an addiction to these medications is
because they’re given for long-term use okay the longer that you’re all these
medications you build up a tolerance as well as a dependence this means that you
need to take more in order or to calm your anxiety but you also get
more anxious when you don’t have the medication so one of the issues is is
that when we prescribe these medications people aren’t often doing these in
conjunction with another form of treatment like therapy and things like
that if these medications are ever prescribed
in my opinion it should be a short term solution this should not be long term
especially especially because almost 10,000 people per year die from
benzodiazepine overdoses and most of them are accidental most of the people
who die from these overdoses had no idea how much they were taking these are
depressant medications okay when you overdose on it it depresses the nervous
system you can’t breathe you can die from this so one of the things that I
say that’s kind of polarizing is that these medications are lazy they’re very
lazy and I know that seems kind of harsh but just about any doctor can prescribe
these medications and it’s just to get you in and out of their office not even
thinking about the fact that you might develop an addiction to these things and
you might as well you might die too and that is insane to me
there are so many other alternatives like I get people in my drug and alcohol
rehab all the time who are taking these medications for their anxiety and
they’re like I don’t know what I’m gonna do now how am I gonna calm down my
anxiety right the problem is is that nobody has
educated you on all of the alternatives there are so many alternative
medications that are non narcotics I’ve talked about it in my other videos the
video I just did yesterday was about lexapro and how that helps me with my
generalized anxiety disorder there are so many other medications but like I
said the reason why a lot of people don’t turn these medications is because
they’re not as fast acting they’re not as powerful and also whether people want
to admit it or not they’re not releasing the dopamine in your brain they’re not
giving you all that pleasure that you get from taking these benzodiazepines so
please please please do me a favor and research all of the other alternatives
ask your doctor what else can I take do you have any non narcotics like it makes
me sick it makes me sick how most doctors that
I’ve experienced goes straight to the narcotics rather than making those the
last resort narcotic medications especially especially with the addiction
epidemic going on narcotic medications should be the absolute last resort you
should be researching and going through every other option do you know how many
people I talk to on a regular basis with anxiety they’re dependent to these
medications they want to go get off of them and they don’t know another way and
I asked him have you tried meditating no why not I can’t stop my thoughts well
welcome to the human experience I’ve talked about this a million times in my
mindfulness meditation videos meditation is not about stopping your thoughts if
you are trying to stop your thoughts you are running a fool’s errand
the human brain on average has fifty to seventy thousand thoughts per day and
they even have the idea that you’re gonna stop them is like it’s never going
to happen it is impossible to do that what meditation does it allows you to
watch your thoughts and experience your thoughts without latching onto them and
falling into that state of a panic with all the worry about the future or the
worry about the things that you did in the past this is why meditation is so
beneficial so there are a million million million different ways that you
can manage your anxiety and a lot of it has to do with rearranging the way that
your life is and I might do some videos on that I only got so many days this
week but like there’s so many changes that you can make in your life that will
begin to reduce your anxiety for example your relationships not just
boyfriend/girlfriend husband/wife but who you’re hanging out with your work
okay your financial situation there’s so many little baby steps that you could
take to start reducing your anxiety that a lot of these other non-narcotic
medications and holistic methods of treatment will actually work but anyways
this is a rant that I needed to go on there are so many people dying from
these medications and it’s crazy because we keep prescribing them all willy-nilly
and whatnot so again please please please do me a favor share this video
share this video for people who are thinking about using this medication or
even people who are on this medication so they know
there are many other options to treat their anxiety all right but anyways if
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watching research alternatives to treat your
anxiety and I will see you next time


63 thoughts on “My Honest Thoughts on Xanax, Valium and Other Benzodiazepines (Anti Anxiety Medications Explained)”

  • The Rewired Soul says:

    What're non-narcotic ways you treat your anxiety?
    Help me spread a message of hope by becoming a Patron!:
    Therapy is also a great way to treat anxiety, try BetterHelp affordable online therapy:

  • Iet me tell you something valium and xanax are NOT NARCTICS!!! There benzodiazepines….and they are extreamly SAFE!! Its veary rare..most of the time they are mixed with NARCOTICS aka oxycodone hydrmorphone and even with those opioids there relatively safe my god! Some people need benzodiazepine therapy… Im sooo sick of this propaganda stop buying in on this fakeass opiate crisis, buy the way i am a true aaddict and alcoholic… But my life has been turned around due to Suboxone and 2 and a half mg of klonopin everyday, both by the way potent benzodiazepine and narcotic but suboxone ofcourse a complete blocker of all narcotics not benzos though you have got to be diciplined to in order to take both…… So go run your rehab man I've been to over 20 myself people are going to do what they do anyways…sorry for the bad grammar

  • Accidental overdoses on a little sedative xanax, valium, klonopin etc… come on man. It takes vast amounts of a benzo for that to happen lexapro zoloft paxil, these might as well be suicide drugs BUDDY..its clear you just wanta make money with your rehab , i understand its a lucrative business making money off of people's misery and all…..YOU are the one who needs to be educated my friend……theese medicine's are here for a reason just beacouse you have had a bad experience i guess, dont mean you need to take them away from people. Oh, and dont give me that shit, pots a safer alternative!

  • your fucking hyypered up dude take 2 valiums and please stop tallking with your hands continuouslly its so fingg iritating, whats wrong with you?

  • i got a panic attack and anxiety from your extreme animated hands and hypper attitude no thanks man couldnt even listen to you….dont know wth you are ranting about please take your xanax and a couple valiums…

  • Dude i have dialted pupils all the time and anxiety idk anxiety could cause this mabye this is why my pupils are dilated sometimes

  • star in the sky says:

    I got prescribed 0.5 mg of xanax (0.25 morning and 0.25 in evening) for daily panic attacks and autonomic dysfunction. I've been taken it for about 4 weeks and I'm scared to death of them. It does stop the panic attacks but it doesn't heal. I'm taking 0.25 a day right before the panic attack instead of the prescribed 0.5 twice a day. I want this shit out of my system.

  • You have never being diagnosed panic attacks and anxiety..or else you Will not have the guts to make this video!!!
    By the way, people die from drugs when they overdose from normal prescription OR they mix it with alcohol and other drugs… You can never die from taking benzodiazepines if you follow the normal dose and not withdraw from it quickly…get that into your skull!

  • Zoloft worked for me.

    I know trying to think and breath yourself out of a panic attack is hard to do but it can be done!

    Zoloft basically stopped them from happening (aswell as an overall mood lift) but there were still situations were I was scared of being out of control (panicked) in which case I just took some over-the-counter relaxants or sleeping pills.

    I know I can't speak for everyone but it worked for me, a GAD GONE in just 5 years and I had it bad, like really bad.

  • Mentally Misunderstood says:

    I keep coming back to this goofy video because it’s in my recommended, but everything you say is false you stupid prick for one benzodiazepines are not fucking narcos so this whole video is completely pointless.

  • Idk what doctors you go see, but they put me on about 15 medications before they tried me on Kholopin then switched to Xanax. I only take a .5 I have tried so many SSRi & they do not mix well with me artificial serotonin to the brain. The sad part is Xanax is looked at so harshly because of the street addicts due. Do your research on SSRi hospitalization it’s worse then or can be worse then Xanax. So honestly everybody is different it’s almost find the right medicine or pick your poison. I would like to learn how to meditate my panic attacks cause me to tense up & not breath well.

  • Cory Modzeleski says:

    I'm not allowed to have benzos because of my drug and alcohol addiction, everything I take for Schizoaffective disorder has to be non narcotic and non addicting. For anxiety/paranoia I've been on Vistaril (Hydroxyzine), and now Guanfacine.

  • U are right. That shit is terrible. Stopping the med is insanely HARD. It can take up to 2 yrs to come off of it. Raise awareness brother ✌

  • I tried 5 antidepressant/antianxiety medicines with no success. I tried meditation, mindfulness, journaling, therapy. Nothing is helping. 😞

  • Science is not on your side – extreme cases of PTSD cause a neverending over-fired amygdala. Try telling it to soldiers with shellshock or gangsters with sawed offs. This is good information if your anxiety is talking to girls or you're just a social pussy – however if you have an extreme history of trauma and violence benzo's are and should be recognized as a necessity. You fucking loud mouth clown.

  • I want my anxiety to end, what thoughts do you have to give on starting a benzo and taking it responsibly as prescribed ?

  • Beckham Brazil says:

    0:06 what you say it shouldn't be legal you piss lots people off you say it should be legal u piss tones of people off. so lets see try me.

  • you know a litlle about barbituates an benzodiazepine is like valium ore flunitrazepam i take every day 50mg diazepam valium 50mg a day morfine 200mg a day en promethazine i use i am 49 i started in 1983 my first hit heroine morfine its angst fear fear of the fear wright?? yes yes mandrax vesprax uzinox a babiturates others benzo,s

  • I have delusions and schizophrenia depression bi polar 1 panic disorder MADD and GAD Xanax helps all my problems especially my social anxiety I'm 27 I've been on them,since I was 20 and this was a last resort for me I've been on at least 70 or so meds from now and 15 years old.. I take them as needed I also meditate every night living with paranoia and panic is hell on,earth

  • Whenever I’m in the hospital”gastroparesis flare ups” My anxiety gets so bad, it makes me feel like I’m trapped in my body, the anxiety seems to come right after they inject me with any pain medication, I will feel ok for 35 mins, then I’m trying to rip out my IV, and can’t stay still on the hospital bed.

    I always ask for either a pain pill or no pain medication at all”I rather deal with the pain instead of the anxiety “, many hospital employees do not understand how it feels when going into a panic attack, if I have to stay in the hospital, I always tell them, No pain meds through the IV, and I have a family member bring my Kratom from home.
    Kratom seems to be the only thing that calms me down.

    If I can’t get my Kratom, I ask for Xanax, it helps with the anxiety, but I hate the dizzy lightheaded zombie feeling,

  • Microdose lsd is better than oxazepam from my experience. Non addictive, not toxic and does not make you mad on a low dose. Look up microdosing on google

  • Rebel Ruthless says:

    I need some so badly they help me so much with kicking h but all my contacts are gone basically.
    Anyone wanna be my friend lol

  • 'Narcotics' are anything that originate from Opium based Derivatives not anything that is addicting…if that was the case sex and gambling could be classed as narcotics hahaha 🙂

  • Mathieu Dufour says:

    i have been prescribe benzo's multiple times. But here in Canada they recomend to get rest and to see a psy for your anxienty. Btw even for addiction , doctors prescribe 2 weeks of benzon with progressive withdrawal. So i dont think that benzos are a problem. It all depends on the way you are taking it. If you have tendancy of getting addicted to this medication, plz talk about it to your doctor right away. Addiction can appens to any substance and yes, benzodiazepines is one of them. Personnaly i have never had problem with this medication . Personally i have rarely seen addiction to it. I am no doctor but just a student that will become a nurse.

  • very very few people overdose on benzos alone. they are all combination deaths. also valium has a 1 week half life, and is almost impossible to overdose on alone. doses as high as 2000mg, yep, have been reported without death.xanax is another story, fast acting, short half life, and in reality there are not enough diazepam in 1 bottle to kill you, xanax however, a full prescription will kill you if taken at once by a person who does not have a tolerance.

  • Seth Wayne #500 says:

    Klonopin is what im on alomg with hydros both prescribed. Doc took me off xanax after almost 3 years.
    Im an addict plus i have bad anxiety insomnia bipolar depression schizo a lil bit

  • 4 years for me on Ativan I'm almost tapered off. These benzos are the devil! It's stolen my life! Thank you for this video! It makes it worse!!! I disagree SSRI'S are also dangerous you hit a tolerance and they change your chemistry. "Therapy" is the only way! Love this video!!!!

  • I'm taking 25mg per day is this a high dosage I can't cope without it I am using pill after pill it's almost as addictive as cocaine the other night I experienced slow breathing from taking to much my breathing was very shallow

  • I've used Librium to get off of alcohol, a couple of times. I took it 2 weeks max., high dose tapering down to a small one and then none, with no problems getting to sleep w/o the aid of alcohol or any drug any more. It was great.

    But in the last year, the powers-that-be have decided that if you are alcohol dependent, you should go into a very expensive rehab program with a 95% failure rate. No more $5 for 2 weeks of Librium. I'd already tapered down the alcohol fairly well, and with the help of a drink called kava, I got completely off alcohol in a few days – even I was surprised.

  • Ignore this idiot. I've been taking xanax for nearly 5 years, 2 mgs a day. I'm 27. From about age 20-22, I developed severe panic disorder and agoraphobia. Dropped out of college. Couldn't even leave the house. Thought my life was over before it even got started. Finally got put on xanax after multiple other drugs didn't work. Exercise and meditation didn't help either (though they certainly can for many). Anyway, 5 years later, life has been amazing. I finished undergrad and I'm a year from finishing law school. Social life is great. Zero complaints. Xanax saved my life. I would say, as full disclosure, I don't drink. Ever. Nor do I do any drugs. I take xanax, zoloft, and a daily vitamin. Period. Am I addicted? Absolutely. I'm also addicted to air, food, and water. If taken properly, it can give you your life back.

  • Agrippa Maxentius says:

    These kinds of videos don’t help, they just demonize a medication that has helped some people and that other people have abused thus creating a negative stigma for those who truly need this medication.

    I’ve never had to raise my dose, but have no shortage of “professionals” who try to put me on crap like SSRI’s which just worsen my condition.

    If you’re going to demonize medication, you should try and be a little more nuanced. I’m not even able to “meditate” with my level of anxiety. Now I feel I have to go around justifying my need for a medication at every doctors visit. Biased videos like this one absolutely contribute to that stigma.

  • It makes me sick you think Benzodiazepines affects dopamine. You feel good cause you become anxiety free. You can´t die of benzos themself, don`t blame the medicine, blame the doctors. Benzos are a drug you have to learn to take. No doctors will admit they have done so I can`t see how they in any shape could be experts on them. I have taken Diazepam half of my life. Same low dosage. The only danger is when they fuck up my prescription. Like every fucking month. Less is more.

  • Lexapro would not stop any panic attack also I've taken Xanax for 3 years now and went months without it, personality has more relation addiction also medication while having a panic attack would literally feel like dying

  • I can't take anxiolytic antidepressants because every one I've tried causes rapid cycling bipolar. I meditate twice daily and I'm getting therapy. I had to wait over a year for therapy and benzodiazapene medication was all I had to help me to function after a traumatic experience. I don't use daily but I have been prescribed diazepam for years. It's helped me survive. They put me on pregabalin and that is in my opinion far more addictive, less researched so the medical professionals don't realise how addictive it is and it's to be used daily so hell to withdraw from. Pregabalin needs it's own video!! I agree that benzos should be short term and if it's long term like in my case have rules in place like don't take it for more than 3 days in a row. I was almost put on Xanax but refused because it's shorter acting so I'd worry it'd be more addictive. In my country it is hard to get a benzo prescription (they'll give you like 6 pills) but I have debilitating social phobia so my psychiatrist is doing what he can with the goal to get me off as many of my medications as possible. /Ramble

  • News flash @The Rewired Soul, you’re not a psychiatrist. You’re demonizing a class of medications that help people. It’s no secret that they can be habit forming as well as deadly if abused. Thanks for sharing information that people can easily find on just about any med site on the internet, lol so in other words… THANKS FOR NOTHING. ✌️

  • At 4:21 you lost me dude, talking about how people get addicted to benzos for the dopamine effect. Benzodiazepines affect your GABA receptors, not dopamine receptors. That is like benzos 101. Benzos for dummies!

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