My Autism/Asperger’s Medication Has Changed! Pregabalin Update💊

My Autism/Asperger’s Medication Has Changed! Pregabalin Update💊

Hello everybody. My name is Tom stone. Welcome back to the stone post, I have Asperger’s
syndrome. And I hope you having a good 2019 in today’s video want to take another look
at my medication. Because I’ve made a lot of changes. I’ve discovered a new few new things. And I’ve done some reading.
So I wanted to come back and update you with that this is that video discussing medication
and specifically pre gambling. Now in the last video I created about pre
gambling, I sang his praises a lot I said it did help me a lot. And it and I’m not going back on any of that. But
as I stated before, I’m not a doctor or a physician or any of those things. So I don’t really know
what I’m taking. I just know what the doctors told me and what little research I’ve done on it.
Now I’ve done a little bit more research since we last spoke about it. I’ve discovered a few troubling things mainly among the whole suicidal tendencies, surrounded by long term users
of pre gambling I’m I’m quite I’m described quite a high dose and I was taking it for good two and a half years
gradually getting more and more suicidal along the way and just constantly believing that
it was me I was the reason I like it was a problem I need to fix. The problem was only health and
tomatoes. I actually watched a video by YouTuber called
Avi and I suggest you go and check that out. I’m going to leave a link for it down there
in the description. So go check that out. But then he talks about a couple of studies
which I am gone and read myself. And it does appear that
especially during withdrawal, there is a high chance of suicidal tendencies when it comes to pre gambling users, but also
so on long term uses, seems to be quite a likely
chance that you’ll develop some kind of suicidal tendencies. And that was enough for me to actually drop my suicidal thoughts.
I once I realized it wasn’t in my own head,
and it could be a medication, I snapped out of it very quickly. And I was able to think
rationally about what I should do. Now, if you really look at me, my one of my main
issues is anxiety, nervousness, that kind of thing. So I’d say to have a look at some
natural remedies regarding things like anxiety, and insomnia, and a few of the things I was actually suffering from.
For the longest time, I’ve read up on a few things, I read a few forums and stuff. And
I actually discovered that there’s a several a handful of vitamins and supplements and
natural plants and things that we can use to remedy folk anxiety and sleep loss. So
obviously, I took an interest and at the time I was in a country that supports natural medicine over pharmaceuticals. And
so it’s very easy to buy these things over the counter with the with the help of a pharmacist
to kind of direct you and what you should be taking on top of that, you know, I did
speak to a nurse family member briefly on it. And I feel okay about one taking. And
I generally feel pretty good. So I just wanted to go for a
rundown of what I’ve actually done to change my medication
up and what my goals are in regards to that. And
kind of how I felt throughout all of this is my first recording of 2019, it’s
late January. Now, as I record this up and take a little break and
been getting I’ve been getting used to a few things. The first thing that I take is magnesium with calcium. Now, magnesium is
good for anxiety disorders and just calming down in
general. Magnesium doesn’t really do much unless it’s
with calcium. So I have to take both of those things. Now, there’s also the Monday which
also helps the allocation of the absorption of calcium and then you need vitamin K in
order to do something else with the calcium to take the magnesium in a second other three supplements
which I do take Hello everybody. I just wanted to take a quick break out of this video to
explain or my demeanor in this video, as you’ve just seen it as the magnesium the calcium
63 in the K two and they all work together to kind of produce what you’re seeing on the screen right now my whole
demeanor, my mood, my very relaxed tone, monotone kind of um. It works for anxiety, it doesn’t matter you
out. Now I want a massive dose of my magnesium and I will reduce it but it’s just
to help me get off the pregabalin so just want to pop in and explain that to you guys
enjoy the video. Next up. I take a crafter just feel good vitamins.
So probiotics. I take once a week quite high dosage of probiotics. I’m not really a younger
person B complex which is all the vitamin B’s that you could ever want. And they help a
lot with fatigue and tightness in the mornings and make a free in the form of a fish oil
and that then brings me on to medications I use for sleeping which is I actually use melatonin I’m on a
nine month course of melatonin that takes about nine months and hopefully adjust my
sleeping pattern to the point where I don’t need it anymore.
Just going to pop in again to just state that Melatonin is actually very difficult to get
hold of in the UK. I actually got mine from a Polish pharmacy where it is perfectly legal
to buy over the counter. That’s not so much the case here. So you may find a bit difficult
to find melatonin, but your doctor can prescribe it you in the UK. And then I also take delirium,
which is a route I have a tablet form. And I take that every day, which helps me fall asleep since taking them. Okay. The magnesium I felt it made me a bit dopey during the day
for the first few days. But other than that I’ve had no real adverse effects. I did start
taking vitamin D and vitamin K after the rest. And I did feel a bit sick for a day. And it slowly got less and less. So I’m not blaming that I could have just been sick. Other than that I generally just felt good. I felt like all my life which is usually peaks and troughs,
very sharp peaks and troughs in my mood and kind of smoothed out and kind of gone a bit
gentle for me. Amongst all this, I have cut my pre gambling intake by half, I was on 600
milligrams a day, like 300 twice a day. And now when you take the 300 morning until
I can get into the doctors to get that split into two separate 150 pills to take one either side of the day. I’m two weeks in and I generally feel very
good. There’s been no withdrawal from drop in my medication, which I assume would be because
of all the vitamins and stuff has helped me through that withdrawal, hoping it continues to have no withdrawal.
Let’s be no more suicidal thoughts since my realization day. And generally I’m in a very
well receptive and happy mood. There are many people out there that are going to say the
pre Goblin is good for you, it’s really helps,
it’s a helpful thing. And okay, it’s helped me for a longest time.
And it wasn’t until after extensive use that I felt any negatives
from it, or I completely agree with you there. But I mean, in the scope of things, it’s probably
better to have a natural medication over a pharmaceutical one. And if possible, and I
think I may have found kind of the recipe, I need to adjust it a bit and maybe drop some
things and boost some other things and add maybe some mistakes along the way. But that’s
another journey for me to take over the coming months, one that I can record videos about.
So I’ll keep you in track of that, because ideally, I’d like to move away from a handful
of pills every day to maybe a smoothie that contained all of that stuff,
they need it. So I will let you know as I go along. In other news,
my appetite has got massively bigger and it’s
thanks to some family members. And a little challenge I’ve got going on with my wife and kid. So I’ve got
to gain 10 kilos in six months. And I’ve already gained
two and a half in in three weeks. So I’m feeling good about
that I’m eating five times a day, not massive amounts that you know, little meals
and I’m definitely put on weight, I’m getting a lot more exercise with the dog. So things
are definitely looking out for me now means good things for this channel. As when I’m depressed. I don’t want to do this.
So I’m feeling good. And these videos should continue to pump out a weekly basis just about
hanging on to it. The skin of my teeth right now that’s about all the updates I’ve really got
to share with you. So I’m not going to take up much more good time. All I’m going to do is say I hope you like the quality of the video as I’ve improved the sound and I’ve improved the lighting and things like that. And also
there’s a different background. And that’s going to change again over the next couple
of days when I buy a desk for the PC. So expect a few little changes there. And I hope you
enjoy the rest of your January and you feeling good about life. Also leave a comment down below if you have anything to say. And finally, I just
want to say I’m not a medical professional in any
which way shape or form. You don’t listen to me. I wouldn’t listen
to me without doing some research. So listen to me, then go and do your own research and
make sure you What I’m saying is right. But there’s I don’t do that much research. I just
want to talk to you. So do go out and do your own research. I mean
it’s much better to find this stuff out on your own because these things will ring true to your own personality
and you’re not just doing what I need and what my body needs because last
time I checked we didn’t share recording. Thanks so much for watching. I’m never gonna ask you to like and subscribe
to video so do as you wish and I will catch you next time. See you again.


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  • Thanks for speaking up about this. It's been nearly 70 days for me without Pregabalin, there's days where I feel better overall but I think my life has definitely been worsened permanently in some aspects. Quite unfortunate that a legal prescribed drug can reduce someone's quality of life so much.

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