Mucinex…Absolutely Worthless? Or MIRACLE Cold Cure? Tips and Tricks.

hey do you have a horrible cold and you
want to pay 15 bucks for something that barely helps? Try Mucinex. I’m Dr. Bradley Fossier and I created
Post Script because I was tired of my patients getting horrible information on
the Internet I was kind of joking in the intro about
mucinex but kind of not mucinex is like one of those medicines
that’s all over the place you go into the big box floor and see whatever’s on
your corner and you’ll see like an entire row of mucinex and you’re
probably struggling with some cold or cough and you’re like that’s one of the
more expensive medicines so that means it must work right maybe maybe not so
what is mucinex the active ingredient is a medicine
called Guelph innocent there’s like some cool history that with Ineson was
actually made because European explorers came over and Native Americans were
using this tree bark that had guaiac in it and that was helping with cough and
so eventually got made into a tablet form that you could take called Guelph
innocent so what cliff venison does is it pulls
water into thick secretions so you got like all that clammy nasty snotty stuff
that’s like sitting and your sinuses dripping down your throat staying in
your lungs quo finis in you have to take it with a big glass of water because
that’s part of how it works it pulls that water into those secretions
thinning them out and then you’re able to call them up sneeze them out whatever
it just doesn’t feel like it’s sitting there in your chest does it work it
works okay I mean I’ve tried it when I have this stuff and I I think it works a
little bit it’s worth a try kind of a cool fact is that opera singers will
sometimes use it to moisten their vocal cords since it pulls water into things
they’ll take it if they have like a change in humidity so that’s kind of a
neat fact the next thing I want to talk about is the alphabet soup you get with
music so you’ll go in there’s like mousse next day night DMD all of these
are just the baseline guelph innocent plus something else the night time plus
benadryl the daytime plus phenylephrine which is like a blood vessel tightener
that stops your nose from running daytime sinus phenylephrine plus
tylenol so it’s all stuff that you probably already have in your medicine
cabinet that they’re just putting into one pill so what I tell people is don’t
buy like the big-name brands that are like 8 to 15 bucks for a box of them get
the generic with finis in if you want to try it and try that if you want to try
mucinex try just the active ingredient it’ll be like half the price it’s the
same medicine question of the day what are some of the tricks you use when you
get a cold to help you feel nice and fuzzy quickly I want to know also check
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again I’m dr. Fauci a with PostScript thanks for tuning in


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