MSU’s Spartan Street Medicine goes where care is needed

– [Brianne] My calling is to provide compassionate healthcare that goes beyond just treating physical symptoms. I founded the Spartan
Street Medicine Program as an Osteopathic Medical Student at MSU. My team goes out into the
Lansing streets and shelters to serve people struggling
with homelessness. We treat medical
conditions and assist with health literacy and
connection to social services. But more importantly, we listen and treat each person
with dignity and respect. We provide holistic
care, promoting not only their physical health as patients, but also their mental and
emotional well-being as people. This is my passion. I hope
to see street medicine grow and expand into more communities. And I plan to dedicate
my life to providing care with the mindset
that everyone matters. My name is Brianne Feldpausch
and I am a Spartan. (inspirational music)


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