Motion Sickness Treatment | How To Stop Motion Sickness

I hate motion sickness seriously I really don’t like it and I used to get it all the time but thankfully now I
know what to do so I’m going to spread that knowledge with you but now I’ve got a flight to catch So I’m in Barcelona this week for some video work and I thought to myself why don’t I make this week’s video in one of my favourite cities remember the initial scenario where you’re in a car plane or train and let’s say you’re doing your work
on your phone or on your laptop and it suddenly hits you the motion sickness
well here’s why happens so when you’re focused on things in a moving vehicle
like let’s say your phone the signals from your eyes to your brain are telling
it that your position is stationary you’re not moving whereas you’re balancing
mechanisms are telling it the opposite thing they’re telling it you’re moving and
these conflicting messages are what causes the symptoms of motion sickness
excellent it’s really warm here and sunny so it won’t look too good but
it’s got to be done because I’ve got to go and film some other stuff soon
motion sickness affects a lot of people now you may remember a couple of months
ago we were in Malta and I made a film about how to stop snoring now whilst we
were filming on this boat Dave who’s probably one of the strongest people I
know got really really bad motion sickness and we kind of had to abort
filming and get back onto land so the moral of this story was that everyone
can get motion sickness to some degree no matter who you are and only 5 to 15
percent of people are unaffected by it if you know you get motion sickness I’d
probably say the number one most important thing you can do to prevent it
from coming on is don’t focus on things like your phone, your laptop, your books,
movies whilst traveling basically don’t distract your brain from where you are
instead close your eyes or sleep for the whole journey or listen to an audio book
whilst you’re doing these, these all reduce the positional signals from your
eyes to your brain and reduces the confusion that we spoke about earlier
now if you want to be a bit of a rebel and you don’t want to close your eyes
whilst traveling I definitely recommend that you don’t look at moving objects
like waves and cars because it’ll make you feel more ill instead look ahead in
the direction you’re traveling in at a fixed point like the horizon, aww yeah
that was the one even they liked it now where you sit can also be really helpful so you can minimise the motion by sitting in the front seat of a car, over
the wings of the plane and in the middle of a boat strong smells can sometimes
trigger me so try and breathe fresh air so if you’re in a car open a window
slightly or turn the AC on and if you’re on a boat avoid the cafeteria area and
the engine area another quick tip is to avoid heavy meals before traveling so
keep it light and there’s also some good research that shows that ginger is quite
good for motion sickness so you can take that as a tablet a biscuit or tea I’ve
never tried it so if anyone has leave a comment below and let us know how you
get on and stay hydrated but remember small sips now if you’re thinking to yourself but Abraham I’ve tried all these and I’m still struggling well not to worry because Abraham the pharmacist has got you covered so I thought we’d film this bit in front of the pharmacy so there are
several medicines available that you can buy over-the-counter which block the
signals which confuse your brain and cause the motion sickness so for motion
sickness hyoscine is usually the most effective over-the-counter treatment you
can get it comes as a tablet and a patch so it can be quite useful
there are antihistamines available like cinnarizine but it’s not usually as
effective for motion type sickness so these medicines are all best taken
before the journey and as always with any medicine always read the information
leaflet and speak to your pharmacist before you take it as they do cause
drowsiness and they may interact with your medicine and that’s the end of the
video I hope you find these tips useful and if you have any of your own tips
that’ll help with motion sickness then leave a comment below because I’d love
to read it I’d love to try them myself too please share this video to anyone who’ll find it useful or inform them what you’ve
learnt today hey guys thanks for watching this week’s video make sure to click that like, follow or subscribe button now to stay up to date with new
weekly videos we’ve actually got a real life pharmacist or a technician or someone in the video now to your brain and I forgot my lines he looks so cool, obviously cause he works in pharmacy he’s really cool below and let us know ehmmm I was meant to say something else now but I can’t remember


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