Mom Agrees To Mental Health Treatment – See What Happens After The Taping

(upbeat music) I feel like I’m being ambushed right now, I really do. But I will come and do whatever you guys need to do and go through everything and I can explain everything, ya know, from start to finish, what brought us to this point and Dr. Phil had mentioned why he’s not coming. I’ve questioned that in the back of my mind and like I said, I’m wondering if and I’ve always wondered if I’m in prayer and I see like golden nation, he’s on a plane, he goes to get it. I mean, that’s not coincidence. So, you have all these things. So, it’s like am I being used for my gift or what is going on with that? (ominous music) I think the stuff with my kids, I’m done. I want nothing to do with them anymore and I just feel like it was all this phony, “Oh, we love her, we’re concerned, this and that,” when there’s stuff going on behind-the-scenes and that does not portray how they treated me. I’m concerned about being separated from the dogs. We’ve never been separated and I do, I mean, I actually love my dogs more than my children, which is sad but they don’t put me through that all my kids have.


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