Miracles – A Cure for Cancer

Miracles – A Cure for Cancer

By the time Sidney Zambo arrived at the
Christ for all Nations Gospel Crusade, she was close to death. She had not been
able to walk for months. An usher had to carry her to her seat.
I had so many problems when I got there. My legs were paralyzed. I had serious
stomach problems and a lot of pain in my chest. 28 year old Sidney had been
bedridden for 4 months. But her march toward death had begun 18 months earlier. My sickness started about a year and a
half ago. I started feeling pain in my throat, I got high fevers, the doctor told
me it wasn’t a virus but something far worse. Finally, he looked me in the eyes
and told me that I had cancer of the throat. Most of the tumor was on the inside of my throat, not bulging out on my neck. But it felt really big on the inside. Then one night,
I went to bed and in the morning my voice was completely gone. I had not been
able to speak for the past two months Sidney had prayed for healing throughout
her ordeal, and even found strength to read her Bible as she was confined to
her bed, unable to walk .Then she lost her voice. When I needed something in my room,
I would just lay there until somebody came in. Even to go to the bathroom,
I needed my sister to carry me and help me. I started losing weight, I had no
appetite. Everything in my body started changing even my skin started hurting. Recently, Sidney was only able to drink
liquids and eat a few soft vegetables. The constriction in the throat and the
pain prevented her from eating more. I believed in my heart that I was going
to die from this cancer. I was so afraid because the same cancer killed my mother.
My mother had gone to the hospital and she even had surgery, but three months
later, she was dead. That night in December of 2013, Sidney
came with her sister to the CfaN Gospel Crusade to pray for a miracle.
Our cameras just happened to catch Sidney sitting in the crowd with others
who were sick and infirmed. I was saying in my mind God please don’t let me leave
here the way I came. The servant of God was praying and said, ” there’s a young
woman who has cancer of the throat. God is healing you right now! ” There’s somebody here with throat cancer. Very very painful throat cancer. Right now that cancer is leaving you. All that pain is going. All the pain goes now! Now! Now! Now! Now! In Jesus name! Be healed in Jesus name! I felt something like a wind, something like wind pushing me from behind, and I fell off my chair to the ground. The next thing I
know I’m standing! I was standing up on my feet! Wait a minute are you telling me
her legs were crippled, she had cancer in her throat,
and pain in her chest, and all of them have been healed? I was overwhelmed as I stood there everything was new! I have had cancer of the throat for one year now. And for the past one month, I was bed stricken. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t stand up. It was my sister that brought me and carried me to this place. And now is there any more pain in her throat or in her chest? I’m no longer feeling pain. I had pain
even in my breast. It’s like there’s an opening in my
chest now, all the pain is gone! Hallelujah Lord, I thank you for this miracle.
Not only was Sidney able to walk on to the stage after being
paralyzed in her legs, but she could also talk for the first time in months. I felt
this joy! I wanted to dance with the others so I did! The Lord healed me from cancer of the
throat. Before I couldn’t eat anything only drink a little. Now I can eat! He
healed me of the paralysis in my legs and now I can walk! I want to say this to everyone, Jesus
Christ is still working today, he’s still doing miracles.Turn to Jesus. Look to him
no matter what your situation. Jesus will bring a solution for you. Just trust him
to deliver you.


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