Microsoft Security Essentials — How To Download and install free antivirus

Microsoft Security Essentials — How To Download and install free antivirus

This is Microsoft Security Essentials
how to download install and configure video tutorial well and thanks for
joining me for this tutorial my name is Vadim Mikhailenko from Online Training for Everyone and I’m here to help you out to make smart business decisions and answer your questions about information technology tools in this video we’re
going to look at how you can download Microsoft Security Essentials how you
can install it and configure the software and also we’re going to look at
how you can optimize the execution of this antivirus tool the best way to get
location of the installation files is to go to google and type the name of the
product as you probably always do Microsoft Security Essentials and there’s a link that comes up for
download of Microsoft Security Essentials and you just pick download
the software you have to know which version you have and most likely you
need x86 version this is for Intel based machines that run on the Intel processor
and once you picked it and we’ll just be cron option for this
download what Microsoft does they do a security scan they check to make sure
that this is the non infected file and once the scanning is continues you see
the user account control message which allows confirmation from the user so
this is the wizard for Microsoft Security Essentials installation you
just select our choices if you want to join the program it’s fine I already had
the firewall turned on so that’s not an issue and it goes through the
installation one thing I was going to mention is if you are interested in
getting the free course from how to analyze data that net please make sure
to go to the website and send me a question about the tool that you’d like
to cover in the step-by-step tutorial and if your question is selected I’ll
contact you and get you the coupon for the free course of your choice so I’m
going to pause this video and get back to this when the installation is
complete so the installation of Microsoft Security Essentials is
complete and it prompts me to do the restart of the computer now so I’m going
to click restart and wait when it comes back again I’m going to pause this video
so you don’t have to wait until the restart finishes so the computer just
finished rebooting and I am going to go and launch Microsoft Security Essentials
it’s on the taskbar in the status bar available as an icon I’m just going to
click open and walk you through the GUI graphical user interface so the green
check box indicates that PC is up to date with the protection we
have real-time protection on and this is the viruses part where spyware
definition is up-to-date and what happens if you wait for a couple days
and your computer stays off a couple days this becomes orange and then could
become red if it stayed for too long so it’s important to watch for this
indication even though the product is designed such a way that it
automatically goes and checks Microsoft site for the recent software update and
virus definition update from this screen you can also click and execute scans so
you can do a quick scan full scan or custom scan and you just select the
option that you’d like to do and click the scan Now button also from here you
can change the scan schedule by default it comes with the Sunday 2:00 a.m. check
and the limit CPU usage to 50% so what I’d recommend you do you pick a day and
sometimes I pick the day when I just keep my computer on and go and leave the
workstation so if it’s your home work station might be good to do it start
maybe Monday at 9:00 a.m. right so this is certainly left from home and you are
in office and the scanning will start and if it’s your office workstation
maybe it’s the opposite is true so when you live there office or maybe bright
before the weekend maybe Friday night so Friday 8:00 8:00 p.m. would be the good
time to start it and obviously you need to click Save Settings and Security
Essentials asks for confirmation and it commits the changes and this is the
series of your new settings on other tabs you can also look at what type of
definitions you use for example this was created in April
30th 2014 and the history shows if any of the malware was found and if there is
anything that needs you attention if any items are found you’ll be offered
different actions based on the severity of the issue if you liked this video
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note and let me know about the better way of doing things
thank you very much and see you next time


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  • Duncan Phillips says:

    I have been using this antivirus software “www just fanet” (Google it) for back right after it came out in 1993/4! This software has managed to safekeep my system and efficient by obstructing virus attacks. My hat is off to it and their team of programmers as it takes effort to keep up with the online hackers out there!

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