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Hi friends I am Dr. Ritu Jain. I am a Homeopathic consultant. and I am continuously sharing information with you .If the information is useful and if you like it then please like and subscribe to my channel. if you continue sharing and like my videos then i will continue to give you information in this way. Then today’s topic is pigmentation. Pigmentation means your body turns yellowish in color and form patches. they are dark brown,yellow color patches,generally seen on the face. and usually happens to women with 30-40 years of age. because they undergo lots of hormonal changes. and the main cause is is hormonal changes. Then today i am going talk to you about what are the reasons ,causes. signs and symptoms. and along with that i am going to talk about it’s prevention and homeopathic treatment. so first let’s see how they are how they look ,generally there are margins that are in the form of reunion or circle. generally the sun exposed regions that area has the most of it. so generally they are seen on face,nose upper lip or on forehead. are exposed on face because of sun happens in that region. and the are yellowish dark brown color in color and ruin the beauty of your face. so let us come to it’s causes. generally ,causes i have already discussed that is because of hormonal changes so first what counts is if you ,if you have, females who take contraceptive pills so that is also a cause,as it alters the estrogen level and is increased so it results in pigmentation on your face. then during pregnancy your natural the hormones are at peak point. so even that is alos a cause for after pregnancy ,pigmentation is visible. then other than this , people who expose their skin to sunlight more then there are related factors also. that may also lead to pigmentation. then there is an age called menopausal age because of which hormones are changed at that time so even at that time so generally it happens due to your hormonal changes hormonal changes and sun expose . then apart from this ,an other reason is deficiency. deficiency means if your body has folic acid or vitamin c deficiency so because of that also you may suffer from pigmentation. so then it’s sign and symptoms are butterfly shapes are seen on your face. on your face pigmentation is seen.brownish color patches are formed. then they are irregular in shape and they can be seen on both the cheek s,upper side cheeks, and on upper lips. sometimes in very rare cases itching is seen. generally there are no other symptoms like this. like itching or redness or any other problem only pigmentation i.e color of your face changes. only few patches different type of patches are formed. then these generally on your face on your body and skin which is one of the reason for coloring and increases which we call it melanin. so due to increase in melanin ,the hormonal changes that happen by which melanin increases and it is visible on your face then let’s see it’s prevention so generally, in prevention you have to prevent skin exposure from sun whenever you go out in the sun,cover yourself use sunscreen and whenever you you wash your face or clean your face ,the soap or cleanser that you use should not be hard do not do anything in urgency. your product must be mild. because mild products soften your face your facial skin is soft and very sensitive and if you use hard products that may lead to pigmentatio n. then along with that you should take care of your diet. diet disturbance is also one of the reasons for pigmentation. so you should take folic acid diet , vitamin- c diet and fruits along with that. for folic acid deficiency you can generally take pomegranate or other friuts. you can see slight changes because of them. then clean your face properly . cosmetics that you use should be of good brand. do not use local brands. even they cause pigmentation sometimes. then there are no rashes or itching if it is rashes or itching then it is some other disease then that is not normal pigmentation.then now let’s talk about homeopathic treatment. so in homeopathic treatment in this it varies symptoms -symptoms person -person also varies and depends on main cause. that what is your cause. so if you see the causes , for sun expose there is a different treatment and if there is itching then different medicine is given . i am talking about sulphur medicine . if along with that you suffer from itching and during summer it increases , then sulphur is the medicine that is used. then apart from that there is sepia, if there are yellowish spots and menstrual disturbance then sepia works as the medicine. If your skin is do dry or rough skin or is turning brown in color then thuja medicine can be used. then argentum nitricum is used if the your face looks like old age or if there are wrinkles, then argentum nitricum medicine is used. Caulophyllum and Plumbum medicine is used if you have liver spots which happens due to gastric origin . then plumbum medicine is used. there are lot of medicines. so before taking any medicine please consult with your doctor. and you can consult me also thank you.


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