Meet Kaitlen Laine, P.A.-C., Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Care Provider | UW Medicine

that the hand specialty is a unique part of orthopedics
where you don’t realize how much you use your
hands until something’s wrong with them. And it’s a fun part to be in,
in the community and helping people regain their
quality of life, whether it’s through a small
elective surgery or something that was really traumatic that
they just need to get back to that baseline. When you’re in a specialty
department like this, you have to assume
your patients have done some kind of
background research, that they’ve looked at other
specialties, other providers. And I am in a unique position
as a physician assistant working in other
specialties previously where I can pull things that
might or might not have worked out so well for
either myself or the patient and implement that
into my practice here to make it the best
experience for them. I think that establishing
a relationship based off of trust with this patient
population is very important. They’re coming to
you vulnerable. They’re looking for your
advice, for your help, for care coordination. And it’s really rewarding
for me to gain their trust and then to see them
advance after I’m able to provide
them with whatever help that they’re looking for.


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