Meet Dr. John McConnell of of Inova VIP 360 – Concierge Medicine in Northern Virginia

I’m John McConnell and I’m a primary
care internist at Inova VIP 360. Health care guidelines on how we screen for and
treat disease are changing all the time, and it’s hard to make sense of what’s
changed and why it’s changed. I like to have discussions with my patients about
these topics and apply the guidelines in an individualized way. Concierge medicine
and the application of the latest research are not about over-treatment,
they’re about coming up with a personalized and thoughtful approach to
health care. Part of my job as a primary care doctor is helping my patients
navigate the health care system. What if you develop a serious illness and you
need to see a specialist? Together we can prepare a list of important questions to
ask your specialist during this appointment and maximize your time with
them. VIP 360 is not just about the best care while you’re in our office, it’s
about the best care all the time.


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