Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries at The Science Museum

Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries at The Science Museum

Welcome to the world’s largest medical galleries, home to more than three thousand amazing objects. Spanning centuries and continents. What you will see is, both extraordinary and familiar globally significant and deeply personal. Revealing our endless quest to better understand the human body. When you enter into the galleries you will be greeted by Self-Conscious Gene a sculpture by Marc Quinn, inspired by the tattooed body of model Rick Genest. And it stands as the gateway to Medicine and Bodies which explores how the search to understand more about the human body has transformed medicine. Expanding our knowledge of the body. From learning how Post-Morterms are conducted, to ever closer observations, understanding the body on a microscopic scale and revolutionising technology such as the world’s first MRI scanner which allowed us to examine the mysteries of the human body without resulting to surgery. And as you move through the gallery you will come face to face with a selection of historic objects collected by Henry Wellcome. Like this medicine chest used by Captain Scott in The Antarctic. And marvel at some stranger things too. In this gallery we examine the core purpose of medicine: treating people. from the ancient practice of
trepanning skulls to leach jars, blood transfusions in the trenches and the UK’s first robotic surgery. And no visit to the gallery can be complete without stepping inside this Real Victorian Pharmacy. To learn more about poisons and how to make pills. In Medicine and Communities, we examine health challenges faced by groups of people and society. From deadly epidemics, to the birth of the NHS. and how our behaviour can affect our health. This is a scale model showing what a state of the art hospital would have looked like in the 1930’s. The model toured the country where it was viewed by thousands. It contains tiny individual tiles and the bed sheets are made of handkerchiefs which were donated by Queen Mary. In Faith, Hope and Fear we examine the cultural side of medicine. The faith that we put in our treatments and our doctors. And our hopes and fears about our own health. These are just a few of the objects and stories for you to enjoy In Medicine: The Wellcome galleries here at the Science Museum in London.


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  • I really wish I didn't live on the other side of the world I would be there every day.. The science museum is my number one place that I have had the pleasure of visiting

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