Medications Management, Part 2:  Role Play, Demo, Foundations

Medications Management, Part 2: Role Play, Demo, Foundations

These medications, it looks
it expires next year of April. But it also looks
like there’s not a lot of medication in them. Let’s open this up. Yeah. And if you don’t mind, if you
could just pick up these meds and count them and
put them back in here because I’m really not supposed
to touch your medication. Oh, OK. So it’s one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven. OK. So you’ve got seven. OK. So that’s a week. So that’s a week. Let’s put that back in there. And should I have more, or– You got it prescribed
to you in January. And you’re supposed to be
taking half a tablet orally and it’s 25 milligrams. And you’re supposed to
be taking this daily. So let’s go over the
other medications first and then we’ll come all
together and let’s make a plan. Let’s put something on
paper and we’re also going to be using this pill box. OK. And I’m going to have you
put some pills in there. And then maybe you
could come or you should come make an
appointment with me every week until you’re
able to have a nurse go out to your house or until you get
used to doing this on your own. So how are you breaking
these medications? Because it’s half a tablet. It’s not a whole one. Oh, maybe that’s–so
that’s– I’m not. I forgot– maybe I don’t–
that’s probably why there’s less of those. Yeah. I didn’t remember maybe that
I was supposed to break them. OK. So you’re going to
need a pill cutter. We have pill cutters
here at the clinic. OK, yeah. Because I wouldn’t know– OK. Yeah. So I’m just going to put posties
on what needs to be done. Yeah, I never– yeah. It’s OK. It’s OK. It’s all right that
you didn’t know. But let’s try to make it a habit
for awhile to get these cut. And just come in every week
with me until you really get it. Because sometimes having a lot
of different chronic conditions and then a lot of meds and a
lot of people on your table gets really, really confusing. It does get confusing. Yeah. And what we don’t want– No, that’s why I– thank
you for taking the time. Because that’s– it feels kind
of dumb like I can’t manage this on my own. But it is– gets hard. It’s not dumb. Daniel, it’s not dumb. You’re a good person and
that’s what– you’re here. Yeah. If you didn’t care
about your health, you would not be in the clinic. You wouldn’t be sitting with
me going over your medications and telling me that
you’re confused. Yeah. So you’re making
that first step.


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