Medication Management for In Home Care

As one of the few non-medical home care companies
in the region with a license to offer skilled nursing care at home, we’re a valuable partner
for hospitals, physicians, rehabilitation centers and pharmacists. Each time we bring a new patient under our
care, we conduct a full assessment of their medical history.
Our nurse then makes a legible list of all medications.
We coordinate with the patient’s doctor and pharmacist to make sure none of these medications
are outdated or conflicting. Our nurse will fill the pill box or lifeline
medication dispenser, and then make weekly or bi-monthly visits to monitor reactions
and ensure there are no adverse effects. Every two months we contact our patient’s
physician to stay on top of how the patient’s needs may be changing.
Eighty one percent of older Americans don’t know why they’re taking the pills they’re
taking, so there’s a lot of confusion. Our nurses help clarify that. This oversight
can prevent falls and injuries often associated with wrong dosages or conflicting medications.
We provide better care for better quality of life.


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