MDF Classic Cardiology Stethoscope Review – Rose Gold

MDF Classic Cardiology Stethoscope Review – Rose Gold

– In this video, I’m gonna be doing a detailed review of the MDF Classic Cardiology. And it just so happens to
be the Rose Gold edition. (lively music) Hey hey, what’s up guys? Nurse Jenny here from Nurse Jenny Reviews, where I give you my honest opinion so that you can make an informed choice. As usual, I will be reviewing 10 different aspects of the stethoscope, give it a score out of
five in each aspect, so by the end, I will have
a total score out of 50. Let’s get into the video. This is the MDF Classic Cardiology, Rose Gold edition, with black tubing. And let’s start off with the acoustics. Now this is a cardiology stethoscope. It has got dual lumen tubing, which gives it impeccable sound. It is great acoustics really. I’ve given it a score of five out of five. Ear tip comfort. Now when I received my stethoscope, the ear tips that were on
here were the size medium. Now I changed them
straightaway to the larger size because I prefer it, it
just fits my ears better. And overall, these ear tips
are really comfortable. I have given it a score
of four out of five. The ear tips are slightly soft, very soft actually, right here. And I personally prefer them
to be a little bit firmer. Which is why it got a four and not a five. Weight. This stethoscope weighs 270
grams, which is 9.5 ounces. And it is the heaviest
stethoscope that I have reviewed. Now with the cardiology stethoscopes, they are a bit heavier, the tubing is a bit thicker, the chestpiece is a little bit bigger, so you’re gonna get that, they are a bit heavier. But this is by far the heaviest out of the other cardiology
stethoscopes that I’ve reviewed. For example, the Littmann
Cardiology and the Harvey DLX. So I’ve given it a one out of five. Price. Now I paid US$125 for this stethoscope, and I think that’s a great value for money when you consider some of the prices that you pay for other
cardiology stethoscopes. I’ve given it a five out of five. Just a little side note, for those of you who know me, you know that I run giveaways all the time for stethoscopes like this one. And if you are interested you can go ahead and check
out my giveaway page, and see if I’m running one right now. I’ll leave the link for
it in the show notes. Tubing length. This stethoscope is 75 centimeters
long, which is 29 inches. And I think it’s a really
good length for a stethoscope. I’m not straining my back and it’s not too long that
it’s flapping around my neck. So I’ve given it a five out of five. Tubing feel. Now the feel of the tubing
is generally quite sticky and it gets caught on my neck hairs which is personally for
me one of my pet hates ’cause I can feel it sitting
around my neck all day. And the tubing is quite rigid, so it’s not one of those stethoscopes that you can easily put in your pocket or anything like that. You almost have to wear it
around your neck all day. In saying that, you do have to allow for the more rigid tubing
in a cardiology stethoscope, because they do have the dual lumen, which makes the tubing
a little bit thicker. So all in all, I have
considered all those aspects, and I’m gonna give it two
and a half stars out of five. Stethoscope design. So when I went to go and buy my MDF Classic Cardiology stethoscope, I could have chosen any
of all of the colors but this is the one that caught my eye. The black tubing and the rose
gold chestpiece and binaurals is really cool. It stands out and it looks amazing. So that is a big plus for me. It just looks awesome. The chestpiece is turnable, which is great aspect
cardiology stethoscope. But it also has this new
patented glide lock system. So it also has a push and turn feature. So you push it in, and turn. And then it clicks. Push, turn. Push, turn. So that apparently is a new feature. So really cool. So the chestpiece in itself, the big, the large diaphragm here, it screws off like that. And it screws back on, like that. The bell also screws off, and on. Now you don’t actually get
the pediatric diaphragm to put on here in the spare kit. But because there is a feature
to actually screw it off, I’m assuming that you can buy that if you wanted to add that
on to your stethoscope. The ear tips are pull off, and push on, which is good. You’ve gotta put a bit of force on it, so don’t worry, you’re
not gonna just lose them in your bag or anything like that. But when you change them, if you wanted to change
the size of the ear tips, you just pull them off, push them back on. It’s really easy. So in the stethoscope design, I have given this stethoscope a three and a half out of five. Spare kit. In the spare kit, you will get an extra
set of small ear tips and an extra set of large ear tips. Now the medium ear tips, they already come assembled
on the stethoscope. You’ll also receive a spare diaphragm and you’ll get a name tag as well. It’s pretty good, so I’ve given it a three and a half out of five. Warranty. Now I can’t give this stethoscope anything but five out of five stars because you get a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. So that’s amazing. But you also get free
parts for life program. So if you ever lose any of your parts, like your ear tips or your diaphragm, anything like that, you can register your stethoscope with MDF and you’ll get free parts for life. Five out of five. Buying experience. Now the buying experience
obviously does not impact on the functionality of
this stethoscope at all. But I do like to include it, so that it’s a comprehensive review, and I give you guys as much
information as possible to make your choice. Now I bought this stethoscope online, and I received it in
this box, just like that. It’s got the correct
stethoscope on the picture. It’s got a sticker here saying that it’s rose gold and black. And I’ll open it up. It comes displayed like this, in this white cardboard inside. It’s almost like an egg carton inside. It’s a little bit disappointing but it doesn’t make that
big of a difference. But it looks a little bit
like an egg carton inside. The spare key is just there and this is the manual, just there. For the buying experience, I’m gonna go ahead and give it a three and a half out of five. So the overall score of
the MDF Classic Cardiology is 38 out of 50. It’s got great acoustics, you get three different size ear tips, so you can change it according to the size of your ear canal, you get lifetime warranty, the price is really reasonable
for a cardiology stethoscope, and also the look of the black tubing and the rose gold binaurals and chestpiece looks really good. What let’s it down for me personally, is the weight of the stethoscope. This is the heaviest stethoscope
that I have reviewed. And that, together with the
rigidness of the tubing, and then you also don’t get the choice of having a pediatric side to
change on your stethoscope. If you wanna see how this
cardiology stethoscope measures up to the Litmann cardiology
stethoscope and others, I do stethoscope versus
stethoscope videos. They are really short and to the point, and you can see really quickly
what makes them different. I’ll leave the links for
them in the show notes. Thank you so much for watching guys. I will see you on my next video. And remember, as always,
listen with your heart. (lively music)


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