MCC-Maple Woods Vet Tech Stethoscope Presentation

…done and uh. With this program being
involved with Maple Woods, it’s so very important to us
merely because all of us
in the club are active dog, uh, breeders, traders, exhibitors,
if you will. And, uhm, I think if you totaled
up all the membership and their
years of experience with dogs it’s got to be in
the thousands of years. Uhm, my wife and I have been
showing, training, and exhibiting
for 30 years now. And, uh, so the club is very,
very, uh, involved in the
canine species and, uh. And, I guess I would tell you
all of us through the years, obviously, have had, uh,
opportunity to avail
ourselves of services that many veterinarians and
therefore become associated with
their, uh, their associates including the veterinary
technology individuals. So, we commend you on what
you are approaching, uh, as a profession and, uh, we’ll
be making use of your services. Uh, I guess that’s really
all I would, uhm, like to-
to talk about. Other than just get on with the,
uh, the presentation and uh-uh, we’re gonna be giving each
of you a quality Littmann
stethoscope that will serve you certainly through your
entire education program. Should serve you through
much, if not all of your
respective careers. Uhm, and I would like you to
know that each of them is personalized for you with your
name engraved on it on the bell. And it also has, uh, the
acronym for Heart of American
Kennel Club – HOAKC – on there so that, in fact, you know day
in and day out the kennel club is with you giving you their
best wishes for your education
program and for your careers.   


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