Malwarebytes – FULL TUTORIAL! BEST Anti-Malware for Mac

Malwarebytes – FULL TUTORIAL! BEST Anti-Malware for Mac

Hey folks. For those of you Mac owners out there, pay
attention. Today we are talking all about malware and
how to protect your Mac so that if you ever do encounter it, you can remove it easily. I’ve got a lot of little tips and tricks to
go over with you today, so let’s get started. Coming up next on Tech Talk America. Usually when I’m doing my remote sessions
with people, if we have extra time, one of the topics I always like to go over is basic
security because there are a lot of different scam artists out there online, and you want
to take the right steps to protect yourself. Thankfully it’s really, really easy. There’s a piece of software that I strongly
recommend to everyone, and there’s a free version, but there’s also a paid version. I’m going to go over the difference between
the two. The name of the software is called Malwarebytes. If you don’t already have it, you’ll find
a link to it down below in the description of the video. The basic difference between the two is if
you ever do get a form of malware, Malwarebytes will remove it. However, the paid version is the one that
will prevent you from getting it in the first place because it has real-time protection. These days I do tend to recommend going with
the paid version if you can, but if you can’t, just get the free version. My point here is just do something. At this point we’re going to switch over to
my Mac behind me. I want to show you a bunch of other little
handy tips and tricks to help keep you safe when you’re online. Alright, folks, welcome to my desktop. When you’re done downloading Malwarebytes
and you open it up, this is what you’re going to see. This is your dashboard. As you can see here, it’s pretty darn straightforward. One thing you might want to consider doing
is just tweaking how often you want your computer to automatically run Malwarebytes as a scan. The default is once an hour. You might not really need to do it that often,
so if you do want to make that kind of a change, just go up here to the top left. Under preferences, you’re going to go to the
third tab that says ‘scheduled scans’, and you can just change this from every one
hour to however often you want. The next thing I want to talk about is what
you need to do if Malwarebytes ever does find malware running on your computer because there
are steps that you may need to take to prevent your computer from becoming immediately re-infected. Let’s say I’m on my computer and after running
Malwarebytes, it tells me that it has found something. What it’s going to do at that point is it’s
going to move that file most likely to the trash. At that point you could empty the trash, but
what you really need to do at that point is restart your computer because there are certain
elements of it that will not clear out until you do so. What I would do if it finds something, restart
your computer then run Malwarebytes again, empty your trash and there’s one last step. There is a very common form of adware that
has the ability to alter your web browser’s home page. Let me give you an example of how this might
look. Right now I’m just going to open up Safari. You can see that in my case here it just opens
up to my favorites. Now, for some of you out there you may have
it go to a web site, but one of the very common forms of adware is it’ll make it go to a website
that looks a little bit like, but it’s not What will happen is Malwarebytes will remove
the adware, but then as soon as you open up your web browser, it goes to that website
and it just re-infects you. As soon as you clear out anything, the first
thing that you are going to want to do is go up here into preferences no matter what
web browser you’re running these days. By the way, I tend to be more of a chrome
fan these days. Go into preferences, and here under ‘general’,
you can see here my homepage is listed as Now, if you go in here and you see that it’s
a bunch of maybe random letters or like the example I just showed you, if it says something
like ‘my search’, really whatever it is, just delete it and replace it with whatever
website you want to appear when you first open your web browser. It could be Google, could be a social media
page, hey, could be, who knows? Then just simply close it by hitting the little
red dot, and that will save it. There’s another very common form of adware,
which is basically referred to as a hijacked web browser. The way that this works is you go to a website. A lot of times these tend to originate from
adult web sites. What happens is it puts your computer into
this loop so that you open up your web browser, and usually the language that you will see
resembles something to the extent of “FBI warning. We’ve detected malicious files on your computer. Pay us this amount of money, blah, blah, blah,
blah, blah. Give us your money.” They change the language all the time, but
in the end they just want your money. If you try to close your web browser, it basically
doesn’t let you. If you try to go to a different website, it
doesn’t let you. Here is how you can resolve that particular
problem. It’s actually very simple. If you ever encounter that, the first thing
you need to do is force quit whatever web browser you’re running. You can either use the Apple icon at the top
left corner, go down to force quit, or if you’re fancy like me you can do command, option
and escape. From there you’re going to pick whichever
is your web browser that is having that problem, and you’re going to hit force quit. Now there is one more step, actually, technically
I guess two steps. From here what you need to do is you need
to hold down the shift key on your keyboard. For those of you who are familiar with safe
mode, that’s the easy way to remember it. It’s basically safe mode for your web browser. When you hold down shift and then launch your
web browser, if you happen to have that problem, it’ll basically undo that little loop and
allow you in. From here you would still want to go back
into preferences and make sure it has not altered at all your home page. Also, I would recommend that you go here into
extensions and just make sure that there’s nothing in here that maybe shouldn’t be here. Keep in mind, if you ever want to take a private
lesson with yours truly, that is something that I enjoy doing, especially in the winter. To find out more information, visit my web
site at, or you’ll find a link down below. Thanks for watching, everyone. This is David A. Cox with Tech Talk America. Class dismissed.


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