Lyme Disease Treatment Success Stories: Didier Cohen

Lyme Disease Treatment Success Stories: Didier Cohen

Around 2007 I started getting really
really bad stomach problems and in Australia I went to a bunch of doctors I
had a bunch of blood tests and they kept telling me I was fine I just kept on
pushing tv-shows started rolling through music started rolling through… that adrenaline and kind of determination I had from my career kind of pushed me
going forward. The whole time I knew I wasn’t right I wasn’t feeling right something was wrong I started throwing up everything I
was eating I couldn’t hold down any food my arms kept going numb I couldn’t feel
my neck couldn’t feel my face and I was like it’s not normal but every time I
went to an orthopedic or an ortho physio they said that was fine I had no tweaked
nerves. He said do you think you have Lyme disease
and I said no way, like I’ve never had been bit, I don’t remember being bitten
by a tick I never got a bull’s-eye rash two weeks later he brought me back in
his office and he said I have three strains of final-stage Lyme disease he
sent me to what they say was a Lyme specialist, a doctor, and she put me on 14
antibiotics in one day, and the second I started doing that I had seizures for
90% of the day and I was in excruciating tears of pain all day and night. I didn’t
know what to do like my parents my family my fiancee everyone was freaking
out. My only love in life is music and I couldn’t create music, I couldn’t do
anything, but I knew I couldn’t just go to a doctor and guess what was wrong
with me and then them keep giving me pills and I just keep getting sicker and
sicker and no one telling me what’s wrong with me
and it’s almost like this guessing game of like I felt like a rat in an
experiment lab and someone just giving me a bunch of pills and hoping that it
works or it’s not and you’re gonna have
horrible side effects and I couldn’t live like that anymore. When I came out public saying I couldn’t
work anymore and I had Lyme disease and I was treating it, a good friend of mine
she went to this place she was telling me called Infusio® my family called to book in , not even an orientation, just to carry me in here carry me in here, and I had a bag of
about 200 pills and it was like the first like “a-ha” moment when Dr. Kim was
like oh those are great, you can throw away all of them, and I was like, “What do
you mean I can throw away all of them?” So I’m gonna have the worst withdrawals
ever, you know I’ve been on antibiotics non-stop like seven or eight different
ones and she said it’s not here like just throw them away so I threw them away. For the first time in my life I knew I was gonna get better. Needless to say Monday and Tuesday were very hard but this staff at Infusio®
was so helpful with the details they gave me of every single IV I was given
every single treatment, was a complete explanation of what it was what it was
doing to my body and how I was gonna help my body. No pills, no prescription
drugs, no side effects, none of that for me all it was was actually my body
healing itself. The mind frame that I was in, knowing that was gonna get better no
matter what every single day, led my stem cell count to be insanely high. When I
saw that number I knew it was over I knew I was cured, I knew I was gonna
get better and better every single day. It’s been about three months
since I ended my treatment at Infusio® I’m literally the most healthy I’ve been
in the last ten years before going into a fusee oh I can barely walk
I couldn’t exercise I couldn’t sleep my body was reeled in pain today I
worked in ninety minutes of cardio easily I sleep nine hours a day in that
night without waking up, I have no problems with joints, my pain is going away, the most important thing that I actually feel from it is my mind is, I
feel more focused than I’ve ever have and that’s because the brain fog is gone
life is kind of worth living again, more positive, which makes everything better.
Make’s my thinking clearer, which makes me want to go do stuff, which makes me
want to create more, so the fact that I feel this much better after only 90 days
is insane to me and I’ve never been so grateful to one program for like
literally giving me my life back and I could easily say I’m the
healthiest I’ve been in the last ten years.


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  • Well, if there are no prescription drugs, then obviously there is no insurance accepted. I imagine that a rich celebrity can afford to pay out of pocket, but what if you are a poor person with limited resources. We can "take a hike" right?

  • I trying to get a private test done buy armin labs atm. I'm from the U.K and I can't take much more of this . I still work hard but the feelings in my legs and calfs and through my body .

  • And what is the treatment? Do they inject something else? How does the average 'Joe' get treatment. I'm thankful you are healed, but it does not help the vast majority.

  • Rob Steenwinkel says:

    Dear friends.

    I am 100% cured from lyme within one year without antibiotics but by strengthening my own immune system.

    First I went through hell with a lot of back pain in the joints and muscles that I had to walk with a walker and almost got into a wheelchair.

    All painkillers are useless with lyme I could not sleep for weeks.

    Now I am 100% cured of lyme within a year and without pains and that without antibiotics but through cardillin tincture, ginger, ginger powder, garlic and carrot juice and a lot of exercise (cycling).

    The borrelia bacterium dies quickly by itself, but the most important thing to do then is to clean the poison that they have left in your body and that gives you those terrible pains.

    You need to detoxify your body without antibiotics with natural resources along with exercise and you are healed.

    Rob Steenwinkel



  • Morgan Morgan says:

    I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2008. I was given antibiotics, which seemed to help. However, I still suffer from some of the symptoms, such as chronic fatigue, joint pain, and even neurological problems in controlling hand and leg movements. The inability to walk right etc, are temporary and generally happen when I am really tired and have been working hard. I tried every shots available but nothing worked. my Physician and I decided to go with natural treatment and was introduced to Natural Herbal Gardens natural organic Lyme disease Herbal formula, i had a total decline of symptoms with this treatment, the chronic fatigue, joint pain, stiffness, body weakness, depression and others has subsided. introduce Natural Herbal Gardens official in Africa ,[email protected] naturalherbalgardens . c o m This treatment is a breakthrough for all Lyme disease sufferers, I am able to go about my daily activities again.May God bless you Dr ehimare for your good work his Email [email protected]

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