Living Antibiotics

Living Antibiotics

Today the medical world is waging an apparently
hopeless war against bacteria. Hopeless since the most effective weapon we know of; antibiotics, wether scarce or pleniful, are losing the battle against these
diseases. The need to produce a sustainable effective alternative has never been
greater than it is now. Alejandra and Tobias, research scientists and entrepreneurs at
Lund University in Sweden have dedicated their lives to research
into finding a natural alternative to antibiotics.
There is a natural proved and more sustainable alternative
to antibiotics. We have found the world’s largest
concentration of lactic acid bacteria in honey stomachs of bees. Those 13 lactic acid bacteria a very
potent and effective against everything that comes into their way. Despite their fantastic results; the
small research team that Alejandra and Tobias run, has found it difficult to make
themselves seen and heard, with funding instead going to large
research groups, with well-known research scientists and
large contact networks. With ten years of research behind us and access to laboratories, patents and
production facilities, we are more than ready. Technically we
can start up production today of medical products based on the living antibiotics! All this is possible and best of all; we
do not need to for years research before it becomes
reality. Tobias and Alejandra have done that work already. However, your help is needed to let the
researchers get their products out onto the market. It is more relevant than ever to launch a new way to fight bacteria. Otherwise we will die of common diseases. Just like before penicillin was discovered. Together we can save lives! the


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