Littmann Classic III Stethoscope Vs MDF Md One 777 Stethoscope

Littmann Classic III Stethoscope Vs MDF Md One 777 Stethoscope

Littmann Classic III versus MDF 777. (Upbeat Music) Two great stethoscopes which are very similar in look and feel but they do have some differences and I will break them down to you and hopefully make your decision a little bit easier. Price I paid a hundred U.S. dollars for the Littmann Classic III and ninety-nine U.S.
dollars for the MDF 777. Weight The Classic III weighs 158 grams, which is five point five ounces. And the MDF 777 weighs 190 grams, which is six point seven ounces. It is actually heavier than
the Littmann Cardiology IV. Acoustics In my detailed review of both of these stethoscopes, they received the same score four out of five stars. Great acoustics in my opinion. Tubing length The Littmann Classic III
is 71 centimeters long, which is 27 inches, and the MDF 777 is 78 centimeters long, which is 31 inches. The difference is that much. Tubing feel In my detailed review where
I give a score out of five, the Classic III received
a three and a half. The MDF 777 received a two. The main reason for that is the tubing of the MDF 777 is not as flexible as the Classic III. Spare kit With the Classic III, you will receive a set of soft ear tips, a non-chill rim, and a user manual. With the MDF 777, you will receive two sets of ear tips,
size small and large, a plastic diaphragm, a name
tag, and a user manual. Warranty Classic III five years. MDF 777 is a free parts for life program for manufacturing defects. In my detailed review on
both these stethoscopes, I give them a score out of fifty. The Classic III received 39 out of 50, and the MDF 777 received
a 31 and a half out of 50. If you are considering buying
either of these stethoscopes, or just want to know more about them, I recommend that you go and check out my full detailed reviews on both of them. I will leave a link for
them in the show notes. Thanks for watching guys. (upbeat music) I will see you on the next video, and as always remember,
listen with your heart.


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