Littmann Classic III Stethoscope Vs ADC Adscope 608 Stethoscope

Littmann Classic III Stethoscope Vs ADC Adscope 608 Stethoscope

– Littmann Classic Three versus the ADC Adscope 608. (upbeat music) So, you’re eyeing off both the Littmann Classic Three and the ADC Adscope 608. In this video I’m gonna break down their main differences and, hopefully, make your choice a little bit easier. Price. I paid 100 US Dollars for the Littmann Classic Three and 95 US Dollars for the ADC Adscope 608,
very similar in price. Weight. The Littmann Classic
Three weighs 158 grams, which is five point five ounces, and the Adscope 608 weighs 174 grams, which is six point one ounces. Acoustics. In my detailed review, I gave the Littmann Classic Three a four starts out of five, and the Adscope 608 a three and a half stars out of five. Cubing length. The Littmann Classic
Three is 71 centimeters long, which is 27 inches, and the Adscope 608 is 77 centimeters long, which is 30 inches. The difference is that much. Cubing field. The Littmann Classic Three received a star rating of three and a half out of five in my detailed review. And, in my detailed review of the Adscope 608, it received a star rating of two out of five. The main reason it got
a two here, is because the cubing, in my opinion, is sticky. Now, the Classic Three is not perfect. But, it does have a little bit more of a matte feel to it. Spare kit. With the Littmann Classic Three, you will receive an extra set of soft ear tips, a non-chill ring and a user manual. With the ADC Adscope 608, you will receive an extra set of large and small ear tips, a user manual, a name tag and an open bell that can screw on. Warranty. Classic Three, five years. Adscope 608, lifetime warranty. When I do my full, detailed
stethoscope reviews, I give them a score out of 50, and, the Litmann Classic Three received a score of 39 out of 50. And, the Adscope 608 received a score of 36 and a half out of 50. If you want to find out more information about either of these stethoscopes, I do recommend that you go and check out my full detailed review. I will leave a link for
that in the show notes. Thanks for watching my video, I will see you on the next one. And, remember as always,
listen with your heart. (upbeat music)


9 thoughts on “Littmann Classic III Stethoscope Vs ADC Adscope 608 Stethoscope”

  • Vladyslav Sandul says:

    Wow I literally just googled “adscope 608 vs littman classic 3” and this video which answers best my question was just posted a few hours ago

  • I was wondering for the Littmann Stethoscope, will the gold plating start to turn silver after having the stethoscope for a while?
    Thank you💜

  • Marc Blitstein says:

    Thanks Nurse Jenny for your comprehensive review. My name is Marc and I am President and cofounder of ADC. Please note that the Adscope Print series (Adscope LE) are limited edition scopes that carry a premium price. Our regular Adscope 608 has an MSRP of $79.99. Additionally, some of the tubing tackiness is due to the printing. Undecorated Adscopes are generally less tacky. As to weight, Adscopes are a bit heavier (about 25 -30 grams) depending on the model due to the longer length, and stainless steel construction used throughout (on most of our Clinician and Cardiology series). Finally, we provide free consumable parts forever (eartips, rims and diaphragms), a lifetime warranty, and complimentary refurbishment whenever the scope is returned for service.

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