Lifestyle Medicine: Treating the Causes of Disease


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  • From wikipedia on Gross domestic product – "GDP per capita is often considered an indicator of a country's standard of living."

    Standard of living or is that mopping – LOL!

  • Of course,they're not interested in saving lives,there are too many of us on this planet!We are only useless mouths to feed,the elite wants the earth resources for themselves!

  • This is an outrage – but to be honest, how many people actually want to take responsibility for their health and make positive decisions concerning their diet and lifestyle? In my experience, even people who have had heart attacks continue to cling to their bad dietary choices. There's no excuse with the amount of excellent free information out there – particularly from Dr Greger.

  • Thurgor Supreme says:

    Yup, and now we've basically written a blank check to the same industry that wants to keep us perpetually sick by forcing the ACA onto the populace.
    …ever wonder why insurance companies helped write the bill?

  • Yes..being healthy is bad for the system,… we cannot have healthy people running around…it would destroy the system..the economies would collapse… how would the stock markets function if people eat only fruits and veggies.

  • That is a pretty jaundiced view my friend. When I experienced sever gout, nobody told me I could cure it through diet, and there was/is not much "excellent free" information out there stating that it is possible. Had I known the power of diet to cure this disease I would have jumped on it from the beginning and saved myself a lot of agony.

  • Having re-read my comment it was way too harsh. I just wish that people would pay themselves and each other the same attention they pay football, x-factor or whatever else is distracting them from being well and taking care of the health of their loved ones.

  • It is pretty jaundiced, to be sure, but unfortunately fr many people it is TRUE. I have known people my age (mid 30s) who are very overweight and experience many health issues, but are reluctant- seriously reluctant- to make lifestyle/dietary changes to could improve their health and well being.

  • Still not sure why ins industry is not invested in prevent med. Maybe similar to the, IMO, corrupt relationship btwn oil & auto industries? Then again, there's the 'fear factor'. If no one suddenly dies from heart attack then fewer will be cowed into buying expensive (or even junk) insurance

  • Considering your real intent, your desire to keep them from dying an early death, if we heard more of that kind of tough love in our everyday lives, perhaps fewer people would die early deaths. It's never the wrong choice.

  • Hi Keehotee. The info has been there. But word-of-mouth. I learned from a friend in a church Grp about Fit For Life back in 1988! Read the book. Lost weight, felt great. But let vanity derail me when a RESPIRATORY INTENSIVE CARE NURSE told me at a BBQ that w/o fats my hair would fall out. I had 2 hamburgers & some chicken that day. I should have known better as the RIC RN, a close relation, was/is still, morbidly obese.

  • Getting paid will always be the strongest factor in health care. Preventing chronic disease is easy, but getting people to follow dietary rules is not. More money in death and disease, sad.

  • Let's not be knee jerk and blame the victims here. There's a reason they don't absorb all the "free info" out there, it's because for every legit fact they get they also get one abject lie like "cholesterol is good for your heart" "carbohydrates cause cancer" "Eskimos are the paragon of health, we should emulate their fatty meaty diets."
    People get confused and eventually become cynical, throwing up their hands and saying "we really don't know what's healthy, so I'm gonna eat what's tastiest.

  • I feel ya. Yeah yelling louder at someone never helped but it's so frustrating to watch the lemmings just jump off the cliff one after another, you think there's gotta be something we can do, this is just sad…

  • The ACA is better than people getting kicked off of insurance for a pre-existing condition, but you're right it's a "market based" solution, and the commodification of life saving medicine IS the problem, which the ACA continues. What we need is medicare for all or Single payer. Take the pharmaceuticals, and all the other profit-hounds out of the biz and you'll really see overhead drop. The doctors need more incentive to practice preventative med. and less to sell pills.

  • Sad facts, but accurate. Each of us need to take responsibility for our own actions, including what we put in our bodies in the name of food. And we can help out, too, by gently educating our friends!

  • Michel de Montaigne says:

    Well, large sectors of the food industry, insurance and pharmaceutical companies would be horrified if the bill passed so obviously given their power and influence it died….

  • Great video, this is what people need to hear. Let's stop covering up problems and start fixing them. Unfortunately like you said, the health care industry is a business and they are sucking us dry… Eat healthy, exercise, don't smoke!

  • Nicholas Stillman says:

    I agree. Imho, we have to let these people go and accept that they are suicidal. After working in hospitals for a few years, I'm convinced that patients' poor lifestyle choices affect their central nervous systems and their ability to make wise choices. After all, the brain is made of tissues too.

  • This is more of a better said than done issue….its hard to change when you can get a tasty cheeseburger and fries for 3 dollars versus 10 bucks to buy ingredients for a salad. We have to find a way to motivate people because telling them what to do doesnt seem to work

  • I believe more information needs to be out for people to take responsibility of their own health, especially older and younger people.

  • For years i was way over 350 lbs on blood pressure and cholesterol meds. My doctor would tell me I am not a big weight guy I can keep u health with pills. Well in 3 months on a plant based diet no more meds .

  • VectorShiftZero says:

    Could not agree more with preventing or treating the cause then the symptoms.
    the body is capable of healing many slow/chronic diseases with proper nutrition and treatment, like tooth decay.
    i am trying to do research in boosting the lymphatic system and natural healing capabilities but the current system is
    preventing it. all i can do is to try and change it but change wont happen without everyone pitching in.

  • Great video! I really like your channel makes it easier to introduce people to health when you present so much science and studies. Great quality work too. I've found most people are kinda addicted to being sick so they like to think they HAVE some disease, some genetic disease they can't do anything about. It's actually really disgusting.

  • lol What I meant was buying the ingredients to make the salad and fill you up cost more…..especially if you want to make a salad with a variety of veggies

  • doyouremember22 says:

    I really love your videos, and can't agree more that our healthcare system should focus on preventative care rather than sick care. It's just so difficult to help people who don't want to help themselves and to try to gear a system towards preventative care without monetary compensation for the providers.

  • No.I got diabetes from vaccinations at age 15. Vaccinations for things I will never be exposed to. Vaccines for something to which I'll never be exposed, which were illegally required by my jr. high school. For which I got temporarily suspended, and treated like a juvenile delinquent for not turning in proof of getting before the deadline date.
    Now, I'm stuck with health problems for life, because of eugenicists trying to illegally murder me through "medicine."

  • balderdashery G says:

    I just watched the "Corbett Report" here on Youtube. If you want to know why and how this broken system of healthcare came to be, you should watch this 30 min. program. I can't remember the title but it is all about the Rothchilds. Nothing I didn't already know for the most part but so many people have no idea how the deck is stacked against them.

  • exactly. It's not profitable because most people don't want to be bothered to change their lifestyle. They rather prefer "quick fixes" i.e. mask the symptom not treat the cause. It's silly to blame doctors, drug companies, etc etc…they respond to consumer preferences that's how a market economy works. We can't force people to change their lifestyle it's up to them, and no nanny state is going to force people either. Would only lead to more unintended consequences as always. People are too fat and lazy to change their ways? So what, they die earlier, it's their choice. You can't fix stupid! Let stupid be and take care of yourself! We can only bang our heads against a wall so many times if most people don't want to listen. Just imagine the effectiveness of recommending people to become vegans! ahahaha! Perhaps it's for the best that so few people eat veggies, that's partly why they're so much cheaper than junk food!

  • this is a great video! I'm sub'd. your videos are all great and your easy to listen to because you have a good voice for explaining stuff

  • Resistive Hypertension can't be reveresed with diet/lifestyle. No one knows why people have it. Not just African-Americans but other races, too. Even skinny people can have it. No one seems to mention this type of high blood pressure.

  • When should people begin a "lifestyle" medicine, for instant? Let say 50% of the world's population are in need for a lifestyle treatment and the other 50% are healthy and no need for this yet. If you are healthy why you should be slaved by lifestyle medicine? If you are sick, of course by any means you should look for a solution. You take medicine as needed not as preventive medicine, especially if you do not know your health's conditions. You better see a doctor and be advised properly before embracing any suggested lifestyle medicine. Health is not a matter of joining a network to consume products of the network company and end up eating and eating food supplements that are irrelevant to your health's requirements. When the only reason in joining a food supplement company is to earn money. I see the trend now, health is too much commercialized, it has become a business. They create a false need for people telling them that "it's better to prevent than to cure" – So act according to your health's need when it arises or go for preventive medicine if needed and you should be ok and running… do not panic and be smart to read between the lines. Be aware of false and misleading preachers.

  • Anja Dikeman says:

    So how do we find a doctor like you? Are holistic doctors any good? Turned off by their high consultation costs!

  • Anja Dikeman says:

    Found out yesterday that our friend died of a heart attack at 52. He had no interest in a healthy lifestyle.

  • Lisa The Beautician says:

    Can you show us what studies have shown to be true about organic vs non organic fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, grains, rice…dried vs raw…fresh vs frozen…does dehydrating or cooking remove pesticides?

  • Katerina Ilievska says:

    " Disregarding the underlying causes and treating only risk factors is somewhat like mopping up the floor around an overflowing sink instead of turning off the faucet, which is why medication usually have to be taken for a lifetime…Medical students learn far more about methods of floor mopping than about turning off taps, and doctors who are specialists in mops and brushes can earn infinitely more money than those dedicated to shutting off taps, and the drug companies are more than happy to sell rolls of paper towels, so patients can buy new roll every day for the rest of their lives. "

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