Kaspersky Antivirus para Android

Kaspersky Antivirus para Android

Hello again, infonaut, welcome or welcome to a new delivery of your infoductive YouTube channel … this time we are going to see a classic in the world of antivirus called Kaspersky for Android devices, both mobile and tablets … interesting, right? … We started The first thing we do is in our Google Play Store put KAS and how you see here is Kaspersky Antivirus for mobile and android tablets … take a look, more than 50 million downloads, look at the ratings … It is very important that you see the comments of the users … and we are going to install … press install … accepting the permits although I advise you to review them as well as the program information … As you can see, it is very fast when it comes to downloading is already beginning to install this antivirus on our mobile or on our tablet … remember … never have more than one antivirus in no operating system if you could not find it with that more than one antivirus discuss between them … well we have already installed it, we are going to give the button to open … remember that you have created a shortcut icon also on your device … here we have … before using it read carefully the license agreement and the declaration Kaspersky by clicking on them you can unfold them and read them and then accept to continue … well we have the ad here so we can buy it that we use the special offer or if we have an activation code … press the third button (free version) and we give in analyzing … this for me is the one that has a more refined decoration, as you see has found 2 problems that are the typical of my device … we have a series of icons … remember that some are only for the paid version pro … it already takes 25% of the analysis and in my case on this device you will find that I have activated USB debugging and something else but I need them to connect and record how I’m doing with the mobile in this case on the computer since I use it to record videos well you are … completed application analysis … here is the summary … never stop the analysis in real time … here allows us to rate it I’m going to tell you later … I recommend that you rate the applications that you like clear … as you see we can decide in 3 types of analysis … folder analysis, complete and fast … we have a series of very interesting icons, here we have the summary, as you see is the same … in short … it has the same components as the rest of the antivirus we have seen … this is the menu … where there are practically the same options let’s say they are practically very similar since it is your decision to use the one you like most … Well that’s it thank you very much for sharing my videos on your social networks … Thanks for subscribing and for activating the notification bell, thank you very much for your comments and for your Likes … see you in a new installment of your infoductive YouTube channel … see you soon infonaut


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