Journey Of Self Inquiry From Travel, Plant Medicine & Letting Go with Ronit Robbaz

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guys. Enjoy the show. Ronit welcome to the podcast. Thank you. Now I have to say we’ve got a film crew
in here this morning so I know people will be listening on audio but we’re in
my house and today’s a special day for me cause it’s been in my vision for
a while cause I’ve been doing zoom, I’ve been podcasting for
nearly eight years now. Right? It is. And, and I’ve always wanted
to bring so thanks to Allen, Marcus coming in. So, um, yeah, it’s special and I mean this
I’m really glad it’s you. That’s the first guest to
come in and do it in person. I’m like, quite honor is this look
like? Who wants to talk to me. I don’t believe that for
a second. Cause you know, just to explain to everyone that, you
know, we’ve worked together now this year. That’s three of our let go
and live in flow retreats. You’ve come in and done the catering and
from the moment I met you and we worked together, the first one in beginning
the January I was in awe mate, I was in awe. And then since
then it’s just, you know, a relationship that’s been growing and
I’ve always thought I’ve got so much to learn from. This woman is incredible. So hence why I asked her to come on
the show. So I’m glad you’re here. Tell us why. Let’s before we get into
your background, cause I know you, you’re even from the conversation
that has been fascinating, but what led you to food? Because your work has been an integral
part for us with the retreats we’ve been doing. Where does that
passion come from for you? Yeah. Okay. So first I just
want to just acknowledge, thank you for having me on the two
because I feel part of the team and, and it’s been wonderful and I feel that
there’s just, I’m growing with it also. So it’s wonderful, in
regards to your question. A has been a big part
of my life, you know, come from like you know, like a family, like a with a strong food heritage. My both parents are Moroccan and
everything was surrounded by food. Everything was around for the conversation
where I run the food and I’ve been working with food for almost 30 years
professionally and unprofessionally also. And when the time came that moment came
to actually asked myself what do I want to do in the world after having my
daughter and traveling the world. And there was no, like the only
thing that came was food, eh, I mean like it was a bit of a joke
asking myself because it’s sending Nate, it’s something that I have, we did
men service like so food and service, be it service to people and obviously
like it can be challenging, you know, because having, making, creating the food, it dealing with people in the service.
Like, you just got to put yourself aside, you know, like you got to step out of the way to
really be at service and they know it’s hard. It’s been challenging,
you know, to step up. So wait, where’s your background from?
Cause you have a beautiful accent. Yes. My accen’t can’t change it. And yeah, I was born in Israel and as I
said, my parents are in Moroccan, Jewish Moroccan and they immigrated about
in 70 years I go to Israel and yeah, I was born and raised and
bred in Israel and uh, yeah, it’s been a wonderful place to
be, you know, like to be in, to grow in and to be raised in. But it’s also been very
challenging because as you know, like now it’s quite full on. But as
you know, in that town that I grew up, there was actually a war everyday kids
or like you grew up without the feeling of like stress. Like it’s, it’s a, it’s a low dose patriostic grown in Israel
and I’ve been in the army as I shared with you before. It’s a
compulsory for women and men. And although I had a fun army
because I was actually doing, like I was serving in my
profession. I used to sing and act. How old were you when you
had to go in the army? I was 17. 17? Yes. 17. And you were a singer and dancer. I came from an art school. So like you’re not just doing that
like it was obviously I had to go into, to do auditions because there’s
an army band’s few are abandoned. There’s a lot of people go into audition
and few are getting accepted as it’s like a rigorous, like a little three or maybe three
or four auditions that I have done. So it was really happy about
it and then serving. But uh, it was quite interesting. We had a lot of fun until we
all got busted for smoking pots. The army was actually not allowed
to do it and in that you don’t like, it was prohibited, but it was
a, it was fun, you know, like, because in that moment we had to
be, we had to serve time in jail. Oh wow! Yeah. I was two months in the army
jail. But it’s not like, you know, it’s not like a proper jail. It’s a bit of a joke when it was actually
the time that I actually experienced the army for what it is, you know, being in the jail and meeting
different kinds of people, you know, different demographic. And and how old were you at
this point? I was 19. I was around 19. Yeah. Cause
you mentioned then as well, um, about growing up and having almost like
that low input of PTSD on [inaudible] cause he was constantly on
constant alert if there’s war. Like how much was that affecting you
going into adult Holden? Oh yeah. I mean it’s the, it’s the way I react
to thing. It’s the way, you know, like the communicate with people.
It’s how I’ve been with my family. I mean like it’s also like there’s a
conditioning or the family conditioning, but the external conditioning
of growing in a place where the, it’s like people are on the lurk. You’re very edgy cause you don’t
know what’s going to happen to more. And it’s not only Israeli,
I’m talking Palestinian, whether leaders in that region, they all, we all in the same umbrella is
immense look. And you’ve got, you’ve got to undo it, you know,
and look for me what I did, it was actually living in Israel and
going out there and traveling and experiencing and living in many countries
and expensive and different cultures. Then it’s for me to a certain degree, but also being in a family in the
relationship where you have that constant mirroring, you know, with your partner
or with your kid it, you know, like you, you ha, you wake up to your own, whatever shortcoming or
whatever the behavior, you know, whatever the conditioning, you start
being aware of what is taking place, what’s happening. Yeah. So, so once
you, how long you were in the army for? What was in the army for two
years. Two years. Two years, yeah. And then did you go back to Israel? Is
that when you started to travel? No. So after the army, just maybe like two months or three months
later I left Israel and I started traveling and I think it
went on for 10 years. Yeah, 10 11 years that I was just traveling
and living in different places. I lived, as I shared with you, I lived in India forms the eight years
I lived between India and South America. So I walked a lot in, I did
walk with semiprecious stone, we were doing the local brokers brokering
with different kinds of precious stone and surplus just on a
live with a French guy. So we did a lot of the massive traveling
with him and you know like experiencing cultures and lived in Japan
for two years. Wow. Eh, like lived in Southeast Asia. Like
I’ve, I’ve, I’ve traveled extensively. I’ve done all South America and I’ve been
in Africa and I mean most of Southeast Asia. But yeah, the majority of my time I spend a lot
of time in India cause that was my, my pool was too that this, it was close to eight years in India.
What kept you there for so long? What was, what was it about India air, first of
all was the people and the cultural, like the people are wonderful. They’re very hearty and very accepting
and there’s very multicultural and there’s a lot of tolerance.
Look, you know like there. So there was the things that I needed
to actually learn was, was, you know, like it’s been presented from, you know, like the patients and tolerating, because there’s so many cultures and so
many people hiding in a space, you know, like in India you travel, you just step out of the car and suddenly
in a place that you think there’s no one suddenly you’ve got this
thousand people approaching you. In [inaudible] India, there’s
people everywhere. So yeah, for me, I love that I lived in
the Malayan region. It’s a place. So I love living in the mountain. I love living in an alternative
community and living in nature. So that was one of those things that,
you know, like wanting to keep that, it was integral part of me, I want
to like for me it was very healing. It was very supportive of my
being, you know, to be in nature, to be in a place that it’s
not a city, you know, it’s, yeah. So what were you doing
there? Over there? The eight? Yeah. Yeah, like, so actually
let me look. I was like, I was walking a lot in
between India and Brazil, but what have done a lot really. I F first and fore mostly like I
really hang around with the people, you know, lived in a
village. I had a home, we build up a beautiful home and like
I live like a local, you know, I was, I didn’t have electricity, I didn’t have
water. I used to carry water from the, you know, from the river to my
house. Like no toilet, no shower. We had to build it. Like I
was like a local. So it was, I really wanted to experience
that. And also I was, I was very much into plant medicine. So
I was in India and also in India. Yeah. Like, so look, it’s in there is the
mother. I’m like, everywhere you go, you’ve what, you know, it’s
growing everywhere. Yeah. All kinds of plant
medicine. So yeah. Yeah. So like I was quite fortunate to
have this kind of style of life. Incredible. Yeah. And what do you think at that age as
well after living leaving Israel and then being in like that’s a completely
different environment. I’m not, I mean I’ve traveled through
that environment, right? I can’t say I’ve lived that
way for a long time. You know, I’ve experienced the months here
and there and that was quite a, it’s quite a shock at first. We’re
very liberating at the same time. And then you talked about
plant based Madison as well, which I’ve experienced in my own
journey of discovering myself as well, which has been quite incredible.
Um, what did you think that, what has that taught you
over the years from when you, when you would look in
that plant based medicines? I, for me what the plant
based medicine, eh, which are very transcendental Larky
allowed me to actually stop and look at myself and really question
and going to self-inquiry. And also it allowed me to forgive and to
really not hold onto a story if it’s to do with my family. And you know,
because you’re in your twenties, you don’t have that awareness. You’re
kind of like you walk around. I mean, I can talk from my experience, but I see
that a lot in young people, you know, and that you, you kind of like, you
spread the blame all around but yourself, you know, if you’ve got a
story. Yeah. So the planner is, it was an eye opener. It was an eye
opener to a different rooms. You know, like also you, you expand, you, there
isn’t an idea of like, you, you, I felt that there’s a greater
things than where I am. I’m connected to that great
thing. And he’s a, um, there is, um, something that caused
me to really step up, you know, step up and take care privately for
myself because if I’m taking care of that unit and imagine if other people doing it, we can really elevate the consciousness
and elevate, not necessarily, but elevate that whatever is
needs to be elevated. Yeah. In a way East consciousness
for me. So that was, that was amazing. And it came on a
crossroad or so it’s like, you know, it was kind of like a rock and roll, like living that rock and roll style
and then like at times very this like destructive, you know, like not doing all those things actually
not to feel actually not to look at those parts of myself
that I didn’t want to own. I was going to ask you, is there a touch of what seems to be
common because almost at the moment plump is medicine has become very almost
popular to a degree. Like it, you know, it’s trendy, it’s very trendy. Right.
And with you from your experiences, and I know there’ll be people listening
to this that would be at least curious, I’ve been looking at
it and saw it for you, was it an element of
using plant medicine ah, to escape from then certain things
that you wanted to look at or was it, was it each one? Cause I see that as a common thing that
we can go and do it and then it actually prevents us from looking at the
things that we want almost taken as Pell solution as opposed to, yeah I think it’s a plant medicine are
very intelligent and there is also the aspect of timing so you can ingest it, you can take it and feel like Oh
yeah like you know it’s trendy, my friends are doing it, let’s check it
out. You know like they want to check, I ask her, I want to check, you know,
Oh let’s I want to check with Juma. It’s me to pay out all
of those kind of thing. But there would come a time where it
would show you when you are ready to actually face it. It would
show you and like when I, you know like experience with you know, experience with with acid and lets
go Spence with Aaron experience with different kinds of things spent with
different kinds of drugs and some parts of it when like in my twenties when I
quite young and it was all like you just wanted to get out of it. I just wanted to get out of you know and
and in a way put like a screen not to really really feel there was a lot to
process and I didn’t have any idea. I didn’t have like, you know,
I didn’t have a guidance also. And then the moment that
the guidance came there was, it somehow it kind of
like fell into place. You know also like having a garden
I showed you today I have a teacher, a guru from Indian, which is got
nothing to do with plant medicine. That’s a walk different walk by itself. But having all of those combined together
was really helpful to actually eh, step from the backwards. It’s not about
let’s just be trendy and enjoy it. It’s actually let’s do the work.
I have an intention and I want to, I want to unravel something in,
in whatever is taking place here. And I’m going, and it’s, it’s
actually a separate thing. It’s, this plant is giving you a message and
you need to be ready to hear what’s the message. Yeah. Yeah. I hear you. I hear, cause I think back
to my own experience when I, cause I, uh, I did an iowaska ceremony back in
I think 2013 and at the time I, um, I, I’d spent a long time research and, and been looking at it and
I thought I felt ready. And it’s amazing that you say
about the way the plants know. And there’s an intelligence there because
I felt like I was cradled and looked after and, and there was something
beyond that was going on that I couldn’t, and it’s really hard just to live
into this data, put it into words, because it was an embodied experience.
And once you have those experiences, it really does start to elevate you and
to make you look at the [inaudible]. Yeah. You kind of like you go through
a process and [inaudible]. Yeah. For me also like what I,
one of the things also, they really are working me was the
EMT and actually a DMT that came from Australia, from Acacia. So it
was the ride from location. And I think for me it was one of the
things that completely put me on that trajectory of like, okay,
there is something in it. I mean I didn’t want to abuse it. I mean like I didn’t use it in a form of
abuse where there was time that I have used it regularly until a point where
actually we have received a message from the plan. You have to go long
enough, you don’t have to drink, go home. Cause now at work again. Yeah. And actually I received
that in, in a, in a, in a drinking session where it was
so clear and there was no resistance. I was like, okay, if this is what
I need to do and I’m doing it. Yeah. Amazing. And with all your,
like your worldly experience, you know from all the
traveling and doing the same. I never even wanna touch on work. You
working with a guru as well in the moment. But for the, for the younger generation
though it could be listening to this, that would be looking at this,
there definitely be curiosity. What like would there be any words of
wisdom or anything you would share with our person? Like for young people who
wanted to experience plant
medicine and now there’s so many people out there. Yeah. And there’s a lot of charlatan or people
or just maybe drinking and they assume that they can actually lead. I would
say find a good guide. It’s lucky no, when you go to a guru of find somebody
that you resonate with but really truly like you can do the research.
Now a lot of things are online. It’s much more other. It’s much
more of there. I’m talking to, I was starting drinking in
the 90s in the beginning, like maybe mid nineties
wow. And it wasn’t popular. There were people in South America that
were drinking. It wasn’t popular at all. I mean, unless you knew there
was the Santa dam in Brazil, in the union with the shuttle,
you know, different, you know, different kinds of organization because
I lived in Brazil and I and I knew and I was into a lot of the stuff went there. So I had an odd like that opening and um, it also in the, in the under, soon in the, under soon parts of the Amazon, you know, like going with an Italian guy that me
and him and a boyfriend and that time we went with him on the
river. Like we in believer, we went on the river and we were just
three of us and we were doing an exchange. There was no money involved. We took air salt and sugar
and some good, you know, goods like bulky, good things. And that’s how we exchange with the shaman
in like a heart on the reveal and one of the offshoots of the Amazon
and actin, like in a dark, very dark, very different
to how it’s conducted in, there’s a different kinds of session
happening now. There’s are, I would say, just get, make sure that you’re having
it with somebody who is
integral is a good guy that can actually hold space, that obviously you can get recommendation
from your friends or you do the research online. I think it’s
very vital. That’s what we say. And I was say experiment. I think it’s
fantastic. I think it’s really good. I would put it as part of the curriculum,
you know, an education system. You’re doing it, you know, like, because there’s an amazing research
heart helping, you know, depression, addiction, you know, there’s lots of, well let’s look at the documentary with
your friend recently, you know? Yeah, yeah. Veterans and there’s a lot of stuff
that’s happening, like people are, their level of anxiety in the
world number’s completely amped up. Yes. Well, we see it. Yeah. We need to, we need to address
those kinds of aspects. And I’m not saying it’s
suitable for everyone, but I’m saying it can be
beneficial for a lot of people. Yeah, yeah. Once in the right
environment. And I can certainly, that’s what happened for me. You know, it certainly it changed the projectory
in my life. Yeah. Without a doubt. You know, I’m, I’m intrigued as
well with all this, this travel, this I just exploration of life
in which you’ve, what you’ve done, which it blows my mind when I,
when I see the context of all this. What was it like for you having to then
Lee leaves to step into I guess normal life or is that if that, I mean that
would’ve thought normally normal. Yeah. Spending it only like, eh, yeah, it’s all process happened
whilst I was, you know, having a family and running a
business and I mean like, okay, I’ve started it before but
there a time before, you know, like be foremost actually before I
turned 28 which is like, you know, they talk about it in astrology, like Southern return and there’s a lot
of things can happen. Do, is look a, your, your life goes upside down. There’s all a massive chain
down in 60 degrees and yes. So for me like this, all things
started to come really strong. Glug of just changing the trajectory,
like going, going deeper. You’re not, for some, it’s happening way
earlier. For me, I don’t know, somehow it happened that time and where
I started to explore it more like, you know, more taking it as a form of the
transformation for myself and to really go deeper. That’s when it started then. And somehow the way that my life are
folded also like my mum died or so around that time, the relationship that had
been for many years just completely, you know, somehow eh, um, you know, ended and yeah, like, like I traveled to different places
that are always wanted to get in. Some are even arrived here like maybe
two years later and I 30 arrived in Australia, you know, so yeah. So it’s, it’s, it’s naturally,
eh, was part of my life, but yet other things kind of
like entered and do. Yeah. That’s called me to, yeah. You
know, like question myself, what do I want to do still? Then,
you know, I was doing my thing, but there was not that, you know,
you’re not worried about thing. Also having a family going into having,
you know, like when you’re having a kid, it’s, it’s different, you know,
like it cause you to really step up. Yeah, totally. Totally. No, it’s just fascinating because I think
as well we can [inaudible] a lot of us have the, the urge to want to
explore life and really go, but quite often we can
deny ourselves of that and, and hold back at the same time. But for me it seems like
you really just kind of, there’s an element of flow and exploration
and allowing things to unfold and not wanting outcomes. No, I mean, yeah, in that sense, like a
look for instance in a relationship for, you know, would be
between a man and a woman. I all looked like reflected back and
I was never one of those people that looking, somehow it’s fell into my lap. A lot of things fell into my lap and
I don’t know, maybe have good luck, you know, like some good ideas have some
good deeds in my past life or whatever. But it fell into my lap and
there was a lot of eh, you know, that’s kind of like
drinking life like this. There was no fear of like just diving
into that ocean of the unknown. And I don’t know what it is like in me. I could never really kind of like
probably what it is. It’s just, it’s like a pure instinct kind
of like instinctual, you know? And I couldn’t put it into
instinct in a lot of the time. So in that sense I was
lucky. But as I said, also having a teacher
and having, having the, the plant medicine teachers
also helped me a lot, you know? So what was it like, I’ve got to
ask you as well before we move on. What was it like working with
the teachers in the guru? Yeah, yeah. Like, like I’ve shared with you that my teacher
was just here coming four or five days to stay with us in and
we ran all, you know, different like five days program.
It’s morning Saxon and evening. [inaudible] succinct. For
the ones who don’t know. It’s just like a meeting of truth and
it’s basically like an meditation. It was very beautiful. There’s a
lot of work that involve a lot. There’s a lot of things that you
need to be on the scene before that, but it’s just so blissful.
It’s like you, you, you stopping your life for a minute
and you, you are immersing yourself in, in this beautiful energy, like a being that is very much
present, you know, so, yeah. And it does, it’s just
lucky. It’s very elevating. The feeling is so elevating and it’s so
police fall and it’s so simple and it’s, Oh, it’s to do with also
with the being, you know, like with my teacher is
very down to earth person. He’s very simple and it’s very
relaxed. So you just, you know, like you feel there’s a lot of
trust. There’s a lot of these, did you meet your teacher in
India? Yeah, I’m actually, yeah, I met him in India.
Yeah, I met him in India. Yeah. And I that that I ask
you a really simple question, but being a Welshman right. Growing
up in Wales, in the valleys, whether it was our
religion was rugby, right? [inaudible] that’s how we started
out. Now, if somebody said to me, why I had a guru as a teacher, well
my first question would become, well, why and why would you see your guru? What do you learn? You know, the,
the, the, the Welsh Valley volume, it would be asking that
right now for sure. So let me tell you, the time is rarely,
and I come from a full heritage, like, you know, my, my, my, um,
heritage is a Jewish heritage. So in there, in the Jewish tradition,
you know, allowed to bow to no one, there’s no frustration. Wow. It’s a
monotheistic religion. But you know, that, that’s sort of like my background.
So when I lived in India, like I spent a few years
in India where I was like, no way I’m going to go and sit with
a guru. Like I have resistance also. And they’re like, okay, with
this certain idea and concept. And part of like, the transformation
is actually breaking down concept, your own concept and the
conditioning and the environment. So, yeah, you know, like I’ve been in India for a while and
like I met my guru actually through my husband, so we were not together yet.
We just kind of look in. He said, why don’t you come and meet my
teacher and you know, and, and again, it’s timing. I was ready, I was actually
ready. But beforehand I hang around, you know, like I’ve lived in pornos so
part of, you know, of my time and I, and I did meet like a hose kind of like
hang around with Bubba’s, you know, like everywhere in India if
you, you haven’t been to India, but when you different kinds of bubbas
you know, like they all like monks, you know, and they hadn’t, you
know, like traveling all over, they’re like sad whose, you know,
they travel over all over India. So I did have always the
contact, but there was something, there was a resistance, there was
resistance in me to actually surrender. And so because it requires you to question
little things and to break through your own conditioning. And
obviously I was reading, I was in that time that I met
him in like I had a full opening, like a heart opening and
I was, I was blown away. Like for me it was, there was a
place in me, there was like a, well that opened up, I couldn’t stop crying but it
wasn’t a cry of like all pain. It was actually a total release release. I’ve just been immersing
with another, I dunno, they were like 20,000 Indian in there
and maybe we’ll try a few for few foreigners. It was in Delhi actually
and they were running a program. So many Indian, it was
all conducted in India. I mean like I spoke in this
so he wasn’t a problem for me. But all those chance things that I never
knew but some have felt so natural, you know, it felt natural and it’s not something
that I came like you have the rugby and I’ve got different things. You’ve got the rugby and like
for me it was like all, you know, just very rock and roll and it’s
all, you know, like fuck everyone. And one of you can use this language,
you know? But yeah. So it was, yeah, it was, it was a good school. Wow. And just to, to sort of tie that up then,
if there was, if you could, what is the essence that you learn
from, from something like this? Yeah, look, it’s very, if you
take the teaching right, it’s, it’s very humbling. It’s all about knowing cause the
quintessential thing that we teach is know yourself as God, you know, know that
God dwells within you. You know, like it’s basically the girl wants
you to awake to your own true nature. And most of those are the same. It’s all the kind of like
bringing it in different packages. So yeah. And it’s really like
practice is important and uh, and you will conduct yourself with
being kind, being honest, being, you know, like being kind
to your surrounding pink
kind to yourself. You know? So that’s what it is. I mean, it’s
nothing too over the top. It’s very, very simple. Yeah. But it’s the greatest gift you can
give someone as for them self to feel empowered. Yeah,
definitely. [inaudible] when you start implementing the teaching
you free, I mean like there is a whole, there is a whole steps, you know, you feel so from attachment you feel
so from your conditioning, from ideas, from concept. So you could actually
become like an empty vessel, you know, like you’re empty vessel and you could
contain, you can contain the others, you can see where people are,
you know, flipping out, whatever. You’re not reacting, you just okay.
You holding okay with some integrity, with some healthy
boundaries. So yeah, it’s, there is a lot of, you know, like there’s a lot of things that you
gain out of it. It’s hard. We know. But I can tell you it’s
like, it teaches you to find, it’s like to find the truth
within yourself, to know that you, you are a part of source. I
like, because we saw we are, so the narrative is all about
separation. So what it is, it’s Springs, it’s very universal.
It’s nondenominational.
So it says no, you know, it’s very universal truth. I hear you. I hear you. I like, I’ve had multiple physicists, quantum physicists, physicists that are just using
a different language. Yeah. Yes. They’re all talking about the same
thing. Yeah. All of those tradition head, they knew they were tapped into source.
They did. They put it in different ways. If you read the Bhagavad
Gita, if you read, if you tap into Kabbalistic
scripture, everything is there. It’s a completely three
dimensional. So it’s all in there, lot of science coming. And they put
it in Western word, you know? Yeah. But it’s all those things
existed for thousands. I know. It’s incredible.
Blows my mind. Yes. So tell me what brought you then
to near Byron Bay? Like, like w I actually, lucky I came to Byron
Bay, I had a, like an Italian, eh, boyfriend live here. And, but I like I met this couple when I
lived in Brazilian and I was studying Capoeira. It’s a martial
art in Brazil. Yes. Love, use that in practice. It would probably
be rusty with now. But um, yeah. So those, this capital do it from Byron and then
they all stole me by Byron and you gotta go check it out. It’s a beautiful alternative community
talking last maybe 30 years ago. Oh wow. So like about 28 years ago and then,
yeah. And I was stuck. Oh yeah. I’ll get to one day and
some other opportunity like,
you know, presented itself. And I came, invited me to Carmen
and I was like, that’s it. I fell in love with this place.
It’s magical. Yeah. It’s magical. It’s beautiful. The nature is, and the community and the community
was just beautiful, not wise. It’s still a beautiful community. As
you know, a little things are changing, but yeah. Taught me. Yeah. Like
you cannot stop change. No, no, they’re not. Stop change.
It’s like change is here to stay. So we just need to be
more kind of like be, as I said, like before and assured
that we need to be guarded. We like, we need to also be in that role
of being custodian. You know, like you need to kind of keep that sense
of community happening and you know, so that’s what brought me. Yeah. Yeah. I was gonna ask you
them what, what took you too, cause I know you’re an amazing
singer. Like we’ve, we’ve caught, we’ve caught your singing once
or twice while you’re, uh, while you’ve been doing the
catering for us and you, your background and dancing as well.
And then what brought you to, uh, going back to food and working here? So yeah, as I said, like I came here and
through being here, I met my husband, she’s a beautiful, very
beautiful human being. He also introduced me to his teacher and
he opened up a different worlds to me, you know, like in, in the practice.
And it’s been like actually very enlightening and uplifting to be, to live with him and
to be in his presence. And part of it was the natural thing
that I was always through traveling and through walking owes walk with food
or, so yeah. So if I was still, I was cooking for retreat in
different parts of the world. So food was part of me. It was a
natural thing that I was feeling. And in my twenties I actually got a lot
into healthy food while being like a full rock and roll and
like, you know, being like, using different kinds of things.
[inaudible] it kept me very balanced, like have eating healthy food and yeah, it was, it was a natural progression to get
into food and actually doing it more professional, you know, taking
it to, to the next level, doing it professional and a suit. And I walked in different restaurant
but having my own business because it’s thought, felt that I don’t want to work for other
people and I like being in the kitchen with guys was quite hardcore. It was really hardcore and there and not
that I have a problem being that I have quite a strong masculine side, but
eh, I just felt it’s not nourishing. So I just wanted to work and
permanently woke also a lot with women. So yeah. And I established the open table already. Like open table has
been operating for 17 years. Really? Yeah. Now it’s coming
in the end of the year. It’s come to the 17th year,
so yeah. And crowded in, yeah, seven years. No, actually
16 years. Sorry. Brutal. What was blatantly obvious for me, and I want to make this
apparent for people as well, is that we have actually I think as a
society have lost connection to food and the almost the information food can be
bringing us to help serve us at a deeper level, like a re. I’ve really started
to more of involve myself in this work. The more I’m respecting that
and seeing that as well. And even at the retreats, what’s blatantly obvious is how much of
a component the food can be to support the work that’s going on. And it really hit home when we first did, did our first retreat together in January. Food is very important
part because it’s, it’s, it’s all about grounding as I understand. The work that you do is transformational, so people are processing and it’s really
important that they have something that’s known their soul and
grounding them. And I mean like, and also the added extra if it’s
beautifully presented so they feel held, you know, so they’re not only held by you, they’re held in also by
the team in the kitchen. And there’s the added factor
that if you, you know, you’ve got somebody there that
is a little bit more, you know, uplifting or you know, can them,
it’s also, it’s great. You know, cause it’s all like, it’s
sort of a, there is a, it walks in a circular movement.
So we all doing it without, even in the first retreat we didn’t
really communicate. It’s like, okay, I’m doing the catering that somehow
there’s an amazing flow between the facilitators and us in the kitchen
cause so we holding the Fort for those, you know, for those people. Totally. And it’s huge and this
forever grateful of that. And like I feel what I feel, it’s like it’s not only there that
people are processing, we all, we all processing, we all, we all going and it’s a great opportunity
to really take it back and reflect. Okay. Like I see myself a lot in people
in the different parts of my, you know, like stages of my life
and it’s like wow, it’s a, it’s a great mirror to actually it
was, wow, am I still there? Like, just checking in with myself, you know, in moments whenever I have a little bit
of BRAF that can actually stop and say, look, I’m really sorry but this is what
it is. Just being a bit more, you know, gentle, gentle with myself there,
focus, be gentle with each other. So because when you get caught
up in work you are, it’s, it’s quite physical and
understanding like they’re often, they do 17 hours standards. Yeah.
So it does. And I can, you know, if I’m not feeling like right emotionally
it can get caught up. So it’s a, it’s a moment for me to actually do the
work with myself, you know? So it’s, it’s an opportunity also for me
to work as much as for them. Yeah. Oh wow. This is beautiful that
you look at it that way. Yes. Because I remember even
on the, I think it was, cause we just did two retreats in August.
I think you had literally done like, it was a 12 day for me being there. Like the 12th day I was
together with your retreat. I was there for 12 days working in
the kitchen on stop. But it was great. Like that time that was electrical,
the power was off. That’s right. And it was so much fun because it just
got to go you to get yourself into, you know, I forgot we need to, you know, okay there’s a situation here we
need to gather herself, you know, because some people could freak out all
there’s no light and what are we going to do those out [inaudible] folk like they’re in
a like in a party mode, you know, they like having a
romantic night. Totally. With open table then, what’s,
what’s next for you moving forward? Are you taking this stuff online?
Cause I know you do classes as well. I’m definitely coming to one. Yeah,
sure. Come with Linda. It’s nice. I should walk to cooking.
Yeah, that would be amazing. But eh, what, what I’m doing
is like, as I told you, I’ve been open table has
been operating for 16 years. The nature of open table
changed also. He goes, you know like as we say
changes through, you know, the stay so small about adaptation. And in the last few years I’ve been
teaching already for the last eight years, but in the last three or four years I
actually focus more on the cooking school. I’m more moving toward
teaching a lot at open table, you know, it’s based in my outcome and of course
commercial kitchen and a beautiful setting outside that I teach there and
I’ve been doing lots of workshops and I get a great report from people at, as
you know, when you’re doing things, as you do the more and more you,
it’s becoming second nature. So it’s great. I meet a lot of people and I really love
it because it’s more intimate. Yeah. Because we fall with is real a big events
and never get to see anyone. I’m just, they’re buried in the kitchen. Not very, but we have a team we having fun and I
sometimes meet the people that I deal with, but it’s like hi, bye. And it’s always like emails
and I’m really a person of, of I need to see the people and people’s
people and it’s really like important for me to have to have that human
connection. And it takes it back to that, you know, like that we are living
in such an edge age that, you know, it’s all internet and we saw like
not there. Everything is so far and, and I think it’s really important but
often people say no, you got to it online. It’s so hard for me. You know like I can do it but I’m really
like into meeting people and having them. My brain was going then, Oh you, but
you could take it online cause that’s, you know what, I’ve been spending my time but I actually
stepped away from that so I could be in front even though I still on
line. Like this podcast is a great, you could be the people. I was
desperate to get back in front of it. Like, I will do a few things, but we, I love the human connection and we
have a lot of laughs and we, you know, and often people always staying like
another hour later on cause we all like, you know, look at my family
car and we was sitting down, we having a rave and if these are
the things that we have to employ, you know, like we have
to take it into our love. That human connection is so important.
You know, there’s all research about it. Yeah. Well all the people, because we
not seeing people and like, you know, they’re not seeing the
beloved, the family. We really, it’s important to do that, you
know? So yeah, the walks are great. So take you back to the
walks with said, yeah. A lot of happening in more things are
going to come up, you know. Yeah. In, in the, in those, you know, the
rock, they were cooking school. Okay. Yeah. Now I ask everyone a certain set of
questions on the show and I’m going to ask you, I’m sorry, I just get the cue
from Marcus or so. Right. Um, yeah. What’s been a low point in your life that
has turned out to be a blessing later? Yeah, like uh, the low 0.1 of the low spawns that in
my life was a few times where I had miscarriages and it came in a period
of like maybe a year and I had three miscarriages and that
was quite a tough time. Also like running a business,
having miscarriages with a family, I was probably going into perimenopause
and I wasn’t aware of it and I was in a mess. I was actually in a mess. And uh, and that was another moment where I had
to just really look at myself and go into a deep, deep work
went into a depression. It’s also related to having, you know, the hormones are, you know, like really running abruptly
and you and your system and you, you’re not in control. It’s for women. It’s like that and yeah
know that was really very, very kind of like deep emotional
States where from that, from that I had to, to look at a lot of
things about myself also. It’s another layer that I had to address
and really let go of the idea of having more kids, which is really strong. That was really strong for me and
they’re like taking care of myself. Because at that moment I was like, eh,
you know, quite energetic and I can walk, walk and not take time for myself. And
that it put me on another, you know, on earth trajectory of like
really undoing this all, um, patterns that I have that in myself
that is not really beneficial. So it’s like another
self discovery and other, another layer that I need to take
care of. And yeah. And for, for dad, from that point of really glowing law,
I actually, it helped me to unravel it, really take care and really approach
things in a different way if it’s in the workplace, if it’s in the
relationship, if it’s with my, my daughter and my step
kids and yeah, that was, it’s been profound, you know,
going through that and you know, unraveling those parts because yeah, there’s so much that’s been put, you know, like there been expected in a sense
of like having kids. And you know, dealing with all of this concept. Yeah, totally. And I have to say too to
here, it’s so beautiful to hear you say, you know, when you look for meaning
in things, that can be difficult. And I know we can intellectually think
that and say it by quite often when it’s happening it’s, it can be
really challenging. And for you, the whole theme of this podcast, everything is see as how
you do that so beautifully. So I just wanted to compliment
any of that. It wasn’t always easy and I could tell you like
people that my family would be the one that suffered the most because you know, he was very easy to inflict pain to your
beloved one because they can hold him here. But yeah, I needed to actually,
I needed to look at it. Yeah. I needed to really address
that for sure. Yeah. What does your morning routine look
like? So, yeah, like what, you know, they’ve, over the years they’re different things
because I’ve been involved with yoga for a long time. It’s whether
it’s the, you know, the physical you’re going
and the other aspect of yoga, which is the hand Dyani yoga,
which is a meditation yoga. And like often like what I looked at
myself for like a love getting into a routine where I moved the
body and then I can sit down. But lately I do a lot is pranayama. That’s what would be like just getting
into breathing and allowing the [inaudible] to just, you know, feel, because often I would get really
busy and forget to breathe. So it’s a lot of, you know, pranayama.
Yeah, yeah. That, that’s just sitting. So you’ll always have a
practice daily just to, yeah, like if it even,
it doesn’t happen daily. It’s just pranayama and a lot of
[inaudible] before I go to [inaudible]. But like, I’m very connected to yoga, so I have this kind of affinity with
the soul lineage of you’re gonna so much respect for that, you know? So
that’s what I think. But I do, I use insight timer and I love a lot of
the stuff that’s go down in there and as symptoms where I always
go back to yoga Deidre, which I love and I do it in the
night. And you know, pranayama, it’s very Indian. Yeah. That’s classic, you know, based in like, yeah, look, I lived in
India, I’ve done yoga for many years. Yeah. And they’re like, yeah, it’s
just cause it’s like coming back home. But I felt that I lived in India for
many, many years. Like I lived though. I know that I live there in
different lifetimes, you know, so it’s like I have that connection. It’s fascinating. I, I um, since I
got back from Sardinia last October, I think it was [inaudible] cause Linda
loves the organ. My wife and I thought, no, I’m going to commit, I’m
going to start doing yoga. And I’ve been religiously doing this
three times a week, which, you know, for six foot four Welshman stiff
as a board. It’s not a bad effort. And it’s, um, it’s transformed
me. Like it’s amazing. But from a, from, especially from a mindful perspective and
actually just being with the poses and breathing through it and, and not,
and having to let go of every egos. I’m the worst. I’m the worst, you
know, in the class kind of thing. But it’s been, it’s been amazing and it’s going to be
something that will stay with them. Now the thing yoga is powerful
and you know, like, I could see it in when I was
young, it was all into, you know, like the show off yoga.
And as life progressed, my
practice completely changed. And I think it’s like, it’s a natural
thing, you know, like we becoming wise, you know, as we living
life and we experiencing, we this wisdom that we are acquiring
and we like, we, we, you know, like we living with that and so we can
imbibe and we can change and we can transform and yeah, it’s, yeah,
yoga is powerful. It’s really, really powerful. Oh, that’s great. That’s
great. Um, last question. Um, is there anyone, like if you had to go and have dinner
with someone tonight and you could choose the dinner guests from anywhere in
the world or from any time frame, is there anyone you would have loved
to have met or would like to meet? And other than a conversation, I would love to have a dinner
conversation with my, she’s not my garden, my spirit, you know, like teacher. I have
never met a really in spirit with eh, like, yeah. And I miss Amanda, my mind, she’s very famous teachers
is like in eh, she came, she was like a free, she was born free.
She’s a master, you know, like Nanda, my, my, she’s my, you know, she’s
been my teacher for many, many, many, many, many years. Like, and
even before I make my teachers, she’s been my teacher. So yeah,
if I can just be in a presence, not even to eat with her, like
just sit there with inner presence, that will be great. She’s got like,
we used to go out and sit in her race, somebody shrine, my care, the temple
where she’s buried in India. And yeah, like, yeah, look, I just think about it and I
like feeling so emotional, you know, and I can get very emotional,
not just having her thought about her and would be like other great being
like the Dalai Lama or you know, not great masters, you know,
just to sit in the presence. Like I would even be scared to eat, you
know, around the mall. Like just um, to just be in that bathe in
their presence. Definitely. Yeah. Beautiful. Beautiful. And last
thing with everything we’ve covered today, which we’ve covered a lot, is there anything you’d like to
leave the listeners to ponder on? Eh, wow. One or two like I’ve really
wanted to talk about food as medicine, but you know, somehow
life wanting to, you know, like some of this kind of conversation
will lead to somewhere else, which is great also. But yeah, like I
love to, yeah, food, food is medicine. Like just really treat
food as your medicine. Like be mindful of what
it is that we target. We were sourcing our food and you
know what it is that we put in our, we are digesting it, you know, like yeah. And how that affects us greatly.
Yes. How, you know, like food is, it’s a big part of our life. You
know, it’s a big part and just much that we can do to bring awareness
and a lot with people who have kids because kids are there, they
are going to be here after us. They know how long we going to be here
and difficult in part something that is, you know, that is profound for them around the food
is medicine because that’s what I work mostly with. It will be like, it’s
great, it’s amazing. You know, it’s really, it’s important 100% and I can’t, I can’t
recommend you enough. And, and, and for anyone listening to this as
thinking, Oh well Ron is in MyoCalm, I’m never going to get to a
workshop or whatever. It’s like, well Byron Bay is like one
of the holiday destination. Yeah. And people can tune in and
find out if we are doing workshops. If they come and you know later on, I mean like it didn’t talk about
my book that would come hopefully. You’ve got a book coming out? Yeah. Hopefully at the end of the year. I didn’t know this. Oh my God. Yeah. Cookbook. And it’s also to do with
the journey that I’ve, you know, experienced in the book is talking about
different regions of where I’ve lived in different places, you know, so it’s
food from all of those region, India, middle East, Mediterranean, Latin America. Amazing. You know, where my actually my heritage
is, you know, Spain and Morocco. Yeah. Yeah. Can people sign up to only
website? Like to a newsletter? Yes! There’s a newsletter, they can subscribe for open table and
we have a lot of recipes and hopefully will, you know, my husband’s
trying to get me to put videos, if he did me many times,
but I’m like vetoing it. No, but he’s like yea put it on, put it on. video right now and looking
at your amazing on video. You got to put it on. He’s convincing me. 100%. yes. I mean, so, so where did they
go? Which was the website? Perfect. I will link to the show notes
anyway, and I know you’re on Instagram. Yes. I have an Instagram,
Facebook and everything is there. Everything will be there. Yes. I was just going to get
you on video as well. Thank you. Ronit. Thank you so much for coming on. Thank you! It’s been a delight. It has. Yes. I really appreciate everything. Yeah, thank you, my lovely. True the best on me, but my teacher at the beginning of the
field like is this kind of like a soft glow going down line and then in my mind. you’d be back on the podcast? I
have no doubt. I have no doubt. Thank you. Thank you.


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