Johns Hopkins Medicine International: 1998–2018

Johns Hopkins Medicine International: 1998–2018

(upbeat music)>>Narrator: 20 years ago,
Johns Hopkins Medicine established a global ambassador, Johns Hopkins Medicine International, to take its mission worldwide, to improve the health of
the community and the world, by setting the standard of excellence in medical education,
research, and clinical care.>>After working in the same organization, after a couple years, you started to look everything in
just this perspective. If you have a partner, like John Hopkins, your angle of view becomes wider.>>Narrator: Our focus is
working with local partners to build sustainable, innovative clinical research and education programs that promote health and elevate
healthcare around the world. We have forged collaborations
in more than 20 countries on five continents, so more patients can receive high quality
care, closer to home.>>I was unconscious, and for some reason, well, I just came upward to my wife, Johns Hopkins, and then back out. They kept asking her, so, we have a spot for him
in another hospital, my husband said, Johns Hopkins, we’re going to Johns Hopkins.>>Narrator: We also
excel in caring for those who travel to the United States, seeking that latest treatments for complex and rare conditions. Johns Hopkins Medicine International has decades of experience in providing patient-centered care in a way that makes international
families feel close to home. Johns Hopkins Medicine
International started with a handful of staff 20 years ago, and emerged as a pioneer in international collaborative health. We are the global ambassador
to Johns Hopkins Medicine, and we deliver the promise of medicine to people around the world. Through culturally sensitive care, at Johns Hopkins Medicine
in the United States, and groundbreaking
international collaborations, that raise the standard of
health around the world.


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