The dollar store! Look at all this quality stuff! For a long storage… *laughs* Hey guys, it’s been a not very exciting day here in the Frey Life We slept in today We’re exhausted from being in the hospital and we just kinda hung out here at the house Mary’s back in bed not feeling too well tonight I think she’s just feeling tired, and her lungs are tired as her body fights the infection and so… we are just hanging out I did her IV dose this afternoon and she’s gonna have another dose here in a little bit in fact… we mentioned yesterday that here in the UK we have to mix all of her drugs and so I made a little video this afternoon to show you what that process looks like don’t worry, I sped it up for you Hey guys, getting ready to mix Mary’s IVs for her afternoon dose so here we go… (sound of ticking clock) Since not too much exciting’s going on here today we thought we’d show you a few clips of what’s going on with Oliver in Chicago so, enjoy…we’ll see you tomorrow…goodnight Ollie! Olllllieeeeee! (sound of clicker) (click) (click) (click) (click) Goooood boy! (click)


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