Is There a Cure for Premature Ejaculation? | Moorgate Andrology

Lots of guys suffer from premature
ejaculation and there are various treatments out there that can
significantly help. Sometimes when you seek some temporary treatment the
condition gets better on its own, just getting you over that hill of this
anxiety about premature ejaculation. There are various sprays that you can
buy that delay ejaculation by spraying the anaesthetic spray onto the glans of
the penis and at Moorgate andrology we also offer injectable hyaluronic acid
treatments into the glands which similarly delay ejaculation.
If you concerned about premature ejaculation then make an appointment to
come and see one of our Urology doctors and discuss the various treatment
options that are available. That’s all from me today, I’ll see you back here at
Moorgate next time. Bye for now.


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