Is Avast Better than Norton Antivirus?

Is Avast Better than Norton Antivirus?

Is Avast better than Norton Antivirus? Avast is probably cheaper than Norton. Given the cost of a drained bank account or
recreating my digital social life if hacked, I’ll pay an extra fifty bucks for the better
antivirus software. Twenty dollars difference is not much difference if I get higher quality
software. Avast Premier 2015 received an average rating
from PC magazine, which is pretty sad when you realize it is supposed to be better than
the Avast entry level suite. What do you get with Avast Premier, if it
is not better IT security? A digital file shredder and automated system
updates. Java has an update of its updater, and it
seems like the Windows OS does too. And I do not have to pay extra for that, just reboot
a lot. The irony is that the baseline Avast internet
security 2015 gets a three and a half star rating, better than the premier. Why did it not get a top rating? It has so-so phishing protection, lousy spam
filter and failed one of their antivirus tests. Phishing protection should be if in doubt,
delete, spam filters also require a lot of extra deletion, but failing an antivirus test
is bad. The router scan was actually an improvement
over prior Avast versions, and the spam filter did well at not blocking legitimate messages
as spam. As much as I’d like to tell people and electronic
bills that I did not get it because the filter thought it was spam. Avast did have a good firewall and could block
exploit attacks. Pretty important given how HTML5 mandates
JavaScript if not PHP scripts linked on webpages for web based apps, meaning every web based
feature is a potential exploit now. Norton 360 scored better than Avast in all
its versions. It received four and a half stars. And it is easy to get five star ratings by
paying people to post glowing reviews on the site. Actually, Norton 360 received an editor rating
of Excellent from PC magazine, so this is not a rating they could buy unless they bought
the entire magazine. Which Norton did not do. I wonder why they
did not get a five. Norton was hard to install on malware infected
systems, which makes it only good as a preventative measure. How good is it at preventing the kids from
installing malware thinking they are going to the Minecraft site or downloading a song? It has good parental controls if you pay extra
for it. You have to pay extra to level up these days. At least the next level of Norton’s products
are the gold star in PC security.


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