‘I Would Love To Be Off The Pain Medicine And Not Have To Worry About It,’ Says Mom Of Opioid Use

‘I Would Love To Be Off The Pain Medicine And Not Have To Worry About It,’ Says Mom Of Opioid Use

Helen has joined us and she has gone from healthy to, in my opinion, barely hanging on. I wanna introduce someone now that is very important to this conversation. This is Dr. Gerald Sacks. Dr. Sacks is the Director of Pain Management at the Pain Institute of Santa Monica. He completed a fellowship in pain management at Harvard Medical School. Suffice it to say, he is the expert and I have asked him to come here for you.
Thank you. Dr. Sacks, you and I have talked about this. She’s been on these opioids, not just using them, but abusing them for years now. What’s the impact of that on her body? This is very, very common. We’re in the middle, as you and I have spoken, of a national opioid crisis in this country. It’s amazing to me, watching all this information today, that there’s actually legitimate physicians willing to prescribe opioids for you. Because, to be perfectly honest, you’re not a patient that should be taking opioids at all. And taking long term, it can actually create pain perceptions in unrelated areas of the body, correct? That’s correct. Right now, you perceive the pain as in your abdomen, but also, you were describing pain in different areas. I know that you’ve had multiple surgical procedures and obviously have scar tissue, and all of those issues can and should be addressed by a pain management specialist, but you have to get the addiction solved first. Let’s do a hypothetical, Dr. Let’s assume that nothing changes, this is all much ado about nothing. She just goes home, continues down the same path that she is right now. Where is this headed? Unfortunately, it’s headed in a horrible area. Pain in subjective. We were taught, 20, 30 years ago, that whatever the patient told us, that was what the pain is. And unfortunately, that helped to create a situation where patients complain of pain and then we, as health care professionals feel that we need to address it and treat it. We do, but not with opioids in this particular case. What do you think about what Dr. Sacks is telling you? It’s scary. I don’t like being like this. This is not fun, you know, this is not a game. And I would love to be off the pain medicine and not have to worry about it. It’s horrible and the fear of getting back in pain is horrible. I’ve got a really hard question for you and it really involves the catch 22 that you find yourself in. There are very few times in our life that we make life or death decisions, but you’re gonna have one to make.


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  • It is very easy to get hooked on opioids. I had a surgery about 18 yrs ago and when I woke up I was in excruciating pain. I had every test known to man and all they could say was that something happened and I now had lower back pain forever. The only relief was nerve blocks every 2 months and opioids and muscle relaxants. Now all these years the pain is never really gone and my dosages on the opioids have just increased in strength. Any suggestions? Can you help me, Dr. Phil??? Please, I beg you!!!

  • Been in pain management for twenty years. Have had five lower back surgeries. Have metal , screws and cage in my back. I’m in severe pain and opioids are the only and I mean only thing that works for my pain. It’s the ones that abuse or sell that have a problem. The ones that do need them now can’t get them. That word opioid is also being used in definition of street drugs. STOP THE USE IN STREET ADDITION AND ALLOW LEGITIMATE PAIN PATIENTS RECEIVE THE HELP WITH THERE PAIN. The DEA , CDC and everyone involved that lump all this together are wrong for doing it. Let the doctors be doctors and live by the oath to do no harm .

  • If there is a spiraling effect of opioids w long term use…. What is other option? What can people use that does NOT add to their problems, but will actually reduce with a resolution? Give people alternatives, if their choice is limited, then what? Why give people only one choice, especially an addictive one. I'm not pointing a finger… Just asking why and what now….

  • She looks, sounds, and behaves exactly like my mother. This is heartbreaking. What makes me most angry is that my mom went to rehab and when she came home, her doctors put her right back on all the medications she spent $20,000 in rehab trying to get off of 🤦‍♀️

  • Pain is subjective, however there are ways to also determine if pain is real. Bp, heart rate, sweating, facial grimacing, rapid respirations, nausea, vomiting etc. Doctors and nurses can also do assessments to determine the validity of pain as well. Unfortunately, her addiction isn't unusual. She had pain and abused opioids and Now is tragically addicted. It truly is a vicious cycle. Denial will kill this poor lady. 😑

  • What's sad is people are put on pain meds for years and become physically dependent aka addicted, then are judged by society and doctor's. Anyone who has never been in chronic painhas no right to judge anyone who has become dependent on pain meds due to chronic pain. Everyone who becomes dependent on pain meds should be offered help immediately.

  • Ill tell you, she's crying because its a death when you quit drugs.. its like you mourn the old habbits and need to create new ones.

  • I wonder why an opioid epidemic? ; pharmecuticals reaping millions off of these pills. When there is safer ways to deal with pain management.

  • Got a love how these unconscionable doctors suddenly having a conscious. They’re the ones who made everyone have all these prescriptions for opioids and they continue to do so they’re the ones who are responsible along with all of those little punk kids who sell the drugs to the pharmaceutical companies calling themselves consultants and account executives. All they are are pill pushers.

  • I had a surgery and while I was in the hospital they had me on OxyContin and I swear it didn’t do anything other then make me severely constipated. Like it didn’t take away any pain whatsoever.

  • My mother, 61, has MS, lesions on her brain (7), arthritis, scoliosis, COPD, cancer survivor, 7 major surgeries, 2 knee replacements, 2 hip replacements, metal plate and screws in neck from being stabbed, in the process of scheduling spine surgery. You know what she takes for pain? Ibuprofen. If my mother who is in more pain than anyone I've ever met, can go without opioids, no excuse why this lady cant. Shes not in pain shes a DRUG ADDICT!

  • Jenn Definitely says:

    The meds to help get people off the drugs are just as bad. Someone very close to me has been on 3 Suboxone a day since 2012. All this stuff ruins families, relationships, and the users life. Tell this sub user they're an addict and he'll tell you it's his meds from the doc.

  • KRATOM…look it up, do your research, and then try it for mild-moderate pain. It is an all natural plant that is legal in almost all US states (sorry guys outside of the US, I don’t know) and can be bought at a lot of health/vitamin stores or many places online….my favorite vendor is Mood and Mind, but there are tons of other sites that sell it too, so just do a little research and give it a try. It truly helps my pain as it does act on the same MU receptors as traditional opiates. Anyways, if this helps even one person, that’s fine by me…pain sucks, and every little bit helps 🥰

  • I was at this taping, I felt awful for this lady ))): her family just fights about helping her BUT DON’T ACTUALLY HELP HER! & watching her walk up to her chair she looked so frail )))):

  • Found out about the perscription drug problem first hand when I went to the ER from dehydration (mono, my throat had swelled so much I couldn't swallow anything) and after two IV bags the doc prescribed me a huge bottle of oxycodone to "help me eat and drink". Didnt take any because the steroid they gave me for the swelling solved the problem (I had to ask for that because when I had gone in to the doctor a few days before they said to ask for it if the swelling got worse). I felt like they didn't believe I was that sick and thought that if they just gave me pain meds I would go away.

  • As an addiction specialized RN/BSN/MSN I have suffered with the same but mine was asking my pain doctor to taper me off and was met with “go to a rehab or detox that’s not in our market.” The doctors that prescribe these meds don’t care about her, they want that money. This is malpractice in the classic case of greed. Our doctors may as well hand us loaded guns and needles too. I’m currently fighting for tapering laws so withdrawal isn’t so scary and strict monitoring. For SOME patients opioids are a must but for most they are handed out like candy. Pain management specialists and pain mills are different. Many disguised as legit pain specialists. Do your research and please avoid opioids at all cost. It can actually make pain worse 💁🏻. These are evidence based facts and are drilled into every health care workers head!

  • Yet, when someone who the physician knows full well is NOT drug seeking presents with an intense pain situation, they tell them to take an ibuprofen and just go ahead and suffer.

  • AnnaLUVsBOBMARLEY says:

    My auntie just passed and when she passed being on pain meds so long she had to have 300mg of fentanyl till she died. And she was still in pain.

  • Raymond DeFlaviis says:

    Don't punish pain. Dr. Phil is dangerously out of touch. Veterans that have been cut off of pain medicine – have committed suicide in VAMC parking lots. Nobody has followed CDC guidelines like the VA hospital system. When you get between the patient and his doctor – you have the essence of socialized medicine. No thanks, Bernie!

  • Silver Chopsticks says:

    I KNOW a pharma rep. He had to study everything from opioids to chemicals used in cremations. He told me all the dirty little industry secrets and my PCP's nurse at the time confirmed it. EVERY new medicine that the Dr. recommends comes with free samples. They also come with gift cards for the Drs., dinner for two at some of my metro's finest restaurants. Every time they can "do business" the gift cards drop like lead in the office. I actually left such a Dr. and found two that were honest and reliable but don't for one minute think this kind of evil has stopped. The Dr. who received hotel rooms and fine dining has been practicing for 20 years and is still very active in the community.

  • I got hooked on pain meds too and I'm still hooked on them I wish I could be off of them, I took pain meds because to numb the pain of life and other personal stuff in my family that I'm not going to go into it. Anyways I wish I could be happy happy without these pain pills so people please could you pray for me thank you!!! Xoxo. 😐😔💔💥🙏♡

  • This is why we need to keep kratom legal completely so that narcissistic Drs, with God complexes, can keep their tentacles to themselves and leave people alone, and not torture them more with unnecessary procedures and instead provide information for the PATIENT THEMSELVES to treat their own health problems!!! We need to look at root cause of diseases and cure people, instead of leaving them dependent on Medical Mafia! 😡

  • I was a legally addicted to pain meds for 17 years and I was in head to toe in deep belief that I was in pain true pain even after the surgery to relieve my severed nerve. I am 5 year free from all the narcotics I was legally prescribed but it took the pains of addiction to be real about my need for all those pills was past my body and now in my brain. The physical addiction causes these phantom pains but to me those pains were real and meant I needed a pill to kill it and it did until 4 hours later . So it takes a huge bottom to convince a person to allow their bodies to feel the worst pain a human can feel . Withdrawals are the factor that brings us to continue this deadly compulsion. Suboxone taper down was the literal difference in my seeking recovery and staying recovered. Every addict is different in the response but there is hope and help out there. Don't depend on the other substance but taper off and then evaluate your situation on using this long time or just the 7 withdraw days . There is hope but it isn't through the Pain pill .

  • Amanda PinkGelato says:

    I don't trust Pain Management Specialists, but this chick is super addicted, and needs to get off. 'Pain' is subjective, no one else is in the body.

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