I Got Rid Of My Acne Scars With Laser Treatment

I Got Rid Of My Acne Scars With Laser Treatment

– Tomorrow I’m getting
my acne scars lasered off and I’m really nervous. (upbeat music) I developed acne around
puberty, like 13 or 14. All of these dots here
are fairly smoothed, none of them are raised. I’m tired of taking pictures
and having that be all I see. I’ve tried topicals, meds,
dermarolling, peels, facials, vitamin C and other serums. I’m kinda just coming to
terms with the fact that it might just take some
serious laser action to completely get rid of these. I would be freed from an insecurity that would follow me for the
rest of my life otherwise. – Sweetheart, what can I do for you? – I have these acne scars.
(bell rings) Laser might be my last hope. – And the scars showed up, what? Four, five, six years ago? Or longer? – Yeah, right around then. – So, you see what I’m looking
for is some of these scars are what we call
stretchable or distensible, some of them are. And you see on this side,
it’s a little bit worse and it’s mostly red, it’s
mostly a little bit of pitted, and there’s very little
brown discoloration. It’s mostly inflammatory. We’re gonna use something
called an infrared laser. It’s a laser that heats the skin about 20 sheets of paper
deep into the skin. We’re gonna draw your blood because we’re gonna use
your platelet-rich fibrin, which is protein from your own blood, to sort of apply topically to try to get the healing process better. And then after the laser, there’s a little tiny fine
golden microneedling instrument that we use to dispense
the platelet-rich fibrin. Now, what you need to know
is when you’re fixing scars, it’s much more than one treatment. It’s not like the treatment today, a week later when you’re
healed, you’re flawless. No. It’s baby steps. So, let’s draw the blood and
then while that’s spinning we can do the laser. – Got it.
– Okay, let’s activate it. – Let’s activate it. It’s my blood! I’m super nervous. I’m about to get lasered. – You should just gently close your eyes. (machine beeping) (classical music) Hanging in there? – Mhm.
– Great. Now, this part of the
treatment is almost done. – (gasps) It really hurts, sorry. – Done. All set? But is it still hurting? So, that was the laser part of it. That little gelatin
middle part separates it and it’s the yellow
stuff that we care about. (upbeat music) You can see that it’s leaving a fine film of this liquid. – I honestly didn’t think of it like that, but now that I am, absolutely. – But you see it’s a
little bit pink and puffy and over the next two to four weeks the degree of scarring will diminish, maybe 5%, 10%, maybe 20%, and then maybe at one to
two to three month intervals this is repeated. – Amazing. Alright. My face is very tight,
I cried a little bit. Hopefully in a couple weeks I see at least a little bit of difference because this still sort of
feels like my only hope. So, I guess I let my own
blood things soak into my face for 24 hours and then the
at-home treatment begins. I’m still a little puffy and very red. I guess it’ll be a couple
weeks until I see any change. I’m really glad that I got my acne lasered because it is already looking lighter and I’m interested to see how it’ll look in couple more weeks when
it’s really really healed, but he talked to me a
lot about my active acne and how we can work on
getting rid of that. I honestly feel instilled
with a new hope (laughs) that I can have better skin than I have. How are my acne scars looking to you? – Really quite remarkable. I have never seen it look as smooth. I mean, it’s been years. – Yay. I’m really grateful that
I did get the lasers to my acne scars ’cause it
100% has made a difference. I feel like my skin just
looks a little healthier. I haven’t worn makeup in
like a week and a half. Were the lasers painful? Yes, they were uncomfortable, but I would 100% do it again, but I don’t feel quite
so desperate anymore to get them all to just disappear. If and when the day comes that
I really want to go all in, do all the lasers and get these completely wiped off of my face, that laser does work and
there is an option for me. But in the meantime, I’m okay just having some
dots and scars on my face. No one is perfect and I feel beautiful. – So, as you may have
noticed, Boldly is now As/Is. – Mhm, but don’t worry. You’ll still get all the
awesome content you’re used to but just even more new great stuff. – Click here to subscribe. – Woo! Clicky, click. (uplifting music)


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