‘I Believe Without Pain Medication, I Wouldn’t Be Here Anymore,’ Claims 52-Year-Old

‘I Believe Without Pain Medication, I Wouldn’t Be Here Anymore,’ Claims 52-Year-Old

I believe without pain medication, I wouldn’t be here anymore. I can’t go without pain medicine… You can.
Until I have the surgery. No, I can’t. I have a necrotic ulcer. I can’t eat, I can’t walk very good. I’m weak all the time. I have a chronic illness and, it’s killing me. We need to get you off the pain pills and take care of the ulcer. And we will take care of the ulcer, and then I will get off the pain pills. I just, I’m not a doctor
I’m sorry Mom, the pain pills are killing you. When I tell people that I’m in constant pain, quite often they don’t believe me. You don’t understand
My whole life You don’t understand the daily Yes I do resiment of pain that I go through. Mom yes I do No you don’t.
Yes I do. You’re not there I have pain in my abdomen, and my back, my left leg, the person that I blame for all of this are the doctors that have passed me around from one to another, without any one of them really trying to find out what was wrong. You know there’s some good, really good doctors here. But you know, they’re just not going down the right road. I don’t take the pain medication to get high, it just gives me some relief, actually it kind of gives me some energy. I have a dependency, but I’m not an addict in the street that does anything to get drugs. Alex I am sick. We know that you’re sick mom
Okay. But you don’t need to be high. I’m not trying to be high Okay do you abuse your pain medicine? I have occasionally, yes
You do all the time, right No I don’t all the time
So therefore, anybody that abuses their
I don’t all the time Pain medicine
and the only time Mom does not need to be on it And the only time that happens is when I’m in an intolerable amount of pain. I feel I’ve put my family through a lot, but what they need to understand is that, I’m in a lot of pain constantly, and I need some help. I am trying to get better, believe me it, it is a feat every day. I hope Dr. Phil could snap his fingers and make all the bad go away. How are you doing today? I’m struggling. What are you struggling with? I ran out of my pain medicine, and I’m just, sick. Are you in withdrawal? Yeah. And when was the last time you took a pain med? Yesterday. Today. Two o’clock this morning, four o’clock this morning
I didn’t take an Opioid today, it’s not
Okay well it was still pain medicine, it was Tramadol. You came in there and said you needed it Yeah
You kept us up all night, ringing our doorbell to get pain pills. I’m sorry. How long have you been on Opioids? Five or six years. Right. You understand Opioids are not designed for long term use, right?
Yeah. If I don’t take pain medicine, then I mean sometimes the pain is so unimaginable. This is an auto exacerbating syndrome, the more you take, the sicker you get, the sicker you get, the more you take, the more you take, the sicker you get, the sicker you get, the more you take, the more you take, the sicker you get, and so you’re like a concentric circle, just circling the drain tighter, and tighter, and tighter until there’s no where to go. If I was able to have the surgery, I would be able to get off the pain medicine. And have somewhat of a normal life You’ve had so many surgeries now that you’re just pieced together. I know. Have you been arrested for drug seeking behavior? Yes, and
Have you doctor hopped? No. I’ve been referred. No
You haven’t doctor hopped? That is not true. No, I mean
Okay listen I really wanna help you, but you’ve gotta be completely honest with me, and yourself. I am. I don’t think that
And if you’re telling me, you haven’t doctor hopped, you’re not being honest with me.


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  • What’s sad is that she’s not just saying she has this illness and that illness, she actually believes these lies so she can justify taking all the pain meds.

  • I was addicted to Percocet for over 20 yrs. no one knew until the last 3 yrs when I started pain management. My doctor put me on 210 OxyCodone and 190 oxymorphone. I went through them in 2 weeks. I finally broke down and got help. I’ve been on suboxone for 41/2 yrs and sooooo happy!!!

  • Against the Grain says:

    I deal with chronic pain everyday of my life. I feel meditation and anti-stress methods like yoga and mindfulness may do more for this lady than continually popping the pills. Poor coping ability, I get it but she has to want to change to save her life. What does she want to live for?

  • My mother was addicted for years. She passed away due to her addiction in 2015. I wish these addicts understood the pain they are putting their families through. Grieving her when I was just 20 years old was torture.

  • Yes u can get clean. After 20 years of addiction pills was the hardest.I lost everything I had Including my life. I am so grateful to be here.I can replace and start over.U also can its so hard to overcome but u can.

  • Textbook addict, no different than being addicted to heroin or any other drug. Pure denial and manipulation and justification for her drug use. She needs inpatient detoxification, intensive psychological counseling, and STRONG support system. Enabling an addict is a death sentence. Her Son is the one who sees things for what they Really are. The daughters are enmeshed in the addiction. Sadly, they need counseling to deal with the Trauma of her addiction. It's a family disease and that's the harsh reality of addiction.

  • I have a grand aunt like her she lived a very harsh life. Husband left her for a younger woman leaving her and their 5 kids spent most of her life in poverty and asking family members for help. When her kids grew up and started earning well she started going around doctors and who prescribed her antidepressants. I feel her husband’s abandonment and all those years of struggling took a toll on her and she started to feel paranoid and would constantly run out of medication. At first, her sons just bought her the medication thinking it’d help her but it only made her addiction grow worse. Now that they’ve realized the problem they’ve managed to get her off the medication but she’s basically a zombie. Talks delusionally and keeps repeating the same thing.

  • TIffanyrose Angeles says:

    It's people like her she likely Dr shops) which makes it worse for actual ppl who truly are in pain & get slammed & stereotyped for taking them safely.I was born w a handicap which left me with severe chronic pain.zPlus I've a stomach ulcer so I'm limited to what pain meds I'm permitted.
    No hydrocodone for me,I had it once in hospital,HATED IT.
    I take SUBUXONE it works,on pain,your not a zombie,prescribed by my pain management Dr who isn't that 5 min dude. We actually talk,I fill out a form for him as well.I, am constantly being monitored.
    I never take more this prescribed. It's non addictive,according to my Dr.
    Very safe drug.

  • Pauliina Rachel says:

    Oh göd *ing dammit, You leave addict alone, You just trigger her to take more. She lives in pain, and it's real, and You say 'yes I understand' and decline the pain existence. If You don't have same experience or lost anything in Your life, then don't say You understand.

  • Jessica Reynolds says:

    I'm a recovering addict and this woman is screaming with addiction. I pray she gets the help she so desperately needs.

  • Yeah, that's what getting high is.
    Pain meds are not meant to knock you out or give you energy. If they do, you took too much. You're chasing that feeling. The point of those meds is to make the pain bearable, not gone.

  • Is she really in pain? I feel sorry for her because she may really be in physical pain. People don't need to Judge. My poor mother died to years ago from very painful crippling arthritis and had to have pain relief. She would cry in pain and ask the Lord to take her.

  • You can even survive without pain meds after surgery. I'm talking about not one dose of no narcotics.
    Not in the hospital or recovering at home.
    I honestly have done it after having three major surgeries.
    It's painful beyond belief . That's how important my sobriety is for the last twelve year's.

  • I was in the audience of this show and it really was intense and really sad, it already is like that on a screen but in person it's on a whole different level

  • “I’m not an addict who does whatever I have to do to get pills.” Umm, yes you are. I’m sorry, honey, but you are. It’s ok, just get help.💞

  • I wish Dr. Phil really understood chronic pain. Any type of surgery can make pain worse because of scar tissue. Why don't they see if she is a good match for the intrathecal infusion pain pump? They need to refer her to Stanford University. Withdrawal is nothing to mess around with. You can have seizures and even a heart attack.

  • Unfortunately I have been where she is in that cycle of addiction. She does take it to get high … " it gives me energy " … She can absolutely get clean. I have severe neck problems. Severe, and after several years on opiods, that's over. She is the classic pain patient management problem. One of the reasons others can't get the help they need.

  • This is so sad, I watched my own mother turn from looking 40 to 70 within a few years. It’s terrible to watch. I hope this woman isn’t too far gone. My mother wasn’t so lucky, and doctors shouldn’t be giving it to her. Period.

  • Marisol Melendez says:

    Y'all see how she was starting to tear up talking about her pain in her abdomen and back? Its because she's so used to telling doctors that sob story that that's the automatic response when she brings it up.

  • Guys, she looks older because she has lost so much fatty tissue in her face. I’m the same age. Not an addict but I suffer from chronic migraines. Topamax caused rapid weight loss from weight I originally put on due to Paxil and other drugs commonly used for migraines.

    Her weight loss is from the ulcer. It’s debatable whether she caused the ulcer from drug abuse

  • I have avascular necrosis bilateral of the hips. I have chronic pain and didn't have my pain meds for 4 days because they needed a prior authorization. I didn't go through withdrawal. The only time that happened when I didn't have my Zoloft.

  • She's in total denial saying she's not a drug addict out in the street but she's been arrested for doctor shopping?!?! She's blaming the doctors for passing her around, when in all actuality she's looking for doctor 'feel good" and only going to the doctors that will give her more drugs, not a surgical solution. .

  • It’s sad, she doesn’t understand that the pills make it worse. I know personally I had to quit using them for migraines cause they were making the pain worse and if I didn’t stop I would’ve kept needing more. It’s really hard to fight through the detox pain though, I see why people avoid it😔
    I can’t imagine being that deep into it, I was lucky I got out early🙏🏻

  • I know pain…it's not easy to deal with. But I hate taking pain meds so you learn different ways to cope. I hope those In pain can find a way other then opioids to handle their pain. It seems to me that this woman is trying to escape something other then physical pain.

  • HEY its Aroura, that girl who likes to cosplay says:

    I would really love for Dr. Phil to interview a chronic pain patient in bed unable to move or how about killing themselves because they don’t have the pain medicine available for them because people like this ruin it for people like us were in the treatment with this opioids. We r treated like criminals because of ppl like this…….they need psychological help……. that’s part of the addiction… If you don’t have a psychological component linked with it, you’re not addicted. I’ve been on opioids for five years and I am not addicted to my pain medicine and it saved my life!


    Shame on dr Phil dude! Ur all for the views!

  • Deplorable Arab says:

    What she doesn't realize is it's the pain meds that are making the pain worse. The pain I felt coming off of opiates after 14 years was worse than the pain that the doctors started me on the meds for. It's not easy to get off but it can be done and you will hurt a lot less without the opiates.

  • Theresa Grosscup says:

    Pain meds are harsh on the stomach. She is the reason someone like me has surgery the next morning gets 1 dose of pain meds. Then pain management switches you to Motrin.

  • I get very bad pain caused by my fibromyalgia, but my doctor has told me before that my pain will feel worse if my brain is craving narcotics. There have been times where my pain got better simply after just speaking with her. It's so weird. I wonder if her body hurts so bad because her brain is sending those signals, in order to feed it's addiction? Idk if I sound crazy RN. Just coming up with theories lol

  • Aura Dawn Pearson says:

    Doctors put ppl on high pain meds . Addiction sets in . Withdrawal is NO joke . Pain is REAL . Gradually switching her on to a different medication that controls the pain that she can reduce slowly is the way to go .

  • I dont understand how people like her get pain medication and others get nothing- shes a junkie. Everyone knows pain pills are hard on the stomach and gi tract she shouldnt be taking anything.

  • This is terrible. Dragging her out there on stage in the midst of withdrawal is cruel. I am shocked Dr. Phil didn't prescribe her at least some opioids so she can at least get this show over with until she's put into rehab or whatever. But this? This is cruel and unnecessary, and potentially dangerous.

  • Here is the thing. I’m in pain too, but I’d rather deal with my physical pain than cause emotional pain to the people I love most.

  • The wig is a Fail! 🚫🚮
    I have bad arthritis, & am in pain a lot, but I just deal with it! This is sad & I wish she would get help! 🆘️

  • STOP judging this women unless youve deenin her shoes shut up i feel so sorry for her i wish her a happy life love and light

  • Here's some truth, been on the same dose of pain medication for over 8 years and have never needed more , we found the right dose that keeps me able to function and never have overdosed had an accident . I'm as normal as anyone. People who have never experienced chronic pain don't understand. Yes you are dependent on that medication, just like I'm dependent on my blood pressure medication, if I stopped taking it I would have a stroke. Yes people abuse pm, but for people who consider it a privilege to have medication so they're not in pain all the time, there is no abuse, only gratitude to have found the right doctor and dosage. Please don't put us all in the same basket.

  • Amanda Charlebois says:

    This idea that people can’t be on pain meds long term, is TRASH. If you have a spinal issue, or a neuro degenerative issue, or are battling cancer, or have suffered some type of significant trauma, taking pain meds for the rest of your life, is not necessarily going to lead to drug addiction. And at some point it’s like, so what if it does?? Being in so much pain you cannot function or bear to keep living, is so much worse than forming a dependency to an opiate. There is no research that states otherwise.

  • I can’t stand to even watch this. I would love to see half of you preachy people exist every day with a rod shoved in your body or anything that causes you severe pain daily. This has become atrocious how we treat our legacy pain patients that take their medication as prescribed. Not EVERYONE who needs it is an addict! And what is the alternative? Suicide is the way out for a lot of these people.

  • Anyone struggling with opiate addiction … here's a prayer with love, hugs, and the power to keep fighting another day. I pray we as a nation are all released from pharmakeia

  • Please vote for Bernie Sanders. I need healthcare I can’t afford. I need to see a cardiologist because my blood pressure is terrible.

    I’m in pain all the time too. I have found that yoga really helps. Pain meds make me vomit

  • Some people need pain medication long term for chronic pain!! Not taking more than they are prescribed. Yes, there are a lot of people out there with addictive behavior, but not all people who need pain medication are addicts, DR. KNOW IT ALL!! It's doctors like this man that group all types of people with all types of pain that really pisses me off. I myself have been on pain medication for 10 years due to Chronic pain. I was taken off by some goofball doctor that didn't know one thing about me or my health issues. I suffered for six straight months, and this has been the only time in my entire life that I wished I would have just died! I am now on my pain medication once more and I only take two pills per day. No I didn't go doctor shopping, no I don't buy medication from other people, am I still in pain? Yes, there are some days when my pain is worst, what do I do? Tough it out!!!

  • There are many reasons why people
    can become addicted. Mental illness is one of them. I think maybe this woman was in some physical pain and likes the way the pain meds take the mental pain away so she will do anything for them to keep for withdrawal. Sad . You can get clean and lead a great life even if you think you are older than the average addict. You have to want it. Seems like she doesn’t truly want that.

  • I have chronic pain and I'm 20. I was 14 when I was diagnosed with MS, AMPS at 15, and Fibro at 16. I have been in pain since I was 11 months old, I would scream and cry while holding my legs and saying oww. My whole life i have never been pain free, and I would do anything to change that. If you don't know chronic pain you can't talk. If you're not trapped inside a body that feels like it's being stabbed and torn apart you can't talk.

  • I love how everytime this 100 years old woman makes any kind of excuse that she needs her RX, Dr Phil is quick to gong her line. That's true Dr Phil style.. he's like you can't fool me old lady. 😂🤣😂

  • I actualy suffer from Severe chronic Excrutiating pain from Endometriosis, and I take pain medication on a daily basis, but I do Nooooot behave like this woman! And I also don"t get "high" off my meds either, What ppl don"t understand is that when you are actualy in pain, you don"t get "high", because the medication does what it is supposed to do. But if I wasn"t in actualy pain, and still taking my meds, THEN they get u high, so if she is getting thaat high off of them, then she either 1. Doesn"t actualy have pain, and only wants to get high, or 2, her pain is very very minimal, and the dose that she is taking is waaay too strong for the pain she suffers. Think of it like a scale of 0 to 10, … 0 meaning you are feeling normal, no pain, anything below zero is pain level, and anything higher than 0 is the "high" level, … So, if I wake up, and I am at a (-6) pain wise, and take say less than the proper dose to take care of the pain where I can be pain free, say I would go from a (-6) to a (-2) , but theeen say that I take MORE than enough , say I'm at a (-6), but take the dose that is meant for a (-8) , then instead of beeing at 0 , which is just Normal, no pain, no high, I would end up at a (+2) meaning a slight bit of 'high' ( or euphoria-like feeling), … So then, if a person is either Not in pain, or only Slightly in pain, but they take a dose that is meant to be for when you are at a (-5), Because you"re not in pain, You are gonna end up at a (+ 8) highwise, which is Actualy Extreeemely DANGEROUS!!!!! This, is How ppl end up overdosing on these types.of medications! When they take them wrong! ….

  • It"s not Pain Medication that is gonna help her "ulcers" ( IF she even Has ulcers), it"s Panteloc, an Anti-Acid medication meant to releif the symptoms of Ulcers! Unless she has the H.Pylori Bacteria, then it would require Antibiotics! But regardless, Panteloc is what will end up Soothing her! Way way WAY more than pain meds!! I actualy HAVE had ulcers, and I also have a chronic pain condition, so I can tell you First Hand that the pain meds are NOT the proper treatment for Ulcers! If anything, they most likely aggravate them, or even Cause them!

  • My grandmother had a lot of medical problems and wasn't doing well. She ended up dying from opioids because she herself wasn't even aware she was taking too many. She was in pain all the time and I guess her body would get used to them so she'd take more. Definitely not what anyone in the family saw coming.

  • Doctors are absolutely worthless nowadays & aren’t willing to help you whatsoever. It’s evident that they truly don’t care about you. I got in a major car accident and they took an X-ray on my back and noticed my lower disc L-6 is majorly shifted causing me constant excruciating pain that has traveled down my leg and when I lift my arms up it hurts so bad. I’m getting thrown around from Dr. to Dr. and no one wants to help me relieve my excruciating pain and give me pain medications, not even Ibuprofen thanks to the new stupid Controlled Substance Act thanks to pricks like her who abuse pain medications when people like us need them the most. I’ve given up on Doctors Because they’re not willing to help me and I’m suffering everyday because of it. There’s no hope and I’m about to give up on my Life thanks to these careless Doctors that aren’t willing to help me. If I have to live like this everyday suffering with excruciating pain then there’s no reason for me to live like this anymore. Thanks Doctors for doing nothing to help me.

  • people dont understand what pain medication does ,, if they dont have it they get very sick and not just like " flew sick" or just "get over it " sick or ' if you loved me you wouldnt have it " wow thats a real bad one to say because it simply is not true a person doesnt love their family if they stay on their pain meds,,its oh so ok for people to say this when they dont know how bad it feels.

  • People like her are the reason I had my pain medicine taken when I had Stage 4 endometriosis with internal bleeding. I never abused my pain medicine, I don't understand how people can get addicted. But I know it happens, I respect that and I hate it for those people.

  • I feel bad for her. I think she is actually in pain. She may seem addicted but it’s because she actually needs the medication.

  • Hmm using pain as an excuse. Thats withdrawal pain sunshine. In the streets or NOT you my dear ARE an addict. Also don't ever look down your nose at people in the streets. It could just as easily be you out in the street.

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