How to Wear Your Stethoscope with Hijab!

Salam guys! In this video I’m going to show
you how I wear the stethoscope with my hijab. So this is usually how I wear my hijab on
an everyday normal basis, just like this. But the problem with this is that it’s kind
of too tight here for me to be able to slide my stethoscope in. And it’s extremely inconvenient
to try to slide my stethoscope here along my neck and into my ears. Sometimes you could
sort of put the hijab over your ears over the hijab and try to listen but I feel like
that compromises what you hear and that’s no ideal either. So I came up with a way that
I use every single day to wear my hijab that’s comfortable and that doesn’t really compromise
the way that I would like or that I choose to wear my hijab. So I’ll just go ahead and
show you. I’m wearing a turtle neck for the purposes of this video obviously I don’t wear
it everyday. Usually the first step is to wear a cotton bonnet because that is the best
type that I have experimented with so far. Cotton is the way to go you guys! The first
thing you do is that you fold your bonnet on the side just a little bit so that you
have access to your ear. So I can easily go into my external ear canal right now just
with my finger. And you fold it just a little bit on the sides on both sides of your ears.
then after that you just wrap your hijab around your head the way you normally would, as such.
You can make all the adjustments and alterations later. And now what you’re going to do is
just holding this side over here, very lightly, you’re going to grab the edge that you just
wrapped around and you loosen it out just a little bit… And usually when you bend
here, you can cover your neck and loosen it at the same time without compromising your
coverage. That’s sort of the trick really. Now what you do is you’re just going to put
your thumb right here and hold it. Then mimic the stethoscope with your index finger if
your want and sort of go for a pre-test just to double check to see if you can easily access
your stethoscope with how loose it is. If it’s not loose enough, what you can do it
just loosen it out using the same way, just a little bit more. Then after if you’re satisfied
with how loose it is, what you do is that you just pin it! Very simple. I’m going to
make the fold that I want, like this. Then I’m going to take the pin and pin is on my
bonnet because that’s the whole point of the bonnet really, to pin everything on it for
stability. So this is super stable. And over on the other side, I’m going to make the fold
that I want so that it contours my face the way that I want it to. And I’m just going
to pin it again in the bonnet. Like this! So now it’s a little bit looser. And for the
ultimate test! Let’s see if I can get my stethoscope in! So this is how you wear a stethoscope.
And Voila! We’re ready to auscultate! So this is just a quick and simple video that describes
how I wear my stethoscope with my hijab. It’s very simple, easy, and convenient. I’ve tried
it with a lot of different types of fabrics and hijabs and it works across the board with
all the different fabrics that I’ve tried. Again the key is that cotton bonnet because
that’s going to save you time and time again. It’s very stable. It’s very comfortable as
well. So I hope you found this video useful! If you did, please give it a thumbs up, subscribe,
and don’t forget to check out my blog at Without further due, until next time, salam!


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