How to Use an Insulin Pen | Inject Insulin Pen

Welcome to Health and Care. Today you will
learn How to use Insulin Pen. Before getting started clean your hands and
make sure you have the following items listed below 1. Insulin Pen
2. New Insulin Pen Needle 3. Alcohol Swab Step 1: Preparing your Insulin Pen Pull Insulin Pen Cap to Remove. Don’t try
to twist the cap. Make sure to check your Insulin for: Type, Expiration date and Appearance Note: Always check and read the Insulin Pen
Label to ensure you are using the right Insulin type. Step 2: Roll the Insulin Pen Inspect Insulin. For Cloudy Insulin only: Gently roll the Insulin Pen 10 times and invert
the Insulin Pen 10 times. Mixing is very important to make sure you
get right dose. The Insulin should look evenly mixed. Step 3: Attach a New Needle Remove Paper Tab From Outer Needle Shield. Use an alcohol swab to wipe the Rubber Seal
on the end of the Cartridge Holder. Now Attach New Needle. • Push capped needle straight onto the Insulin
Pen • Screw needle on until secure. Step 4: Remove Outer Needle Shield Keep the Outer
Needle Shield to help remove the needle after your injection. Pull off Inner Needle Shield and throw away. Step 5: Dial 2 Units Dial 2 units by turning the Dose Knob. Tap Cartridge Holder. Point Insulin Pen Up. Tap Cartridge Holder to Collect air at top. Step 6: Prime the Insulin Pen Prime the Insulin Pen With needle pointed
up, push Dose Knob in until it stops and 0 is seen in the Dose Window. Hold
Dose Knob in and count to 5 seconds slowly. Priming is complete when a stream of Insulin
appears from the needle tip. If a stream of Insulin does not appear, Repeat
priming steps: • Dial 2 units
• Tap Cartridge Holder • Prime the Insulin Pen Step 7: Injecting your Insulin Dose Turn Dose Knob to the number of units you
need to inject. If you dial too many units, you can
correct the dose by dialing backwards. The even number are printed on the dial and
The odd numbers are shown as full lines between the even numbers
. Step 8: Inject Your Dose Insert needle into skin using the injection
technique recommended by your healthcare professional. Place your thumb on the Dose Knob and push
firmly until the Dose Knob stops moving. To deliver the full dose, hold the Dose Knob
in and count slowly for 5 seconds. Remove needle from skin. Note: Check to make sure you see 0 in the
Dose Window to confirm you received the complete dose. Step 9: Replace the Outer Needle Shield Carefully Replace the Outer Needle Shield
and Remove the Needle after each injection to keep air out of the cartridge. Do not store
the Insulin Pen with the needle attached. Step 10: Unscrew the capped needle Unscrew the capped needle and throw away as
directed by your healthcare professional. Do not store the Insulin Pen with the needle
attached. Replace Insulin Pen cap by aligning cap clip with dose indicator and pushing straight
on. Last Step: Replace Insulin Pen Cap Replace the Insulin Pen Cap by allowing the
Cap Clip with the Dose Indicator and pushing straight on. For more information or detailed instructions,
please check the User Manual enclosed in the Insulin Pen packaging. If you have any questions or issues with your
Insulin Pen. Please contact to your healthcare professional. Thank you for watching this video.
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