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  • I went to go bury my pet (he died ):) out near a forest. I handled the shovel with my hands and walked in the shrubs with my legs wearing shorts. Next day, my arms nor legs have it, but only my face???

  • some people are immune to it. i am. i can rub it all over my face, arms, legs, etc and nothing will happen… im often used to get things like soccer/ footballs accidentally thrown in the woods by my friends hahaha

  • IndisputableAttitude says:

    Where's the study on global warming blah blah blah?  First off, global warming is just some bs they tell you as a scare tactic.  Secondly, in order for this statement to be true, it would have to have a huge impact on poison ivy through natural selection.  Don't BS us, Howcast.

  • MooselyDominate says:

    i dont think i have it around my eye because i have no sign of a rash. But itching has occured and it it swoling up

  • Kaitlyn Is Murderous says:

    I have it on my toes, legs, thighs, stomach, waist, chest, arms, hands (almost all of my fingers), neck, face, ear, and some around my mouth. You guys think you're suffering?

  • Global warming made it stronger? That doesn't sound right. More like the herbicides used over the last 50 years has made it more toxic.

  • Kim Buzzworthy says:

    I bought the original Mean Green with Power Scrubbers Power Hand Scrub (white jar with white lid) off Amazon because many people said it can be used to stop poison ivy/oak.  I had poison ivy all over my chest but it later spread to my breasts, arms, neck, chin, and thighs.  I've had it for 2 weeks now and I've been treating it with rubbing alcohol – having to wipe myself with alcohol 6-8 times a day. I can't sleep at night because of the intensive and extensive itching. I just received my jar today. I spent an hour or so rubbing and scrubbing all of the areas. Those areas stopped itching except my chin. I had to reapply some to my chin and it's stopped itching.  I can touch the affected areas and not feel the itch. I couldn't do that before – even if an article of clothing brushed against the affected area after I wiped it down with alcohol, the itch would build back up.  I don't know how this stuff works, but it's given me relief I haven't had in weeks. It's drying up my blisters. Right now, most of my blisters on my chest and neck feel as if there are tiny micro-beads in the blister and when I touch those areas, I don't feel itchy.  Also, there is no more oozy stuff draining from them. Secondly, the alcohol has given me what looks like a chemical burn on my chest. Repeated rubbing of alcohol has damaged the upper layer of my skin and when I would touch this area, I felt pain – highly sensitive. After an application of this scrub, the skin is no longer sensitive. I am diabetic and was afraid that the poison ivy/oak was going to spread further down my leg and stomach and up on my face. I take a longer time to heal and I scar easily, so I had to order this stuff. I just know I feel nothing but relief now – and my skin feels cool and unaffected. I can sit and watch television or talk without itching. I can take a nap or pray without interruption. I can hold a thought or contemplate without interruption. I don't feel "infected" anymore – and I have confidence about the outcome. I believe I will be cured of this in another day or so. I only wish they made a dog shampoo that neutralized the damn poison ivy/oak!! Great product!!!

  • Carlos Monticello says:

    i got a question,i unknowingly came into contact with poison ivy on Monday, went to my friends house after work and took a shower and washed the clothes i had on,i then went over to my house,and started itching i woke up in the middle of the night and had the rash all over me,so i took another shower and washed my sheets. Now my question is because i took a shower and left my clothes at my friends house, is there still a chance i carried the oil over to my house. i haven't stayed at my house since Tuesday but am going back there today. also the clothes i was wearing when i got it were left at my friends house and i showered there after work when im assuming i got it also. but the rash showed the next morning while at my house. i just wanna know how careful i should be when back at my place

  • I just now got it the rash Is irritating me and I don't remember touching anything out side and my friend has it at school and he scratches an touches my backpack with the infected hand is that one way to spread it and will it go away after a bit if I don't scratch it all? I've had it before and I have a nephew that's only 3 weeks old….so I don't want to give it to him i need advice

  • Maryyy But More Like Lazyyy says:

    I have these difficulty of swallowing.. even a water… And I know these kind of medicine… Go to the physician and ask for BETADINE FOR MOUTH . And do it for 4days.. Morning and Night!And it'll gone forever!! Must try this! ☺😉

  • Shwubble Wubble says:

    How to treat poison ivy: DANGER!: Only go into poison ivy if you ABSOLUTLEY have too. If you do, year jeans and Long Sleeved shirts. Step 1: Don't go into poison ivy. Did you know?: Poison ivy gives you an itchy rash?

  • You can deal with it hundreds of different ways, but most of them are not very effective. Let me share the ways that I've been able to help the rash. I hope it helps your situation.
    The first think is stock up on mechanic's hand scrub. Fast Orange is a popular brand. Mean Green also works well. These are cheap and effective alternatives to poison ivy specific scrubs, and tend to remove oil quickly. In my shower I have a tub of Mean Green and can use about a tablespoon or so to cleans my entire body. Work the product into the skin until you feel the comfort. This takes about 10 minutes or slightly longer.
    After you towel off you can dilute the scrub a bit and rub back in … like a lotion.
    The best topical product bar none is Zanfel or the cheaper generic version called Buji. I keep Buji on hand and dilute it as a lotion as needed.
    To help condition your immune system to the oils that are causing the outbreak, you will need to ingest Hyland's Natural Poison Ivy Tablets or Oral Ivy drops. Use as directed and it will abbreviate the duration of your sensitivity.
    These two things have helped when other treatments have not. However, I'm no longer sensitive to Ivy at all since I have taken GcMAF … but that is another story.

  • Ryan McDougall says:

    Personal experience: I work in a wildlife area with TONS of poison ivy, oak and sumac. First, wash yourself with dawn dish soap with cool water within hours of exposure. Then, if a rash occurs, use rubbing alcohol or bleach and dab it into the rash area 3-5 times a day. It should die, take an antihistamine (ALLEGRA, ZYRTEC, OR CLARITIN) to reduce the reaction. Benadryl is good for night, and calamine lotion helps dry it quickly. I am severely allergic and this gets rid of it all within 3 days!!!

  • GamingWithAli AliGaming says:

    Significantly the wound usually lasts 9-10 Days.
    If you are feeling dizziness or loss of appetite go to the emergency room
    Remember:NEVER scratch the wound.

  • Chris Donnellan says:

    about two years ago I had poison ivy really bad I needed steroids shots and the rash covered my whole face. but since then I have grown immune to it, I think if you get it enough times (I've had it about 5 times) you can become immune

  • Global Warming aye,,, Dinosaurs died during the last Warming because they scratch each other off to death, those claws are lethal…………………….

  • I had bad poison ivy and the only thing that really worked for me was time. it took more than two months to go away. I have gotten it 3 more times from the clothes I wore that day. it sucks best of luck

  • i remember what i did when my fore arm touch poison ivy i took some pain killers and begin cutting off that layer of skin that was infected and man it wasn't funny i had to be rushed to the hospital but at least the doctor said that i deserved a medal for being that brave, the scar's still there though

  • Rowena Contrevida says:

    When I was a kid I came in contact with a poison ivy. I didn't know what it was so I didn't really worry then after like an hour my hand became and red and it became itchy. I didn't tell my parents and I just left it there. Then after that day its gone.

  • Blah blah global warming. Blah blah climate change. Blah blah end of the world. Blah blah hybrids. Blah blah fossil fuels. Blah blah blah blah.

  • hannahriley 4567 says:

    Or when you get into poison ivy hop into the shower and wash your self head to toe in Dawn soap I got this tip from a doctor

  • ConfettiCats says:

    Global warming is real and that fact at the end was an interesting tidbit. How other people can act so ignorant about it is mind blowing.

  • Once it got to global warming, it made no sense whatsoever. Like this comment to agree. It just goes 100 degrees fever wow blah blah…

  • I went through all of the crazed mind controlled people who said global warming isn’t real and called them all trump supporters. It’s true tho

  • I learned from Landscaping, the best remedy you can use is either wet concrete (to dry the oil and posion of the rash) and/or mud (sane reason) I've tried all of those crapy store ointments and they actually made it worse, the concrete and mud healed it in less than a week, but avoid moisturizing or damping the affected area, it will worsen. Wait until you are 100% sure that it isn't coming back.

    PS. Dehydration of the affected area will reduce itching

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