How To Treat Fungal Acne : Tiny Little Bumps on the Forehead


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  • I used to have fungal acne too(i still do but it has improved vastly)and it was a lot worse a couple months ago.def steer clear of the fresh soy face cleanser.I loved it so much because of how gentle it felt but the moment the bottle finished,my fungal acne got so much better.Later I discovered that it has 8-9 fungal acne triggers in it.Also I discovered this amazing website called skincharisma that basically tells you whether the product you’re using is mallasezia(not sure ab the spelling) safe or not.Also I’m on a lookout for a moisturiser and sunscreen that is mallasezia safe.So if anyone has reccomendation pls drop them down below.As it turns out my neutrogena hydro boost moisturiser and sunscreen both have fungal acne triggers.

  • Paul Christopher says:

    I have infected flolliculitus and its hell. Fist i started off with antibiotics and when that didn’t work I have had to have a swab to determine if the infection is a fungi

  • It’s so nice to read the comments to see that other people are going through the same thing as me😊. I don’t really have much access to what the comments and video are recommending but it’s nice that I have availability to this info. Hopefully I can get rid of this monstrosity on my face and just have clear skin one day ( and to who ever else). The video was very helpful as well as the comments. 🙂

  • I don’t have it bad but it’s there, I’m honestly new to this whole skin care stuff. Do I cleanse? Or can I just use like an anti Dan stuff shampoo ? Also what should I use to hydrate on my skin? Sorry if I sound stupid. I am:)

  • PLEASE HELP my fungal acne will go and come back>.< i use the Nizoral wash every night as a mask for 10 minutes and i don’t intake any dairy! I workout everyday and i shower right after WHY ISNT IT WORKING OMG

  • GENEZENS 2k18 official says:

    Use mupirocin ointment to kill the infection
    Fudic cream to soothen the inflammation
    In one week your face will be cleared
    Trust me it works!!

  • Everything Temi says:

    I just found out I have fungal acne and for years I’ve been wondering why my acne wouldn’t go away because I drink infused water, I wash my face twice a day, I exercise, and eat healthy. 😡😡😡

  • I tried it with another anti dandruff shampoo since we don‘t have nizoral in my country. But my skin becomes all over red and it kinda burns. What should I do now?

  • I have been suffering from the same problem from the last six months. And its getting bad day by day 😣 my cheek and chin 😭.. how do I get those products in India. ☹️ Don't know how to get rid of these bumps

  • M.M.R.S M.M.R.S says:

    I searched "fatty acids" on Google and it said avocadoes, nuts, salmon, dark chocolate and coconuts contain fatty acids, is this true? I thought these food we're good for fungal acne.

  • Saira VASNANI [10T2] says:

    my derma put me on benzoyl peroxide and it BURNED my skin! this helped me show to my parents that the derma wasn’t for me

  • You know what I have eczema on my cheeks and malassezia follicitus on my forehead and T area. Like seriously what should I do

  • Tips for everyone wanna take off the ingredients that promote the growth of malassezia: there is a website can check it out. Its or

  • Do we leave the shampoo on once or twice a week or can we do it daily please let me I’ve already bought it and I’m not sure when I should use it

  • Has anyone found that squalane actually works to reduce the bumps? I've used anti fungal shampoo, and it works wonders for my skin, I've literally had no problems with my forehead for about a year, and then all of a sudden its popped up in the same bumps. maybe my skin got used to the product? I'm still going to use the shampoo, but I'd also like to see if the squalane will clear it up. Thank you if anyone can help!

  • What if you also have acne zits and stuff like that…and you are using high linoic oils? Is it bad for this fungus? What should I do?

  • PoTa3toes And Sugakookies says:

    For everyone saying "why did she talk for so long before getting to the treatments?!" and "she talks too much", some people (such as myself) actually find the information she gives us helpful. Sometimes it’s useful to know how the problem is caused before you learn how to treat the problem.

  • nizoral is first thing i have tried in 20+ years that has helped me with my shoulder acne. its like night and day. i always had a feeling this acne was “different” than usual acne. it felt like an oily buildup issue (yeast)

  • i tried sulfur for my acne and then my fungal acne got sooooo inflamed and more noticeable so i had to stop using it, but i didn’t know it helped.. i just feel like it’s making it worse

  • Minty Leaf Gacha says:

    Me to my friend : I have acne UGHH how do you have clear skin??
    Her : Well I wash my face-

  • I really hate this acne, i thought hormonal is already worse but fungal is the worst! Thank you for sharing this info, it's been a long time i thought it's only allergies.. But now i know i have to cut my sugar intake to minimize yeast invasion..

  • mylittlefriend. says:

    mine went away by me doing my normal skin care? it looks exactly like the photos in your video, could it be mine was just normal skin care?

  • The thing that totally cleared my fungal acne was totally changing my routine to a more sensitive skin one and using the ordinary niacinamide and zinc (which also has no Malassezia triggers in it) my forehead and sides of my face are literally so soft now and clear, my forehead is literally so glass like u could see ur self no kidding, the ordinary serum literally cleared everything up including my regular acne too and I saw results within 2 weeks my skin is so calm now
    My new routine is the la Roche posay dermo cleanser , the ordinary niacinamide, and the Avène skin recovery cream( this isn’t fungal acne safe but it still didn’t trigger it but I have extremely dry skin so I couldn’t use their fungal acne safe emulsion)

    This compared to my old routine (Avène gentle cleanser, red earth deep dive essence,glossier HA serum, drunk elephant c firma , and the DE protini cream) I’m honestly seeing such a big difference in my skin brightness and softness and I’m not getting any skin irritation anymore (I’m prone to eczema and hives on my face any body I’m extremely sensitive) probably because I’m not piling so many ingredients on my face, really shows that simple is most of the time better, plus my routine isn’t like £100+ anymore 😬

  • i literally cry all the time because of it i just want it gone it literally ruins me i have had it for 3 years and i’ve legit tried everything but nothing works

  • love and hate nostalgia says:

    i’ll update you guys with the ketoconazole later or tomorrow 🙂

    update 1:
    — ok so i just washed my face (it’s currently night time) and it minimized my bumps of pimples. i will try it again tomorrow night at the same time.

    update 2: so they’re clearing up and it’s just the scars

  • Some of my friends dont even wash their face and they still have clearer skin then me who exfoliates and tried plenty of different skin care routines

  • Thank you for this! This is what I really need. My problem since months ago until now. 🙁 But I watched some review about it, they recommend the aloe vera. So I thought you included it. 😂 Anyway, Ill try also what you've recommended. Thanks!

  • so i’ve read that vinegar helps and mixture of honey and cinnamon
    i will try this out and tomorrow i will update you❤️

    update:my face feels dry after i applied honey and waited for 30min
    i don’t see any difference apart from that😋

  • Kea Is K-Pop Trash says:

    Man I got this type of acne on my chest I used to think no one else had acne there so I thought there was something wrong with me lmao

  • I'm currently experiencing fungal acne and my aunt always scold me for sleeping late…sleeping early is still useless with the bad boy…

  • In elemantry there was girl who had a lot of these on her forehead and everyday she picked at them and they bled. Really gross, but I really hope she doesn't do that no more now..

  • I know im one year late but i wanna say that the "some by mi 30 day miracle serum" helped me so much!! I've been using it with the mario face spray for nearly a month only and I've noticed them almost disappearing! I put it once a day (in the morning) lmao this sounds like an ad but trust me it really works.. hope this helps ♥

  • i have been searching for months how to clear this and i just barely accidentally got rid of my fungal acne. i get mine at walmart, and i accidentally bought those instead of my hair gummies. i’ve only had them for a few days and my skin is almost perfect. 100% recommend you try this.

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