How to Treat a Stye – Eye Stye Home Remedies

How to Treat a Stye – Eye Stye Home Remedies

so have you ever had a stye on your
eyelid? well in this video we’re gonna be covering exactly what a sty is, the best
ways to treat a sty, as well as some extra pro tips thats gonna help a
sty heal much faster and prevent them from returning so let’s take a look hey everyone welcome to dr. ah health
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otherwise let’s go over styes so what is a sty well in the medical world we don’t
even call it a sty we call it a hordeolum and a hordeolum means an
infection of one of the glands of your eyelid and you can have two different
types of hordeolums you can have an external hordeolums where it’s an
infection of the gland of zeiss or the hair follicle or you can have an
internal hordeolum where you have an infection of the meibomian gland and
that’s the oil gland on the inside of the eyelid and since it’s an infection
the sty or a hordeolum is going to be red kind of swollen and painful and if
you do have an external hordeolum or the true sty then it could even form a white
head and look sort of like a pimple but it’s not a pimple and should try not to
pop it under any circumstance because if you try to pop it like a pimple you
could end up pushing the puss further deeper inside of that infection and that
could cause the infection to spread it becoming a preceptal cellulitis or worse so definitely don’t do that so this infection of the eyelid is
most commonly caused by the Staphylococcus species of bacteria and
since it’s a bacterial infection the best number one best way to treat this
infection is with an antibiotic and so if you are having a stye and you want
to get this done with right now right away make sure you go see your eye
doctor and get treated with an antibiotic it’s largely
did that the best antibiotic choice is an oral antibiotic so taking an oral
medication is going to help this recover much faster. in rare cases a topical
antibiotic may be prescribed but that’s usually in cases of the external stye
that has already ruptured and some of the pus is leaking out or it could be
because a person has an excess amount of what’s called blepharitis which is the
overgrowth of the normal flora bacteria that live on our eyelids that eat all
the dead skin cells and oils and if someone has an excess amount of that
bacteria they may be at higher risk of either developing more styes or stys in
the future so on occasion yeah a topical antibiotic may help however even though
nine times out to ten most of my patients are coming in I do end up
treating them with some form of oral antibiotic there occasionally is
somebody who doesn’t want to take antibiotics and I totally get that
right between antimicrobial resistance or its effects on our gut flora some
people just would prefer to go the more conservative treatment and so I want to
go over the best practices in order to make that work now if you do any
research on your own whether it be online or through a medical textbook
you’ll find some sort of comment about doing warm compresses and that’s true a
warm compress really does work. if you know how to do it right and so there’s
three things you need to focus on to do one compress correctly and that is one
focus on heat two is time and three is frequency number one is heat and you
need continuous heat to the eyelid and that heats gonna help melt the
solidified oils of your oil gland as well as help fluid movement of your
immune system to help it fight off that infection number two is gonna be time
and all for this to work you need to have the heat supplied for at least 10
minutes at a time I personally like to go a little bit longer closer to 15
maybe 20 minutes however you need at least 10 minutes and this is where most
people tend to fail with doing warm compresses because they usually try to
go the route of using a warm washcloth which just does not work because if you
try to heat up the warm washcloth under hot water
what happens it cools off within a matter of seconds so you get like four
to five seconds and it’s cold again and so you have to take it off and you have
to reheat it and when you’re doing that you’re breaking rule number one you’re
not getting continuous heat so you end up having to heat it up put it back on
heat it put it back on yeah it just doesn’t work it’s messy
stop doing it number three is going to be frequency you need to be doing a warm
compress at least four times a day you could do it more often if you want to be
really aggressive about it but at very least qid four times a day so now I know
you’re probably thinking hey Joe if I can’t use a warm washcloth then what
should I be using to do compresses well I think the easiest answer is to
consider our reheatable eye masks such as this one this happens to be the one
that I’m using called the Bruder eye mask you can of course shop around
there’s other different similar brands but these ones I like because they did
make it really easy to put in the microwave you heat it up for about 20
seconds and then you can actually put it on and it holds the heat for at least
about 10 minutes or more I get about 20 minutes out of this it does have a
little cool strap on the back so if you want you can just strap it on and you
can kind of relax otherwise it is washable so if it ever gets dirty you
can just hand wash it and you can also be used for people who are having
evaporative dry eye disease and if you haven’t checked out my video or I
covered its use for dry eye I’ll hook you up with a link down in the video
description below as well as in the YouTube card up above usually the
brooder masks come in somewhere around 20 to 30 dollars online but you could of
course check out other brands shop around but I think that for 20 30 bucks
it is a really awesome value now my next pro tip is to clean the eyelids with
some sort of lid and lash cleanser that’s gonna decrease the bacterial load
on the surface of the eye during an active infection and it’s gonna help
prevent development of blepharitis which again could in turn caused problems with
size in the future now there’s this gentle transition in ophthalmology from
using detergent soaps to cleanse the eyelids instead going toward what’s
called hypochlorous acid hypochlorous acid is a solution that’s safe non-toxic
non-irritating that our body surely produces on its own for its
antimicrobial effects now the are some companies that have figured out a way to
kind of bottle and keep this solution stable the two most stable on the market
is Acuicyn as well as Avenova these two are fantastic they are basically the
most pure on the market and the most stable they last quite a long time
however they are prescription only so if you want to consider getting these
products you will have to consult with your doctor there are two products that
are over-the-counter that I’m aware of the first one here that I’ll mention is
called Hypochlor that’s by the Ocusoft company it does work pretty
excellent and also the Hydrate by EyeLove this is another hypochlorous acid
solution I think both work effectively to be much the same however the hydrate
solution you can find a lot of good deals a lot of times that have good
discounts going on pretty much all the time
now I typically use a solution about twice a day whether or not I have a stye
or not because again it does decrease all that extra bacterial load from the
surface of the eye when you use it you can choose to either spray it directly
onto the lid the closed lid itself and then wipe with just a piece of tissue
paper and wipe away from the eye or you can put it straight on to a cotton ball
which is what I do and then I wipe away from the center part of my lid to the
outside and that actually irritates and drags all of the extra dead skin cells
off of your lashes away from the eye now I have personally seen really good
success eliminating a style within 24 hours on my own with immediate very
aggressive conservative therapy however it is something to remind you that these
can last a long time and it could potentially build into something more
serious so I do recommend you go see your doctor have a discussion make sure
you’re getting the right diagnosis and that they’ll discuss with you the best
forms of treatment whether that’s with an antibiotic or with conservative
therapy alright question of the day have you had any success using any of these
tips whether it be the warm compresses or using eyelid cleansers go ahead and
comment in the section below I’d love to hear what’s working for you alright
that’s today’s video hopefully you learn something new if you have
done so already hit that like and subscribe button down below and check
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one down over here otherwise again this is dr. Joseph Allan hear from Doctor eye
health bringing you the very best in tips and education about the eyes and
vision keep an eye on it we’ll talk to you soon


100 thoughts on “How to Treat a Stye – Eye Stye Home Remedies”

  • Doctor Eye Health says:

    QOTD: Have you had any success treating a stye with warm compresses or eyelash cleanser?

    Share your stories in the comment section below.

  • Jessica Sullivan says:

    Uh I woke up with that tenderness in the corner yesterday. I used TRP Stye Relief ointment , Mine is in the lower lid on the INSIDE. I went to the dr to get some meds since it was getting worst. He came prescribed gel erythromycin ophthalmic ointment. I asked him if I need anything oral and he said no. I had a feeling he was wrong.

  • I get a few styes a year, and I have found the best way to get constant heat is too boil water, put in into a small jar (e.g. jam jar), use a towel to hold the body (so you don't burn your hand) and put a few layers of tissue paper over the lid/base and just hold that to the eye. If it starts feeling less warm, take off a layer of tissue (I usually start off with 3 layers to keep it from being too hot). This usually lasts the 10-15 minutes of warmth.

  • PlaceboStripes says:

    let me just say i was so scared when i woke up this morning with this stupid stye – i didnt know what it was!! Thank you for this video I feel better.

  • Social Mania says:

    Hey doctor I have a HUGE stye on my eye near the inner corner on the external on the eye.It is embarrassing and very painful I take dexamethasone which is the drops for my eye and is there any other remedys?

  • plain and simple if you have hot water bag just put warm water stays warm for long time almost every house has it. So $0.. Another one is hot bag or electric blanket you can find in almost everyone's house. use that and regulate based on the temp you need. Cost $0.0. What more do you need to treat stye. If you still want to exhaust copay $. then go for it.

  • What about a warm tea bag for an eye compress???
    I want relief because I’ve been miserable for 3 days with my stye.

  • IAMGiftbearer says:

    I have had a Stye for about a week or a little longer. It goes right to the edge of the upper lid and the compresses have dried the skin on top but it has done nothing to dry out the inside of it. Putting hot compresses on it hasn't worked and even pressing on it with hot compresses hasn't worked. It almost seems as if the gland has no opening and has healed shut. I don't think it's just blocked with dried oil. I tried lancing it myself with a needle but even through just the first layer of skin it was unbearably painful and the thing is about 10 mm deep and 10 mm wide (about the size of a pea but not completely round) so I was afraid to stab any deeper than I did for fear of the pain or damaging the gland permanently. I was using a washcloth as a compress but you're right it doesn't stay hot very long so I'm sewing a sock full of rice to try that in hopes I won't have to have it surgically removed.

  • hi,
    would it be okay to spray the hypochlorous acid spray, let it dry and then put your contact lenses in immediately afterward?

  • I have one rn it hurts really bad it's like my 4th style this year😫 and I do try to keep my eyes clean but it's not helping and I have gotten medication thanks for the feedback 💕

  • Luka 16102017 says:

    I have an internal stye for about a 3 months, during the day it becomes very small but then when i get to sleep and wake up it goes back to it’s old size wtf ?

  • Xxmake wayxX says:

    Hi , Do you have to clean your eye which has the stye on it or can you just use water to wash it. Because i am already taking oral antibiotics. I’m just really scared to wash my eye.

  • Thank you for this great video. Try making a charcoal poultice with activated charcoal powder. You can buy the capsules and open them up or buy the powder. I use gauze or a small piece of paper towel dampened and put a small amount of dry charcoal powder on it then fold it up and tape it to the skin with a bandaid or skin tape. Pulls out infections. Sometimes you can just wet the gauze on a bandaid and use it on the skin (great for bee or wasp stings too). I carry charcoal capsules in my purse and car. If you plan to sleep with the poultice attached or using the poultice under clothing you need to cover it with plastic so the charcoal will not come out and stain clothing or bedding. You can use charcoal poultices for many infections including an infected tooth. Simply place the gauze with charcoal applied between your cheek and gum next to the infection. Charcoal is the number one remedy for poisoning and all hospitals use it. Every household should have activated charcoal for emergencies. Also relieves indigestion and gas when taken internally. Don't know why I haven't tried it for this stye I've had for 3 days…duh! Wearing a poultice now. I also used a dampened wash cloth with about 1/2 cup of rice and placed in microwave for a minute and then covered it with a paper towel to make it more sterile. Stayed hot for about 10 minutes but had to move it around. It did feel good to my eye. Hope this helps someone. You can buy activated charcoal at the health food store. I buy the capsules online at Puritan's Pride. When on sale it's the cheapest. I give the bottles of capsules away to friends and family so they will always have it on hand. Great for stomach upset. When giving to kids to drink put it in juice in an opaque cup with a straw so they can't see that they are drinking something black. I have given it to my infant grandson when he was crying constantly and I suspected his stomach was upset. I put the charcoal in a small amount of water and then in a medicine syringe. He was crying constantly and he quit crying immediately …I was amazed! You can find many youtube videos educating you on the use of charcoal. It has so many uses as a natural remedy.

  • Victor Garcia says:

    Dont listen to this fool , got mine in rid of four days , use clears of sill good pimple medicine that will bring out puss quickly , next get a needle punch out the puss on the side not straight forward ,squeeze the puss out make but make sure your hands are clean once you got it all out , you still have ball , but dont worry . use some rubbing alcohol treat it , then use heat pack or a hot wet rag . dont put it in microwave ,boil it in water then put it on your eye , buy some sty medicine from Rite AID STORE put in on the sty not in your eye ,before you go to bed , when you wake up next morning squeeze the sty again
    , buy the middle of the day you will see a difference , buy some baby shampoo because the first day you pop the sty you want to wash your face with baby shampoo one your face dry apply sty medicine , but use a hot pack or hot wet rag 4 times 10 minutes a day ,,, doctor wont do shit for you they just tell you what this guy say,, if you walk around for weeks be my guess , or you can your pretty face back three for days

  • My Doctor said my styes are like cysts – there are like 3 styes in my lower eyelid. And then she recommended Erythromycin Eye Ointment and warm compress for atleast 4 times at 3 mins each. im a bit afraid that its getting worse or what as far as i observe the current situation. Would you also recommend Erythromycin tabs for me? Co-amoxiclav? etc? or what particular antibiotic should i use?

  • Hello Doc! Which antibiotic topical gel are your referring to for treatment when discussing blepharitis? Thank You

  • For myself: Hordeolum – internal hordeolum – infection in eye lid gland .. – antibiotics (oral one is the best) – now @@@@conservative therapy: warm compress! ( Heat, time, frequency.. constant continuous heat! At least 10min , at least 4 times a day, reheatable eye mask!!) Internal cleanising!! Eye drops: Hypochlor!!

    Thank you

  • I just got 2. 
    One in the upper eye lid (external hordeolum) and one in the inner corner of my eye (internal hordeolum). UGH

  • BeLiam Quintana says:

    This is my second one. The first time it went away really fast with antibiotics. This time they didn't want to give me any just told me to do the hot compresses. But its been two months and I still have it. Maybe I haven't been doing them correctly. I will try again. Thank you.

  • skye is angry says:

    currently on the 11th day of my first stye 🙁 it seems to be getting angrier and is now huge, purplish, and painful

  • Restricteds2K says:

    I’m just laying in bed starring bc every time I blink my left eye it hurst it’s been going on for 2 days

  • I had a stye on my left eye and had to get it removed 🥺 it hurt. Now, I have another one on my right eye. I'm pretty sure it's internal and I think I might have to get it removed 😖

  • Serena Jocelyn S. says:

    Just for anyone who has a stye and is having trouble getting rid of it, rinse your eye with warm salt water. I have goten a stye a couple of times before and this is the only thing that has worked well for me.

  • 123thebasics says:

    Thank you sooo Much ….. I was using the wash cloth compress not nearly long enough twice a day. When I originally got the style on my upper left eye lid, there was swelling ,some pain. I've never had this problem before but think it maybe a result of some brush on eyelash glue I used the night before the occurrence …normally don't use brush glue . The lashes where new the glue wasn't and thank goodness it was only one eye. The Dr where I purchase my glasses , the swelling was affecting my vision. He explained a stye to me and removed some puss to reduce the swelling. I did compress 2x a day and dry eye solution . After 2 weeks It was better but not GONE😢. Went back and received a topical ointment to use for 5 days , continue hot compress and if I'm not happy with results will need to see Optometrist .
    I'm still using the ointment …7 days pass the 5. After watching your video I'm going to do the heat correctly ,get the eyelid cleaner and give it a little more time. Thanks again👏🏾❤️

  • Angelica Harris says:

    mines isn’t painful is it still considered a stye ? also I’ve had this since December and it’s still here I’ve lost hope and I’m sad .

  • My doctor gave my oral antibiotics and I missed like 3 days …what should I do …I had a stye on my right eye then I stopped taking the meds when it got better …now I have a stye on my left eye

  • Ryaaaaan what? says:

    I heat a personal size bottled water (half filled with water) for one minute in the microwave works like a charm

  • Derpy Kawaii Potato says:

    I've been having one for two months and it's an internal one and I've been using eye drops and warm compress with a rag oof probably GUnNa need surgerY yey!!!👍🙂🙁☹️

  • Jocelyn Cortez says:

    I didn't pop it but there was a lash right in the middle of the white thing and i removed the lash and out came the pus is that bad?

  • How long do I have to do the warm compresses to get rid of a Chalazion? It's been there for a month and I just started the warm compresses. Also will it ever go away naturally?

  • I'm a 15 year old girl who has a stye in her eye almost every year and the doctor only told me to put water on my eye WARM WATER? THEN WHAT THE HECK AM I SUPPOSE TO DO WAITING?! IT HURTS!

  • I have a stye on the right bottom eyelid and redness on the underside of the eyelid. My doctor prescribed Fucithalmic 1% viscous eye drop. The stye seems to be getting smaller but the redness on the underside is still there. Any suggestion?

  • I had to use an anally induced antibiotic, but the nurse was very gentle. Even fondled my balls for relaxing comfort. Its a real treatment I didnt know. I got hair dye treatment in my eye. That's how i got my eye infection. I almost went blind. Had to be hospitalize.

  • I’m so bummed. I had an internal stye about five years ago and I am pretty sure I am now developing another one. I first started feeling a little pain yesterday and this morning I just woke up and the whole area under my eye is swollen and sore. I also have a little bit of drainage from that eye that feels slightly sticky compared to normal tears. I have a plug-in heat wrap that’s made for the neck but I’ve just been using a small section of it on my eye. I also read that putting a damp warm black tea bag on the eye can help too so I was thinking about doing that too.

    Can you just go to an Urgent Care (walk-in clinic) to be seen by a Dr or does it have to be an eye doctor? I don’t have an eye doctor so I was hoping to just hit up an urgent care if this thing gets worse.

  • Thank you so much ,I had a big cyst on my eye 3 month ago after watching your video I feel like I saved my eye, I did not use antibiotics but warm compress and my eye is back to normal.

  • I used to get styes all the time and about a year and a half ago I mentioned it to a coworker and he told me he used to get them too and his doctor told him to clean his eyelids before bed with baby oil. I said “you mean baby shampoo” and he said “no, it’s baby oil”. I said what the hell, I’ll give it a shot. Didn’t get a stye for over a year. I stopped using the baby oil for a couple of months and gues what, I have a stye right now🙄

  • I got a stye at the beginning of the year. I treated it and it’s gone but my eyelid is still a little swollen and making that eye look bigger than the other. Can someone help please?

  • Hey..I’ve had a stye for about three months now (since the end of May) and it hasn’t gone away yet. It’s kinda big and red. It is very noticeable. I’ve tried warm compresses for about 10 mins 4x a day for 3days and nothing happened. I’ve also tried putting apple cider vinegar on a qtip and putting it directly on the stye but nothing happened with that either. It’s also very swollen every day when i wake up. I don’t know what to do! Someone please help!

  • I’m only 13 and I have one my eye isn’t that swollen but it’s swollen up words so my vision is really bad rn and I’m lucky mine isn’t inside my eye lid mines on my eye lid 👍

  • i got a question so like if i put ice on for the swelling do i like reset the process of like melting the stye type shit. ik its a silly question but idk beacause i dont want to put ice on sometimes but my eye be swellnh

  • @DoctorEyeHealth I was at a water park last weekend with my contact lenses in. If I got the stye from the water park, does that mean my contact lenses are contaminated? I have biweekly lenses

  • Alex Lusme Regmal says:

    I am having this as well and in both of my eyes … Can't go to the doctor. .. And what can I use to clean my eye lashes thing if I can't buy the sprays? 😭😟

  • PhyscoKitty Loves sans says:

    Im a kid and i have a stye and my mom works everyday and i have no dad AND LASTLY IM THE ONLY PERSON IN MY FAMILY also i cant buy stuff like this :C

  • Cut a clove of garlic and gently rub the garlic on the stye. Make sure you do it 2x. This works quicker then antibiotics and warm compresses.

  • Me: mom I have a style can we go to the doctor
    Mom: no no I have something much better ( does all of the thing he said not to do) does it feel better?

    It has been 4 days and this is getting worse

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