How to treat a SNAKE BITE

How to treat a SNAKE BITE

SACHIN: On this cool evening, I will enjoy a stroll! Screaming It is good if you were able
to notice the colour, body scales, head or any special characteristic
of the snake which bit you. But if you missed it, need
not worry. Remember don’t waste time in catching or seeing
the snake. It’s not necessary. HARSHIL: Sachin, What happened? SACHIN: I got bit by a snake. The first thing that you
should do after a snake bite, is to immediately call
for a medical help. You can call for an
ambulance by dialing 108 or the nearest rescue
team of your region. Medical attention is
always required whether the snake is
venomous or not. HARSHIL: A snake has
just bit my friend, please come near
the Kasturi Park. The most important thing
is that the victim should remain calm, relaxed
& fearless because with the increase in his
heartbeat, the blood flow will increase, resulting
in a rapid spread of the venom. HARSHIL: Don’t panic. Be brave. Do you know, only 20% snakes
in the world are venomous & 50% chances are that a venomous
snake delivers just a dry bite. Even if snake might have delivered
you a venomous bite, by correct treatment & measures, you
can be easily saved from any injury. So, be tension free. Then, you should go
to a safer place away from the snake’s
reach. Note, the victim should do as less
movement as possible. The affected body part
should remain below the level of the patient’s
heart. Sit gently. Remove any tight fitting
clothes on or near the wound as swelling may occur. Also, remove every tight object
such as rings, wrist watch etc. Remember, don’t cut the wound
because it will increase the risk of infection, don’t suck
the venom out as it not only removes negligible amount of
venom from the body but may also poison the sucker. Also,
don’t eat or drink anything specially alcohol or caffeine
as it may increase your heart rate leading in the rapid
spread of the venom. Then if possible, arrange
for a bandage or any clean cloth available to you.
Wrap it around the wound, loose enough so that it makes a
finger sized gap. Then, wrap it till the top
as much as possible. Remember, don’t use a tourniquet
as it could potentially restrict the blood flow
too much. Also, don’t use ice on the wound as it
can increase the damage. Then you need to immobilize the
affected body part. For this, arrange a wooden rod,
stick or a board, whatever is available to you on the spot
and place it one one side of the affected body part. To hold it, fashion
a splint using a bandage or a cloth. With this, first aid treatment
gets completed. The doctor will then detect the
venom and will give you the appropriate antivenom HARSHIL: Sachin, How are
you feeling now? SACHIN: Friend, I am fine now.
I really want to thank you a lot Harshil. Because of your presence of mind, I am alive. In the same way,
by remembering these things, you can save yours as well as
others life, from a snake bite.


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