How to Store Medications

How to Store Medications

How to Store Medications. Oxygen, light, and water can break down your
medications. Take care of your medications and take care
of yourself by storing your medications in a cool, dry, and dark location. You will need Kitchen cabinet or drawer Secure
location Original containers and list of current medications. Step 1. Avoid using the medicine cabinet. There is too much moisture in the bathroom. Store your medications in a cabinet or drawer
in another room instead. Avoid a location above the stove or sink. Step 2. Keep your medications out of direct sunlight
and away from rooms where there are large temperatures fluctuations, like the kitchen. Step 3. Keep them out of reach or locked in a cabinet
if children are present. Step 4. Keep your medications in their original containers. That way you will have all the important dosage
information and the prescription number if you need a refill. Step 5. Have your medications on hand when traveling. Don’t store your medications in the glove
compartment, which can become damaged by outside temperatures, the heater, or air conditioner. Step 6. Keep a list of your current medications on
you at all times when traveling. Keeping your medications safe keeps _you_
safe. Did you know Antidepressants are one of the
most widely prescribed drugs in the United States.


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