How to stop/ cure phone addiction: the root cause revealed!

hi I am Tom from the
and in this video I want to show you the real root cause of ‘phone addiction’.
because only when we know the root cause of phone addiction we can heal the root
together with its symptoms forever. On the internet I see a lot of videos
pointing at the external causes a popular one is for example ‘the addiction
to instant gratification’, a dopamine shot this neurotransmitter produced in our
brain, we experience every time we receive a message or our phone makes
this bleeping sound, but I have experienced myself that watching these
videos with belief solutions didn’t solve the actual root problem at all and
it is true that biochemically the antidote for the instant gratification
dopamine shots is the release of oxytocin and the release of oxytocin we
get for example when we are being hugged but being dependent on a hug for not
getting addicted still makes us a dependent victim depending on someone
else’s will – huggers or knots I haven’t seen a single video which explains the
actual root cause why we get NR addicted so easily and why we all are walking
like zombies on the streets and even eating dinner together while separately
watching our screens seemingly that it more enjoyable than actual living itself
by watching this video your insight in the real course of phone addiction is
about to change for you so as I told you when we know the real root cause we can
heal the root together automatically with its symptoms from phone addiction a
few symptoms of this dopamine addiction through technology are distractibility
inability to get things done at shortness of attention forgetfulness
learning disability not feeling understood feeling alone anger anxiety
insomnia boredom mood swings depression and even suicide now you don’t need to
feel ashamed for the fact that you suffer from phone addiction because the
truth is that almost everybody suffers from any kind of addiction to a
distraction sooner or later and suppresses the symptom even more for
example with medication or with constantly checking our phones with
working with porn with shopping with alcohol etc before they actually solve
the root cause and it is the addictive quality of the dopamine we get from the
instant gratification from it for example our cell phone we only want more
and more of it every bleep it makes or every message you get is another shot of
the opah mean if you wake up in the morning or even at night and you check
your cell phone you might be addicted when you are in your car and get a bleep
and you have to look at it immediately you might be addicted we live in a
society when we want something we get it immediately an instant food instant sex
instant shopping and we get used to the many shots of quick fixes or instant
gratification a day that distract us and this is what we get addicted to so our
brain is literally trained to rest of the hunt in a rat race for the next
quick fix of dopamine distraction but do we ever ask ourselves the question where
do we need to be distracted from the real root cause of phone addiction is we
recently hunt for distractions out of fear fear from feeling some
which hasn’t been solved yet the things which arises to the surface when we are
not distracted by a short shot of dopamine so also being bored means we
aren’t distracted enough anymore and unpleasant unsolved emotions arise
through the surface and that is why we desperately start looking for the next
quick fix to escape into when we are bored now to end the root of the problem
together with all its symptoms for once and for all and therefore to shine the
light onto our dark phone addiction or on to our dark hunt for distractions out
of fear I came up with a fundamental animation to show you fear from feeling
something what hasn’t been solved yet that arises to the surface when we are
not distracted also being bored means that unpleasant unsolved emotions arise
to the surface when we are not enough distracted away from our unsolved
emotions now to end the root of the problem together with all its symptoms
for once and for all and therefore to shine the light onto our dark symptom of
a DD or ADHD or fear or restlessness I came up with a fundamental animation to
show you I don’t want to give you a superficial solution so I want to take
you back to the origin back to the start to the moment we were born let’s
represent this heart as a symbol of our free pure and fulfilled feelings from
that moment we experience all kind of negative and painful emotions none of us
have learned how to solve this pain and this pain sets around our pure complete
and fulfilled feelings of course no one of us really want to feel this pain and
that’s why we all found a different way of dealing with this do you know how by
building a wall of control around it and how do we build this wall of control
we all know this I guess from that moment we stopped living from our
feelings and start living from our mind or our thinking now let me symbolize
this brain furnace from that moment we use our mind or our thinking non-stop to
search for distractions outside of ourselves that have to prevent us from
feeling pain again these distractions or our constant thinking yes of course I
should be doing this or I should be doing something otherwise it wouldn’t
feel right so I have to keep doing this this or that this annoying little
restless voice inside of our head I’m sure we all know of services as a
band-aid on top of our wall of control to prevent ourselves from feeling the
problem is that we do not just cover up our pain but also our pure feelings and
because we are closed up from our feelings with our thinking now we don’t
feel our value and feel empty and unworthy instead because we feel empty
and unworthy we start to look for a feeling of fulfillment in all kind of
distractions for example by creating success or by distracting ourselves in
front of TV we are looking for a feeling of fulfillment or by starting a
relationship because we’d rather not be alone because then we are not distracted
anymore and then we feel empty and we feel our pain again so we start
searching for a feeling of fulfillment within this relationship too or we
distract ourselves with sex or porn even in simple things like a new smartphone
or in a beep that will be that we receive we search in these short shots
of satisfaction for this long-lasting feeling of fulfillment also in food we
like to fill us up to feel fulfilled in a new car or a new house strangely we
are searching for a feeling of fulfillment in these things or in these
short shots by running away from our feelings the contradiction shows itself
very clearly yet we do not question ourselves about these choices and the
routine that it has become for so many of us we rather invest all of our money
all of our time and savings to build a life filled with these distractions that
never work permanently that’s why we never have spare money never have spare
time or spare savings our exhausting efforts create something like a fake
replacement identity a mask of pretending for the feeling that we are
actually missing for example because we are detached from our feelings we feel
unworthy so we try to compensate our feeling of unworthiness with wearing a
mask of as much value as possible and this becomes an exhausting replace
identity of ourselves and we start to believe to have become this illusion we
all know the excitement or a short shot of satisfaction that we get when we buy
a new phone or get a new partner but after a period of time it doesn’t give
us the same feeling of fulfillment that we are desperately looking for so we
have to buy the next phone or a car or boat always hoping by repeating the same
pattern that the next thing will give us the feeling of complete fulfillment the
problem arises when a distraction falls away or when we become used to our
distraction unsolved pain will come through our wall of protection again and
we will non-stop need to replace one this
action after the other we need to work harder and harder against our will to be
able to keep up with continuously buying or finding new distractions as bandages
at the same time we are so much afraid that we will fail in gathering new
distractions and are afraid that our gathered distractions might be taking
away from us because then we would feel our unsolved pain again and this is
where the root of all fear and our imprisonment is born what is fear let’s
take a closer look fear is just the resistance that if we
lose control we won’t be able to get our next distraction or that one of our
created distractions will disappear or will be taking away from us as a result
the band-aid will no longer work and then obviously we will start to feel the
pain again that we haven’t resolved yet so basically fear is the imprisoning
chain between our unsolved feelings and the restless hunt for distractions to
cover them up so let’s represent this lock with change as a symbol of fear I
hope by showing this animation you become aware that fear has a very
valuable function fear is not only just pretty annoying it’s also a wake-up call
that this replacement reality does not work so as long as we still experiencing
fear it tells us we are still having unsolved pain and are settling for a
replacement reality instead of independently feeling fulfilled and
alive in freedom now our unsolved pain is also the root of our imprisonment by
money where we constantly hunt for more money to keep our distractions and to
buy new distractions when we are used to the old ones and this routine is
extremely exhausting we all are aware of this they won’t no wonder
that we get addicted to coffee as a stimul stimulant chemical now the
problem is the depth of deep sleep that you have when there is caffeine within
your brain isn’t as deep anymore so as a consequence the next morning when we
wake up we don’t feel refreshed and being constantly busy in our mind to
hunt for and keep our distractions out of fear to feel unsolved emotions is
extremely exhausting for our mind – it makes sense when we reach for alcohol or
even pills to be able to relax but alcohol is perhaps the most
misunderstood drug when it comes to sleep people think that it helps them
fall asleep that is actually not true alcohol is a type of drug we call the
sedatives and what we are doing by drinking alcohol is knocking our brain
out we are not putting it into natural sleep alcohol will also cut our sleep
into pieces so we will wake up many more times and it is also a chemical that
blocks our dream sleep our rapid eye movement sleep that is required to
recharge to keep our mind sharp and to be able to feel refreshed results bad
night’s sleep now to keep up with this pattern we become also chained to our
sedatives and stimulants instead of solving the root we keep directing
ourselves away from the root by pointing outside for example by blaming
condemning criticizing or judging others or Society or our external circumstances
for our own victim reality now until we reach the point where the alarm signals
or this eases becomes so great that we can go no further our body gets
cramped which might result in back pain neck pain headaches muscle and joint
pain and it is almost likely if we keep ignoring the system
symptoms we might end up with a burnout depression chronic fatigue syndrome or
even get to the point of not wanting to live anymore and commit suicide if we
keep running away from ourselves and our unsolved pain in this is it will affect
our physiology our immune system goes down and our body might come up with
actual diseases as an alarm signal that we are heading towards the wrong
direction now even in this stage of actual diseases we can keep running away
even more from the root cause and suppress our disease symptoms even more
with medication to be able to keep heading in the wrong direction it’s
obvious this stubborn stubborn ignorance is not only self-destructive will not
ever solve the root of the problem at all but will make you also chained and
addicted to medication to shining light on a spider web doesn’t produce spider
webs it makes them visible so they can be removed in the same way shining the
light onto the root problem called unsolved pain and it’s imprisoning
limiting exhausting chains is to make crystal clear that the fulfilling life
that we are natural-born for is not to be found in the direction away from
ourselves in the country this little animation shows with pure logic that
true label liberation from fear from restlessness pain disease and addictions
lies in the direction of solving the unsolved pain true liberation lies in
the liberation of our true feelings and self-worth for once and for all so that
we can create and enjoy all the abundance that life
has to offer in freedom and the irony and good news is that solving the root
of all pain is it that difficult either there is actually a way to solve the
root of all pain without having to feel nor suppress that pain again and solving
all pain will make all fear to feel pain vanish as well which will make us feel
independently joyful pure limitless and complete again from within and this is
the fundamental base from which we will create the abundant life that we are
actually born for naturally out of pure joy we know now that all of our fears
and dis-eases are helping signals and service with a very valuable message: our
fears and our dis-ease symptoms are here to tell us that the direction that we are
going is a wrong in an unhealthy direction. It warns us that if we
continue to ignore this wrong and unhealthy direction of dis-ease that
our body might come up with bigger actual diseases so our fear and our
symptoms are here to tell us that the true liberation or the true cure is to
be found in the opposite direction in ‘solving our unsolved pain’ so no more
fears or any other symptoms can arise until we are completely free again. Or do
you believe that by numbering these signals for example underneath a blanket
of medication will help us to solve the real problem or does it only give a
short shot of satisfaction like we have seen in the animation the more hours
trying to create a successful mask or the more hours trying to run away from
my insecurities or from my fears or from my pains into distress
actions the more my restlessness or exhausting fears in other forms kept
arising and didn’t go away I only started to feel truly liberated relaxed
filled with joy filled with self-esteem and enjoying every little thing around
me when I decided to go to the root of my fears off my pains and relating
symptoms and solve them because when we are no longer imprisoned in this
exhausting system driven by fear and pain and relating symptoms we will feel
independently filled with joy and when we only feel joy without the fear
without the pain there won’t be any obstructions left to create whatever
belongs to us naturally and when we create out of joy without any
obstructions success and abundance are just logical natural consequences so
basically liberating ourselves from this limiting imprisonment by fear by
restlessness by pain is the key to go from limitations and scarcity to natural
abundance or do you think that liberation comes from running even
harder against our will in the wrong direction out of fear everyone can make
this happen for themselves regardless the current situation so you don’t need
to cultivate it we don’t have to be rich or try really really hard we don’t need
to change our relationship or the place where we are living we don’t need to
change the way we look of course we are free to do any of this but it’s not
required at all just understanding how we can go past
the root of our fear our pain our restlessness and distractions and
addictions is enough now this video is limited in time but do
you want to know how to immediately get past a symptom of fear whenever it
occurs or do you want to know the truth about fear and pain that will set your
mind free well then click on the link above below or at the end of this video
depending on where you look at this and this will take you to my blog at restlessness from pain and distracting
addictions and medication by making the real route calls and the unhealthy wrong
direction visible please share this video with your friends now click on the
link and I will see you in the next video


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